• Half Our Artists Have Left!!! (Stuff for sale, rooms for rent!)

    3 Mar 2013, 20:22 by CyclopsEyeMusic

    Oh the horror! How can it be expressed? Like unto a Band-Aid being swiftly torn from where it sticks to the skin I will just bluntly state the fact: Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses have left Cyclops Eye Music.

    We here at Cyclops Eye Music are simply shattered.

    FJIC was our flagship; our mainstay; our well-spring; our…oh, eff them!

    FJIC’s 2013 release ‘Hobo Platypus’ will be on the (wonderful and groundbreaking) label WLM in the autumn of the year. WLM (White Label Music) are the same outfit that stole the band SCHMOE from us in 2011.

    [By the way, SCHMOE’s WLM debut album (‘SCHMOE’) will be released June 3, 2013.]

    Of course we’re not really shattered; we are actually quite happy to get the bums off our hands. They never kept their rooms clean, left dishes in the sink, made foul the air in the bathrooms (and in general) and nearly ate us out of house an home! Good luck WLM! Hope you have housekeeping staff.

    Seriously, Cyclops Eye Music shall continue to be the home of the pre-WLM music of both SCHMOE and Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses and we will support in spirit and effort any music these bands create. We are proud to have largely been the vehicle behind their current successes and we wish them all the best as they journey “…into anonymity from the edges of near anonymity.”

    Boys, our doors are always open to you should you return, but we hope you do not; not only because you smell bad but because we love you and want you to higher and farther than we could ever send you!

    -CEM staffSchmoeFarmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses

    2 Feb 2011, 16:40 by prophetmortis


    Hluková sekce je tak trochu netradičné zoskupenie hudobníkov zameraných na okrajové žánre akými sú noise, industrial či drone. Dôraz je kladený na analógové, vo veľkej miere domácky vyrobené nástroje a nespútané improvizácie na hranici hudby, hluku a všetkého, čo ste až doteraz chápali pod pojmom ľudskosť. O tom, že hluk môže byť skvelým nástrojom ku mystickej kontemplácii sa môžete prísť presvedčiť v sobotu 26.1. na akciu pod názvom HLUKOVÉ MYSTÉRIÁ, ktorá v susedných Čechách zaznamenala už pekných pár pokračovaní. Predstavia sa vám dva české projekty: Sklo a Velkolepé záměry mystiky, doplnené o domácich kovotepcov Noise Mortanna a 900piesek. O vizuálnu časť koncertu sa postará vj poppydoll. Čakajú vás posvätné húštiny káblov a pružín, spev hrdzavých rúr a levitujúca omietka opadávajúca zo stien.

    Všetky informácie nájdete na www.hlukove.mysteria.cz.

    27 Dec 2010, 05:56 by CyclopsEyeMusic

    'MILFs', 'GILFs', Hypnosis and Headcakes abound in this final 2010 product from Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses. Dare to behold the video of 'In The Key Of Sequel (Another Headcake)'!

    WARNING: repeated viewing WILL have a 'shaping' effect upon brainwaves; cravings resulting from hypno-subliminal stimulation may occur; and any sensation or intuition that The Ignorant Corpses are communicating directly to you personally are likely correct; they probably are. Enjoy at your own risk:

    Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses
    In The Key Of Sequel
    Cyclops Eye Music
  • Disturbed? Want to be?

    10 Sep 2010, 20:44 by CyclopsEyeMusic

    ...just watch this:

    That's from:Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses from the In The Key Of Sequel album, in case you wished to inflict more damage upon yourself.

    -Farmer Joe
  • In The Key Of Sequel

    1 Jun 2010, 02:12 by CyclopsEyeMusic

    In The Key Of Sequel is yet another non-sequitur titled album from those fellow who definitely DO NOT FOLLOW, Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses.

    On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, FJIC gathered into Farmer Joe’s Hen Haus studio to write and record this album in their particular free-form, ad-lib fashion.

    This was a successful endeavor.

