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Created on: 25 Sep 2006
Have you felt like out of this space, dimension or on another planet whilst dreaming? So have we so come join us to talk about those crazy yet interesting dreams. :]

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  • kavybabenasa

    I'm looking for people who would like to help me. I'm an university student who have a big dream. I have made a campaign to make it come true and the page is Maybe you would like to share it with your friends or give advice :) Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    18 Jun 2015 Reply
  • inthesameroom

    I keep having this dream where a flock of thousands of crows shit all over me. Why is this happening?

    13 Jan 2014 Reply
  • suchykaszel

    I had a dream few days ago. I stole the coffin with John Paul's II body in it. After that UFO was trying to abduct me. Dafuq

    30 Jul 2013 Reply
  • eenirak

    Romanian Ambient \ Meditative \ Fusion

    17 Feb 2013 Reply
  • MetaCake

    If actors are making appearances in your dreams, can you then, rightfully, call it cameo-appearances?

    16 Jan 2013 Reply
  • ILove-IceCube

    I had a crazy dream last night i was friends with this guy and he wanted to have sexual relations with me. But i kept telling him i couldn't because i wasn't on birth control we were arguing about it.

    18 Dec 2012 Reply
  • Retro_Saiyan

    In one segment of the dream I had this morning (I went to sleep at around 9AM), I dreamed that I was watching a film, possibly set during the late-1960s/early 1970s. In the dream, the US was bombing some nation near Australia, and then started bombing Australia itself. While this was happening, some character was trying find a ready-to-heat meal from a supermarket, which strangely also sometimes heated the meals to allow costumers to eat them at the supermarket. Several people made guest appearances in the dream, including Hyuga Neji, Bart Simpson, Fatty Arbuckle and the Emperor of Japan.

    17 Dec 2012 Reply
  • Retro_Saiyan

    Film and television characters regularly make appearances in my dreams....

    14 Dec 2012 Reply
  • ILove-IceCube

    If i think about something a lot then i usually have dreams about it.

    18 Oct 2012 Reply

    Happy Holidays to everyone and have a fantastic New Year (2012)

    23 Dec 2011 Reply
  • the_Crowder

    Strange dreams are normal dreams. You are not special.

    21 Aug 2011 Reply
  • RaulPSilva

    @meduzek lol weird and funny dream ^^ Hey, where's everybody? :)

    24 May 2011 Reply
  • Tamani

    it's all because of thom yorke

    2 May 2011 Reply
  • red-green-blue

    Hello dreamers, fantasists and star gazers: Please have a look at our wonderful video collection! Yeah!

    26 Mar 2011 Reply
  • minminima

    Yesterday in my dream, i couldn't hold anything! like i was a ghost but not ghost! it was stressful dream :S

    7 Mar 2011 Reply
  • knk13

    My dream - fly with wind . Fly in space, even if that momen will last for a few seconds and finishes with pain and cold. My Dream, almost impossible and so hard to have it however so real .... stupid I know but I call it freedom that I want so badly

    24 Feb 2011 Reply
  • SDFprowler

    I had a dream recently that really stuck with me, so I decided to put the visuals and emotion that I felt into words: You and I together Rapidly sliding, suddenly falling, down a hill of rushing water. My senses turn to fright, before my widening eyes and frantic mind, you collide with the edge, bruising your neck and head, and halt upon the brink of its end. My love, you're slipping away from me, I'm violently shaking and there's nothing I can do. Pierced in mind, frozen in water, and there's nothing I can say. I'm holding you in my arms, still holding you tight, as the water races by. Slipping away, still slipping away, your eyes fade into mine.

    31 Jan 2011 Reply
  • RaulPSilva

    My recently weirdest dream: I were a drop of water floating in a flood O.O , actually it was a lucid dream cause I knew I was dreaming but at same time awake, I opened my eyes about 3 times and could see room's wall and my blanket, like my eyes were closed and opened at same time... some waves started forming behind me (and since I were a little drop of water) I was scared of getting drowned lol, then suddenly the water turned to larva, but it wasn't hot.. I stayed floating for a while, then it turned back to water again, water itself started pushing me forward, and I ended up in a small river, I fell from a high place (like a bridge) into the river, exactly like a drop of water, I went deep in the river and started floating uyp really slowly, then I stayed there without any movement, just going left-right, left-right, floating... so I realized that if I wouldn't wake up I'd stay there forever, so I decided to wake up :D I'm sooo sleepy now, sorry for any mistakes .-.

    30 Jan 2011 Reply
  • barbenna

    i have a dream! like m.l.k.

    24 Dec 2010 Reply
  • mytruepassion

    You know what they say, be careful what you wish for as it might happen. Well, it did... i had a very strange dream last night... dreamt of my death... had a... uh..after death experience... more a nightmare than a dream and the strange thing is that i did not wake up in the moments of maximum tension... but afterwards, when i sort of settled with the idea... the roots are a sweet illusion, was my last thought before waking up…

    8 Nov 2010 Reply
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