Most underrated/overrated PF album ?

    • Praji said...
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    • 6 Sep 2008, 09:31

    Most underrated/overrated PF album ?

    I'd like to hear some opinions on this one. I would say:

    Most underrated: Obscured by Clouds
    Most overrated: Animals (just don't like it as much as the rest)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Sep 2008, 18:20
    Any one of them is overrated but I think "obscured by clouds" and "more" may be underrated.

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  • I think that Obscured by Clouds is more underrated... but overrated... anyone of them...

  • Underrated: The Final Cut
    Overrated: The Wall

    • Waltz3 said...
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    • 17 Sep 2008, 05:34
    Underrated: The Final Cut, A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

    Overrated: Uhh... not a single one.

  • Underrated: The Division Bell
    Overrated: The Final Cut (sorry, I just don't like this album. Not Now John is an awesome track, but aside from that, the rest are just mediocre in my opinion.)

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  • Underrated : Meddle
    Overrated: The Final Cut

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  • (i share the same opinion about the album basically too)

    i wandered home through silence streets, and full into a <b>fitfull sleep</b>
  • Underrated: A Saucerful of Secrets

    • Waltz3 said...
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    • 29 Sep 2008, 05:46
    I don't understand how anyone could love The Wall and not love The Final Cut...

    It doesn't make sense to me.

    • MetAkl said...
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    • 29 Sep 2008, 13:23
    Underrated: Obscure by Clouds
    Overrated: The Piper ... It's a great album... but not one of the best of Pink Floyd

  • Underrated: Meddle
    Overrated: Animals and the wall.

  • It's hard to talk about it, it seems to me that people that doesn't listen to PF know only The Wall and DSOTM. If i look in that way Animals is underrated, also Meddle is.

    Anyway DSOTM is overrated in my opinion. It's great album of course, but it's just not so much better than the wall, meddle or more, ...

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  • most underrated: Animals (though highly appreciated among fans)

    most overrated: The Wall (my opinion: a few good songs like Comfortably numb and Hey you, but altogether it can't compete with most of the other albums in terms of musical quality. The lyrics are still a class of their own of course)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 28 Oct 2008, 01:13
    underrated: Atom Heart Mother, outstanding track and the album only has really 1 weak track (Alans Psychedelic Breakfast )

    overrated: the wall, only good tracks are the gilmour ones, it would have worked better as a single disc perhaps, more wright magic would have been nice too(same with animals)

  • Underrated: A momentary laps of Reason

  • The Final cut

    one of my favorites :D

  • Overrated - Maybe Division Bell

    Underrated - Meddle !

    • rain92 said...
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    • 7 Jan 2010, 17:18
    Underrated: The Final Cut. I love this album, especially Two Suns In The Sunset. Hauntingly beautiful lyrics, as with all Pink Floyd songs.
    Overrated: Animals. I just never liked it that much, maybe it's just prejudice.

  • The most UNDERRATED ? it has to be Atom Heart Mother. Even the band itself said at some interviews that they disliked it. And it happens to be my favourite as well :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Jan 2010, 00:00
    underrated -> more
    overrated -> the wall

  • Underrated - Obscured by Clouds, Atom Heart Mother

    Overrated - Division Bell (Anything after The Wall isn't Floyd)


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  • Re: Most underrated/overrated PF album ?

    Praji disse:
    Most underrated: Obscured by Clouds
    Most overrated: Animals (just don't like it as much as the rest)

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Feb 2010, 20:36
    Underrated album:- Meddle (Fearless is the stand out track)
    Atom Heart Mother ( Summer'68, best Floyd song ever!!!)

    Underrated song:- Summer'68 (It's that good!!!!)

    Overrated album:- The Final Cut (Only because Waters turned into a tad of a cock with this one!)

    Overrated song:- There isn't one!

  • most over rated : dark side of the moon
    cantget in to it doesnt click for me i only listen to money and time so no thanks most over rated

    most underrated : obscured by clouds and the live part of ummagumma

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