    After a three or so month gestation in that womb-room, the Hen Haus, pestered and prodded by Joe’s hatchet hands (and the occasional back-up vocal), the resulting fetid farrago has been birthed and, worse, infects now your own ears, drowning out your fear mounting – WHAT IS IT THAT YOU HAVE DONE?!?!

    Now breathe deep…and repeat…and repeat…and repeat….

    It's not that bad, really. You get used to it.

    It may put some people off, but you'll find just how useful that can be, let me tell you. My sister-in-law HATES FJIC, and it has (thankfully) caused a chasm between us to crack wide and deep,

    And it's right in the midst of that crack, deep and wide, that you'll find much of the matter in more than one of the songs on In The Key Of Sequel. True, I was thinking along scatological lines, but darkness and trouble, memories and manipulations also haunt the hollower moments of the movements.

    The echoes and lonesome organ solos (masturbatory to some, sure, but liturgical dance to others) sound over a battle-scarred landscape of loves lorn and torn. And though it ends in another headcake, there's no need for aspirin; this my fellow necrophile, is a happy hangover.

    So come and have a listen (if you haven't already (and if you haven't you were smart (run!) to wait for waiting makes it all the better (or is that bitter?))) right here: In The Key Of Sequel

    And be sure to see their videos too (at your own risk, of course):

    Farmer Joe & The Ignorant CorpsesS C H M O ECyclops Eye Music
  • This Is The One track-by-track review

    13 Mar 2009, 22:03 by Ganny

    This Is The One is the 2nd english album by Utada. The 26-year-old JPop princess decided to bring out another after that horrible bombshell of an album called EXODUS.

    This album does prove, however, that we are finally a part of the internet generation, with references to BlackBerries and PhotoShop among others.

    So, here goes my track-by-track.

    1. On And On
    2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawerence - FYI
    3. Apple And Cinnamon
    4. Taking My Money Back
    5. This One (Crying Like A Child)
    6. Automatic Part II
    7. Dirty Desire
    8. Poppin'
    9. Come Back To Me
    10. Me Muero
    11. Come Back To Me (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit)
    12. Come Back To Me (Quentin Harris Radio Edit)

    1. On And On

    A nice way to start off the album but it has it's flaws. A nice beat which reminds me a bit of CBTM. I don't really like the guy going 'Argh!' in the background though. The vocals sound kinda forced at the beginning. which kinda disapoints me, 'cuz it's not something I'm used to hearing from Hikki. Still the lyrics aren't bad and the beat is catchy (I was dancing to it in the shower lol XD)

    Rating: 6/10

    2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawerence - FYI

    I LOVE THIS SONG! Sorry, I had to get that off my chest :) The vocals are perfect for this song, the beat is really catchy and lyrics are awesome! Not my favourite song from the album but it comes close. The violin and piano beginning are quite decietful for the tone of the lyrics.

    Raiting: 8.5/10

    3. Apple And Cinnamon

    The song that everyone heard about before. Repetitive, which is a shame. The lyrics are good but it sounds a little computer generated, espically the lyrics sometimes. I don't mind it, but it's just a tad too much computer sounding.

    Raiting: 7.5/10

    4. Taking My Money Back

    I don't really like this song. The vocals, lyrics and instrumentation just don't click with me.

    Raiting: 5/10

    5. This One (Crying Like A Child)

    Wooooooo! A ballad, R&B style. My fave song from the album. My only higgle with it is the 'ay-ay-ay' part. Why? Not necessary. I love the lyrics and vocals, and the instrumentation is perfect!

    Raiting: 9.5/10

    6. Automatic Part II

    I really, really hate this song. It doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Automatic. In fact, I've listened to it twice, then deleted it off my iPod.

    Raiting: 3/10

    7. Dirty Desire

    The backing vocals sound quite cheap and the song could do with a better ending. However, the lyrics aren't bad and the instrumentation is good. I like Hikki's vocals and the way she stresses the words a lot. Her vocals in this reminds me of Devil Inside.

