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  • punkdigerati said:
    As I understand it multi-tag radio was available prior to the CBS purchase of, and was removed due to licensing issues. My question for the staff is if multi-tag will ever be implemented in the API?

    As far as I know it has never been available. I haven't been actively using before august 2007, though.

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    • konsept said...
    • User
    • 23 Apr 2009, 03:06

    Wasn't this available a long time ago?

    jahuuu said:
    wasn't it there already once? one of the very first player had this feature implemented if i remember correctly. i missed it a lot when it was canceled...

    I remember what you are referring to with the old player. Actually it did something quite different than this. This one of course finds tracks/artists that have been tagged by all the fields you include. The old player allowed you to include multiple tags in your radio station and then would retrieve songs from each tag category based on a 1/X algorithm. Or so it seemed...

    I wish the staff would bring that feature back. That was my favorite part of using the radio software.

    • jacinto said...
    • User
    • 10 Jun 2009, 14:07
    Is it possible that we can choose the result to either sort by the recently tagged artists or by mostly played (currently supported)?

    And could I know what does "up and coming" mean?

    • jacinto said...
    • User
    • 19 Jun 2009, 06:17
    there's another bug, if i select tracks first, i can't switch to artists' list again, i have to manually change the "tracks" to "artists" from url.

    • oweed said...
    • User
    • 4 Jul 2009, 18:11
    it can be better search engine then google :)))))....
    you can turn it into radio programing thing....if you tag music with properties, like pandora does, you can program station that you like.......kinda like reversed pandora...

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