• Do you hear your thoughts in your head while thinking?

    Like... if they're spoken with your voice? It's always like that for me. Almost everything that goes through my head.... I don't hear them only if I'm very concentrated on doing something. Like playing a game or doing a math problem or something. It's kind of annoying sometimes. For example if I try to fell asleep, but I'm not very tired, I start thinking (talking :D) and therefore can't fall asleep...

    I've always thought that it's like that for everybody, but I asked some friends and they said that they hear their thoughts only if they're thinking about some difficult problem or something like that, so I started to be curious about it.

  • Ohh!! Myy!..
    I have that too. Sometimes I think in English. And the other time in Dutch. And when I want to go to sleep i cant stop talking (thinking)

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  • yea! same thing with me too, but when im trying to sleep and i keep talking(thinking) i use to argue with myself... i think its funny...

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  • Well yeah, I "hear" them all the time.. but its not really like hearing them.. because that voice.. I mean.. I don't hear the voice I usually speak with.. i does not have any sound or maybe even a gender :D i would say the term "stream of consciousness" is the closest description that can be made :) and yeah, it's sometimes hard to fall asleep because of it :D

  • Ahahahaha we're all crazy ! but that happens to me almost every night O.o

  • fading_reality said:
    Well yeah, I "hear" them all the time.. but its not really like hearing them.. because that voice.. I mean.. I don't hear the voice I usually speak with.. i does not have any sound or maybe even a gender :D i would say the term "stream of consciousness" is the closest description that can be made :) and yeah, it's sometimes hard to fall asleep because of it :D

    Well I can hear them with my voice or with a voice I choose. Which can be cool, because I can actually listen to music only in my head if I know the song well enough. :D Or running an eventual conversation with a friend. But the second had its downsides in the past - when I was little there were times when I wasn't sure if a certain conversation was really spoken or I only have imagined it. :D

  • i have the same thing.

  • Haha me too! And yeah, you're all right... i speak spanish, but everytime i catch myself thinking in english, kinda weird... might sound pretentious, but it's true!

    • Kaoz21 said...
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    • 19 Aug 2009, 18:11
    I don't just hear my thoughts i talk to my self all the time! as if i had someone else in my head! i sometimes think in english some other in my language (spanish). It's kinda cool..!
    I also thought that it happens with everybody haha.
    And yes.. i've had nights like that too!!

  • Yeeeah, that's kinda funny. Even if someone is talking to me in German, I start to think in English. It works but eehm, it's a bit scary, isn't it? :D

    That's actually a pretty interessting theme! :D

    So I asked a couple of friends and they know this ''oh-damn-I-wanted-to-sleep-but-now-I'm-just-thinking-what-keeps-me-awake'' -'problem'too. I guess everybody knows this ''voices'' in their had, they just don't focus on it like we do :D

    • xCaru said...
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    • 23 Aug 2009, 22:46
    Haha and I start debating with myself o.O

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Aug 2009, 09:20
    Hearing my thoughts is quite common unfortunetely and sometimes seems kinda distracting. The strangest is I used to write (internally ofc) detailed (that was the biggest problem I guess :P) scenarios of various things to happen or alternatives of past events before I fell asleep :? Luckily it's gone now because it kept me in insomnia sometimes for an hours o_O These were like some higher states of contemplation, creepy somehow.
    Obviously (as I read your posts) - nevertheless I'm from Poland and speak polish - those thoughts are sometimes in polish, sometimes in english - and I can't control it, wtf? ;d

  • Thinking is weird when you think about it.

    I don't think I hear my voice while talking, it's more of another thing. Like...I can't describe it, it's there's a small echo. I am pretty confused all the time, especially in new situations and can't really think right through, it's more like I have to note everything done.

    I guess I am a visual and audible person, than.

    At night, I listen to music to fall asleep, because otherwise there's this echo and it's empty.

    An empty echo.

