we shall respect everybodys musical taste... some peolpe have special reason to like things that someone else would think tha is crap... but that wont change any of that person taste.

    For an example one of my fav bands is tool (as yo can se in my nick name),,, but I also enjoy so much to listen more mellow stuff like sigur ros or the arcade fire, and some people that i know i like that kind of music call me metal haed lol cuz of my love of tool.

    I can explain them th reason that i like them but it will be a soooooooooo long coversation... I preffer respect.

    sometimes i can be at my lunch break with fantomas in my ipod... and other times just about before going to bed relaxing with stina nordestam.

    everybody is diferent, and like personalities, nacionalities or social positions, musical tastes should also be respected.

    ...except if you have paris hilton or britney spears in your charts :P hehe

  • +1000. totally agree. execpt for hilary duff and ashlee simpson. :)

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