    Raiting: 7/10

    8. Poppin'

    The start reminds me a bit of Mission Impossible I. I don't really love the song, but I don't hate it either. Too repetitive for my taste and the talking part doesn't really add much more.

    Raiting: 6/10

    9. Come Back To Me

    It's probably becuase I've heard it soooooo many times (According to iTunes, 677 times actually) that I've not actually listened to it since I got the album. It's the same as before and probably the most generic song on the whole album. The MV disappointed me though.

    Raiting: 8/10

    10. Me Muero

    This just doesn't fit in with the style of the album, with it's South American/Latino style. Reminds me of something I hear when I'm eating out at Nandos XO

    Raiting: 6/10

    I won't rate the 2 radio mixes.


    I think this an album aimed at breaking her into the American market, which is probably why some of the songs don't really fit well with me. However, it probably is going to fit in well and I hope it does well. As a album, it's solid but it's not really my style.

    Overall raiting: 8/10
  • You Are The One... Seriously Hikki, you are

    8 Mar 2009, 15:01 by Ganny

    Utada's new album looms closer and closer. And while we all hold our breath, waiting for it to come out, I actually believe more and more that this will be her big break.

    Previews for some of the songs sound promising. Dirty Desire sounds like something which I know Hikki wouldn't have even of dreamt of doing a few years ago while doing Exodus, but surely it's a good thing. Noises coming out of America are good, with promotion going on big. Come Back To Me is getting a lot of airtime on American radio, she's doing interviews so much that my cousin is going crazy and it's so good that they're trying to push it out earlier than even Hikki thinks she can finish the album!

    Looks like Universal finally got their act together. This is what failed in Exodus. While I didn't like the album much, I (And probably you as well) felt that Hikki didn't get the advertising that she deserved. Actually, I don't think she got any XO

    This time, there are TV commercials, radio and TV interviews, and I gather that the PV for Come Back To Me is going to go out on MTV sometime soon. (I have a HQ copy, so just PM if you want it ;) ).

    I just hope that this album will be the one.
  • My take on the music world... Well, my music world XD

    26 Jan 2009, 21:02 by Ganny

    Okay, things are looking very exciting musically. Right, who should I start with?

    Utada Hikaru has finally come out of hibernation, transformed into Utada and actually is going to give us some new matieral, in the form a new english album! Seriously, I was getting really annoyed when she kept releasing stuff like Prisoner Of Love. Don't get me wrong, I love the song, but she's already released it on her album. I wanted something new. And now I'm gonna get it! Yay! At first, I thought this was going to sound really bad, a new english album, considering how much I disliked Exodus (Yes, I did give it a chance but it didn't stick with me D:) but actually, Come Back To Me is one of my fave tracks now! (It's already got 400+ plays on my iPod lol)

    Also, Tsunku is back composing for morning musume!!! Nai Chau Kamo actually sounds MM-ish, rather than all the cover stuff they've been doing recently. Some facts I picked up from the PV: 1) Junjun is the most energetic dancer in MM. Seriously, look at her dancing, she seems to put more energy into it. 2) Reina's legs look kinda fat and stubby in fishnets (XD Don't flame me please). 3) Junjun is actually a very good actor. Why? Well, she seems to be the most convincing in the crying scenes. 4) Aichan needs a hair cut. What? Her hair round her face like that just looks ugly... 5) Aichan can actually act 2 different ages. She acts so mature and more like her age in the PV, yet in Q.E.D. (The drama which she starred in and is currently showing) she actually does act like a 17 year old... Weird O.o

    Speaking of Q.E.D. I've fallen for Aichan again. She's sooooooooooooo energetic and she portrays Kana perfectly. If she ever leaves MM (God forbid!!!) then she would make a great actor! Yes, you can tell I've been watching the show lol. And yes, I love it! Touma is kinda cool too.

    And fitting in with Q.E.D., 青山テルマ is back in my sights again, this time with the theme tune to the show, called 'Konno Mama Zutto'. Nice preview from what I hear at the end of the show, can't wait for the single in March!