  • I am 25 years old, over a year ago I lost the ability to hear my voice/thoughts in my head while thinking, reading, etc. I remember what it was like for most of my life and it was similar to what everyone describes on this forum. One weekend I had a shooting pain down the middle of my brain that lasted for most of the day and I had trouble sleeping that night. Every time I tried to relax the pain would get worse. There was no other effect on my body. The next day I could no longer hear the voice. It happened during a year where I had a lot of stress in my life and my anxiety level was high. I was on Xanax for a short time, but I cannot remember if I tapered off the drug. The drug is known to cause seizures after discontinued use...but my dosage was also not high. So basically I have asked a few doctors and have had a CT scan, but no clear answer yet. When I get insurance I will do a PET scan or functional MRI. I am still able to think/read/ do all the normal functions...but I am not able to "hear." I have searched online for the region in my brain that could have been spontaneously damaged and caused this, but i am not able to find an answer. The region that hurt looks similar to the cingulate sulcus. But there does not seem to be a correlation in function. It is interesting to see that people have wondered about this. Perhaps I am the only case in the world in which one cannot hear their thoughts but used to be able to. I also went through a period of time in which it was hard for me to deal with living with this problem. I have a B.S in Microbiology, earned before the incident, so I was highly functional. For a period of time after the incident , I thought that I could no longer learn/read and i was just going to be severely challenged...even though it did not appear I had any trouble. I am back in college now and doing great. Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier for me to memorize my textbook material if I was able to once again "hear" my complex thought process. But somehow I manage =)

    • Soshte said...
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    • 14 Nov 2009, 20:02
    Personally, I hear thoughts when I'm trying to sleep or doing anything with my eyes closed; and I don't only hear my own voice, but other people's also; specially people who I talked with in previous moments. Kinda annoying really.

  • Nice question! got me thinking.

    I guess if im in my bed, and have gone over everything i will start talking to myself. But not on a usual account you know. Yes! i do talk to myself when solving or thinking real hard about something, like 'you know this' etc... but i dont end up telling people if im alittle crazy or not. Shamejob.

  • that happens to me all the time actually right now when i am writing here hhhmmm... that weird. hmmm.. i wonder why i am hearing some other voices in my head too hmmmmmmm... you put me thinking arrrrrrrgggghhhh!!! it just won't stop now for ages *_*

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Jan 2010, 06:07
    It happens a lot to me, especially if I'm deprived of sleep, then I'll sometimes even talk to myself and debate.

    A quite fun thing, in a weird humorous way is that the more sleep-deprived I am, the more annoying it gets, the more annoying it gets, the more difficult it is to fall asleep.

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  • Ooooo.... I talk a lot with myself in my head :) But outside I'm a man of a few words.

    • Laurizm said...
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    • 27 Jan 2010, 04:03
    The same happens to me hear. Im actually "hearing" myself in english right now while i write xD.
    And i also have discussions with myself. Sometimes i even speak with an english "voice" and answer with a spanish voice.
    I thought that this "hearing" thing happened to everyone too :P
    Sometimes its annoying, but on the other side, I love it. The problem is that sometimes talking in my head isnt enough, and i end up saying some parts out loud without almost noticing.... Even when im on the street ^^'

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  • I do this all the time. I rarely talk to people, so instead I just think in my head that I'm talking to them. I think about talking to people and think what they'll say to me. I always do this before or after a conversation with someone (or if I want to have a conversation with someone) and I can't shut it off. =(

    I also do this with fictional people too, like after I've read a book or seen a TV show, I think about talking to the characters and living out the story.
    I have trouble sleeping and concentrating because of it, but I kind of like it because I am never really lonely. It always keeps my mind busy.
    I wish I could learn to shut it off when I want to, though.

    Maybe someone could create a group for this hearing-your-thoughts-in-your-head phenomenon?

  • SaySay116 said:
    --erased this since it was alot of text

    I have the exact same thing, talking / thinking, not in Dutch, but in English.. When I'm walking in the city for example, people passing by, and I just start talking with myself.. hmmz. But yeah, you're never lonely, hardly ever bored. It does get annoying when you want it to stop and it won't. :(

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 24 Nov 2010, 10:09
    all the time

  • Always! =DD I'm doing it right now!! Well, sometimes it's boring, because I only talk with myself and I can't talk to anyone else about my thoughts and feelings, I am too much shy and introverted, so it's too much difficult to me.

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