Do you stay online instead of going to bed?

  • 3 AM == early

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  • sometimes i dont even realize i forgot to sleep when im online^^

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Apr 2010, 11:44
    Animosity666 a dit :
    sometimes i dont even realize i forgot to sleep when im online^^


  • I control myself but anyway i choose computer instead of sleeping)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 Mar 2011, 21:21
    Oh, I do this a lot. I really try to turn off my computer and go to sleep before midnight but that's not always easy for me because I don't have to go to study or work next morning. There's no need to wake up early so basically I could spend my whole night online. Somewhere last year I went to sleep around 6:00 am (well, it happened only once). But now I'm really trying to keep this under my control.

  • I have insomnia so I end up staying up for long periods of time on the Internet, then I sleep when I can.

  • I can't sleep until like 4am or so. :/

  • Absolutely do. Every night. I am practically nocturnal because of the internet.

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    • RoMiLu said...
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    • 17 Jun 2012, 01:36
    Guilty! And my red eyes betray me *.*

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  • Yeah, I always say to myself that I need to go to sleep, but there's so much stuff happening on the internet!

    • Kennoth said...
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    • 19 Nov 2012, 03:19
    That's my life in a nutshell. Internet suddenly gets very interesting when you have better things to do.

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  • I can't control myself. I think to myself: "I must go to bed, I need to sleep", but then I remember that there is this thing I need to search, or watch or read, and I forget about time.

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  • Totally me. My ipod touche's browser really come in handy at night.

  • Always :P

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 10 Jan 2013, 13:09
    yep. doin' it right now.

  • I think I'm addicted, really. Internet is the last thing before going to sleep and the first after waking up.

    • CM_Girl said...
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    • 8 Sep 2014, 22:05
    Answer to the question: All the time! Just can't help myself.
    My mom is pretty pissed about it :D I'm just too adicted. Time goes by so damn fast also..scary.

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