    Finally, ai otsuka is also on the rise in my iPod playing charts. Why? Well, I... *cough* got hold of... *cough* some of her PVs and the one that really attracted me? Smiley!!! XD

    Well, it's gonna be an exciting year... Hopefully XD
  • my political compass

    18 Nov 2008, 12:28 by Aurist-

    Economic Left/Right: -4.62
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.74

    I took the quiz at http://www.politicalcompass.org and above are my results. Basically through questions with the options "Strongly Agree" "Agree" "Disagree" and "Strongly Disagree" it attempts to assess your political stance on a less linear scale than left/right. It can be inaccurate as there's no middle ground or "not sure".

    It also compares your results with results of famous leaders (who were assessed by action). Mine was closest to the Dalai lama O.o

    I'd like to see everyone else's results. Please post them here (the graph results or whatever)!

    And to see what results I get from strangers:

    Merzbow, Attack! Attack!, Sutcliffe Jugend, Mr. Bungle, Nadja, Rolo Tomassi, Bring Me the Horizon, Estelle, Erykah Badu, Rage Against the Machine, Yann Tiersen, Meshuggah, Slayer, Kanye West, Tatu
  • Review: Rock Sound magazine CD 119

    11 Nov 2008, 22:23 by Aurist-

    Right, I've decided to start reviewing CDs that come with Rock Sound magazine. They usually feature some pretty versatile stuff with often some bands who would otherwise be ignored. Although sometimes they feature crappy popular shit to appease the readership, but hey, different strokes.

    The slipcase is a lovely pink this time round, so I'm happy, but I wish they'd stop doing that stupid "man listening to something" face on all of them, and do something new.

    Anyway, yeah, the music.


    Track 1: These Arms Are Snakes - Woolen Heirs

    The CD starts with a disappointment, as I've heard alot about these and the song's nowhere near as good as I had been expecting. Further listening reveals it's ok - it's got a nice feel to it and I like the bass. But it still feels like it just passes just outside of consciousness - a step or two away from interesting, even when the vocals start being cut up and it turns into what's essentially a variation on the Doctor Who theme tune with guitars.

    2. Satyricon - The Wolfpack

    Awful, tepid, mid-paced pseudo-Ministry crap. Highly formulaic and boring. The vocals are half-arsed. Plus, it sounds exactly like their last album's title track. No surprises are in store here. It could have done with some black metal textures.

    3. Bison B.C. - Slow Hand Of Death

    Quite boring stoner-y stuff. The vocals are interestingly retched, but don't benefit by having what's basically gang-shouts behind them. Attracts attention by sounding jazzy for about 2 seconds and then reverts to exactly the same pretty tedious riffery. The tiny touches of cliché whammy'd single notes at the end of riffs just infuriated me.

    4. Wetnurse - Life At Stake

    Interesting intro until it starts sounding like a slightly discordant Metallica. The song then kicks in and it sounds better, but it reminds me too much of the earlier Satyricon song but at a decent pace, with some slightly more interesting, metallic riffs. Interestingly breaks down into an unusual, plucked and delayed, cleaner sound, but gives up and returns to the exact same sound as before.

    5. Gods And Queens - Track 5

    A nice sound that feels how I imagine stadium rock would sound if it felt like it was all shoegaze-y and cut up and put in random order. (It sounds better than you might think from that description...) Has some lovely moments of what feels like not-quite climaxes, but I can't decide whether it would be better to make them full-fledged climaxes or not.

    6. Action Beat - Le Chap

    For a band with an album called "The Noise Band From Bletchley" this is probably a rather apt sound: Bletchley is a dismal, grey place (in England) that probably only serves as a train link between London and Northampton; this song feels like a grey, instrumental version that's a link between Sonic Youth's "Stones" and the part with very few notes on "Kool Thing". Put basically, it's not even close to noise-rock. Still, for all of that, it's not too unpleasant - it has a decent quality to it that sometimes sounds good. I'm disappointed that their idea of noise is simply adding a touch of delay and reverb to guitars, although occasionally they add a touch of distortion which sounds good.

