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Created on: 7 Jul 2007
If you get frustrated, or even violent, when someone just won't see the brilliance of a band that is clearly, to you at least, the God's bollocks, then you belong here.

Unless you don't like a...

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  • thisisadam

    Quiet round these parts

    1 Jun 2008 Reply
  • OddEven

    anyway, y'all know i'm just kidding thom, i luvs you really.

    15 Dec 2007 Reply
  • OddEven

    haha, what's wrong with sublime? i thought after like a decade bad bands became cool again, wasn't that the rule?

    15 Dec 2007 Reply
  • televisionangel

    everyone's entitled to their own opinion, yours is just wrong. keep listening to sublime

    15 Nov 2007 Reply
  • OddEven

    Well, not wholely terrible, The Bends was pretty good.

    7 Nov 2007 Reply
  • OddEven

    Radiohead are terrible. There should be a part of this group devoted to people who find it frustrating when they cannot make someone see the overratedness of a band. Namely, Radiohead.

    7 Nov 2007 Reply
  • RavingLibDem

    seeing as their in the top 20... I SAW THE EDITORS PLAY LIVE :P lol, just thought id share that with everyone

    7 Sep 2007 Reply
  • thisisadam

    I wondered where you'd got to. Nice name.

    7 Sep 2007 Reply
  • OddEven

    I am the guy with the hat from before.

    7 Sep 2007 Reply
  • Mininirime

    Hi! This happens to me alot... Scrollig the top 20 list I find a lot of bands that I like. (don't bother going through my charts, they got a bit smashed during this summer. I blame my friends) However, I was wondering if you could say nice anything about Placebo? I've only listened to a cover song, and I think I was a bit unlucky when trying to download some more from LW. It really didnt impress m

    6 Sep 2007 Reply
  • RavingLibDem

    Thank god the top 20 is finally improving, I was thinking I was going to have to leave ^^

    29 Aug 2007 Reply
  • fotsvett

    wow, i had to join because this happens to me all the time! gotta find new friends..... (:

    20 Aug 2007 Reply
  • AshtrayGirl92

    this is so damn frustrating. especially when your parents are critisizing your music and you're just trying to explain why it's so awesome. and they don't get why music sometimes makes me cry, morons.

    17 Aug 2007 Reply
  • thisisadam

    Goddamnit, you're RIGHT.

    12 Aug 2007 Reply
  • thisisadam

    A lot of Cardiacs releases are criminally difficult to get hold of.

    4 Aug 2007 Reply
  • thisisadam

    Some few are available from their website, though the rarer ones only appear on ebay for quite a bit of money. Unfortunately obtaining a physical cardiacs collection can be quite expensive. I will one day though. I don't know of any actual physical shops that stock cardiacs cd's, Nor any virtual stores that live on the internet either. There was one I knew of, but I think they stopped.

    4 Aug 2007 Reply
  • thisisadam

    Once again I reiterate the fact that other people can post topics for discussion, and in fact I would be glad if they did. Get posting!

    2 Aug 2007 Reply
  • isolationtheory

    Hey both NIN and Wilco! My two top artists by far :D

    30 Jul 2007 Reply
  • thisisadam

    Venetian Snares are on the up, as are Cardiacs by 2.

    29 Jul 2007 Reply
  • thisisadam

    Still no cardiacs. Wasn't expecting venetian snares in there!

    24 Jul 2007 Reply
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