lf someone to make me some stuff w/ photoshop

  • lf someone to make me some stuff w/ photoshop

    yes well hello there, im a total nub of photoshop but i need it and i was wondering if someone's somewhat into photoshop and can spare 10ish minutes or something to cut me a pic/make it transparent so i could use it in the making of a tshirt

    i "have" a friend thats good with photoshop he already made me 1 picture like that but i haven't made a tshirt w/ it yet cuz many complications and stuff and so i dunno if the ppl here that make tshirts are gonna do it good but if they do im planning to make 4-5 more tshirts atleast, anyway the guy is an asshole and i rather die alone with the bears than pm him first to ask for his help , if he pms me then ill ask <_<

    and if the tshirts look good i could ofcourse show them to the one that helped , its mostly "simple" stuff but whenever i see photoshop my head overloads

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