    7. Attack! Attack! - Too Bad Son

    Think a cross between Kids in Glass Houses and Kids in Glass Houses. Yeah. I guess it has a touch of Lostprophets' more upbeat moments. But basically you take that and reduce the production values by about half, and you're there. If there's anything redeemable, it's the nice chord changes, but isn't that the same with most pop-punk bands anyway?

    8. Jackson United - The Land Without Law

    Here's some more lightweight punk, this time in the vein of Alkaline Trio's unsubtleties and Green Day's political moanings and bitchings; but with mariachi-eqsue guitars. No, I don't care how punk or Rancid it sounds, it's bad.

    9. The Haunts - Underground

    In terms of sounding interesting, this song's more like it, for sure. This is charming yet quite pompous goth-infused indie. The extremely english vocals can jar a touch, though, and that's coming from an english person who loves hearing english accents in songs! Quite alot of it sounds like a cliché hallowe'en-rock song, but somehow that makes me like it more, like watching a cartoon I haven't seen since childhood. I know it's bad, but I like it.

    10. Upcdowncleftcrightcabc+Start - Get to the Chopper

    Ah, you can always rely on Rock Sound to provide one interesting post-rock or post-metal song per CD. I definitely like this one - it effortlessly drifts past generic post-rock and insteads like Red Sparowes doing a strange version of Faithless' "No Roots" album, except when it occasionally feels like a normal rock riff being repeated. The lighter guitars then come in and elevate the song and are rather lovely - think Explosions in the Sky with a bit more emphasis on groove provided by bass + drums. The pad that's introduced is awful, though, it doesn't fit with the song and it feels like it should be in background music to an old, unpopular robot-fighting PS2 game. Thankfully, it leaves and the drums have a great filter effect placed on them, although the EitS-like guitars keep being played backwards, which jars a touch. The drums being cut-up makes a nice ending.

    11. Maps & Atlases - Witch

    Dubbed a 'more abstract Foals', I certainly didn't expect it to sound like this... it feels like if Peter, Bjorn and John jammed with some random indie band half the time, and the other half like Minus the Bear being led by Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals. I don't like it.

    12. William Control - Strangers

    Poor New Order/Depeche Mode ripoff (don't call it an homage) with poorer emo-style vocals, all by WiL Francis from Aiden. Was this made with ejay? This wanted a sexy feel, like Davey Havok (AFI)'s Blaqk Audio (which was an actually successful homage while being rightfully its own) but it got nowhere near. Undanceable and sexless, with an emotionless feel despite the lyrics.

    13. Tortuga - Bury Me In You (Fatal)

    Average-to-poor but with some off-kilter beat. Sounds like they can't decide whether they're screamo/hardcore or metal.

    14. A Textbook Tragedy - Intimidator

    Metalcore - the word with the biggest precursor to (justified?) small-minded judgement in music? Either way, these guys are alright - a nice abrasive approach that elevates them from sounding tepid and formulaic. Doesn't do much, but does it acceptably, and the melodic section sounded really good until they made it sound like From First to Last. I like From First to last but that just feels like an unfocused attempt at a more cohesive sound. Oh, but that jazzy section almost melted me - it should have been longer! That annoyed me - it just returned to where they were at the start of the song.

    15. Viking Skull - Hair of the Dog

    If the name doesn't already say it all, this is the same old Orange Goblin-esque whisky-soaked rock nonsense that's far too popular. Poor songwriting lets this down immensely.

    16. Stuck Mojo - 15 Minutes of Fame


    Stone Sour vocals and lyrics, Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) / Limp Bizkit raps, hard metal drumming, nu-metal guitar, symphonic elements... I'm confused and bewildered listening to it. It's beyond me what made someone put all these together. Nothing works with anything. It's unbelievably awful. An upsettingly disconcerting mess.

    And that's all! Shame it had to end on that; Rock Sound usually put the more epic songs last!