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    Featured artists

    A "featured artist" is an artist who is both connected to and a member of this group.

    Featured artists are very welcome to promote their music, announce new songs/albums, make recommendations, etc. We love your music, and we want more of it :)

    Also, feel free to use the following thread to help get your tags right:

    If you are an connected artist and a member of this group, but are not listed as a featured artist, let me know!

    We currently have the following featured artists:
    Carbon Based Lifeforms (daniel_CBL)
    Sleepy Town Manufacture (sleepy-tm)
    Metricks (metricks)
    Northcape (northcape)
    Transient (Transient)
    Skyphone (boedker)
    Cmy (Cmy)
    Stervhïa (Sadakho)
    HipGnosis (HipGnosis23)
    Wade (lukaszwade)
    Niraj Chag (nirajchag)
    Simpletun (monkeypaste)
    Origamibiro (Tombiro)
    Brokenkites (brokenkites)
    Mark.Nine (merc70)
    Dj Sid-the Apocalypze (theApocalypze)
    Serkan Süleymaniye (suleymaniye)
    abyssal plains (abyssalplains)
    Universal Constructors (UCs)
    HealeyIsland (HealeyIsland)
    Phasen (RPar99)
    upStructure (upStructure)
    Neafas (Neafas)
    Kellplanet (Kellplanet)
    Marcas (qbit-marcas)
    Fomatic (fomatic)
    Tilen (tilen)
    Sweeping Logic (chi3ftain)
    Iapga (elektronaut)
    4our5ive6ix (4our5ive6ix)
    Herrera (electron5)
    THEreminGIRL (THEreminGIRL)
    Skytree (skytree)
    TVset under repair (concretica and marakara)
    Dual Echelon (dualechelon)
    Re'sequence (resequence)
    Soaring man (Soaring_man)
    Motown Junkie (MOTOWN_JUNKIE)
    Geodesic (geodesic)
    LA COCHINA (juliocarro)
    Blit (blit)
    innerkozmos (phonaak)
    Grillo (rockolatoyz)
    Plush Concept (daintyrecords)
    hide_aki (hide_aki)
    Daakoon (Daakoon)

    Why not? It's zeitgeist, baby!
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    Questions for our featured artists

    Each of our featured artists is given a survey of many interesting and enlightening questions. Below is the list of responses to the surveys, which I hope you will find entertaining and informative. Feel free to post follow-up questions and comments!

    Dj Sid-the Apocalypze
    Sweeping Logic
    Universal Constructors
    Plush Concept
    abyssal plains
    Soaring man

    Why not? It's zeitgeist, baby!
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