Awesome Mansfield Show!

  • Awesome Mansfield Show!

    So last Thursday myself, Rochester92, and the artist formerly known as Mr. X went and saw Phil & Friends at the tweeter center in Mansfield MA. Damn what a show.

    I was unsure how it would stack up to last winter's lineup with Chris Robinson, but it was great. Check out the set list

    Set 1 with Sless:
    Doin That Rag
    Deep Elem Blues
    Brown Eyed Women
    Next Time You See Me
    Golden Road

    Set 2 with Trey:
    All Along The Watchtower>
    St. Stephen>
    Help On the Way>
    Nobody Girl>
    China Doll>
    Nobody Girl>
    I Know You Rider>
    Franklin's Tower

    E: Donor Rap/Intros
    Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
    Box Of Rain

    I have never been a big "Doin' That Rag" guy, but this version kicked ass. I would still like to see Chris Robinson on tour with Phil again. That lineup was smoking hot.

  • True. This show was way better than I expected, and I expected a lot after seeing them in December. Very upbeat, high energy show. Trey really stood out. Good times.

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