9 Mar 2011, 23:28 by DefaultXR

    You should listen to this! It's really good! If you're convinced, download here!! If not, read on.

    1. into
    the ever-excellent intro track.

    2. krovo - Negatexil
    this is my track, so i probably shouldn't say too much about it. but it's got some cool and not-so-harsh sounds you might like.

    3. Finley Fucks the World - Pleasant Time
    this compilation is not for the weak. this track makes sure of that. >:] excellent if you love obnoxious things... which i do

    4. Fabio B - nights of polish disco
    an awesome really fast yet melodic semi- sounding sort of song. i'm guessing a LOT of time went into sequencing this in some sort of tracker.

    5. YAWE6gletshn - Mxxnsxng
    a wall of . the title is very apt. lots of excellent sounds for your pleasure.

    6. Chinese Church - Endless Vector Head
    a really short but sweet and very fun track! reminds me of Masonna when s/he's not doing wall noise and instead opts for the more psychedelic route (for example, Acid Recording (Parts 1, 2 And 3))

    7. Fækal Omsorg - Julegylle
    this is one of the things i love about glitch city - things are kept interesting because it's not an exclusive club for glitch musicians. there isn't really anything "glitch" about this, but nonetheless it's amazing. i don't want to give too much information away but it reminds me of Unexpect and but I know nothing about metal so don't hurt me if I'm wrong here.

    8. Apophallation - açaí surf
    from Apophallation, who has appeared on every glitch village compilation. HARSH HARSH HARSH. make sure your neighbors can hear this, they'll thank you!

    9. Shatter Mind - coke rape
    this isn't chiptune (at least i don't think it is) but the melodic patterns remind me of the glory days - especially RPGs like pokemon and zelda, but maybe i'm projecting. anyway, it's just beautiful.

    10. Vziel Projet - live improvisation 2011-01-09
    this is a really cool and sort of piece. it's very , which contributes to the shadowy inverted sort of sound and doesn't detract. if you've ever went exploring in the forest and found an old abandoned house that looks like it hasn't been used for years, this is what the satanic ritual going on in the basement of that house might sound like.

    11. Ralph Brown - blood and breakfast
    LOUD AND ERROR. this track is intense, lots of fast skipping noises and weirdness to keep you entertained. maybe this is what it would sound like if Ryoji Ikeda did crack.

    12. Razxca - one for
    this track has a really nice melody and a shuffling sort of rhythm to keep it together, but a lot of times they're overpowered by harsh noises in the foreground (this is not a bad thing of course). sadly it's another very short track but that just means you'll have to listen to it more.

    13. Morgen Mittag - Gauss
    a really cool gameboy/NES-sounding track. starts off with a propulsive beat that builds up, then stops halfway through and continues with a lovely noise-accented melody. heaven :)

    14. Notorious B.A.C.H. - The Return of the Nefarious Street Villains (feat. Ol' Squeaky-Clean Rascal)
    Another track that probably wouldn't be called "glitch" by anyone. It's a sort of thing. As you're listening to this compilation, this is a "what" moment.

    15. katti - jazz voor je mand (apophallation version)
    starts off with a lovely little jazzy (i guess) beat, and then cuts into even lovelier noise! another short but sweet track.

    16. Laundery Situation - Kana's Journey
    a really cool almost / sort of thing. i'm not good with genres but this is a really fun track that you might like if you're into the amen break or good electronic music.

    17. Daisy Cutter - FUCKING POINTLESS
    i can't help but love daisy cutter and his use of ALL CAPS. this song works best when you play it loudly and follow along closely. :)

    18. nxfxtxex - lowwwwr
    a really really cool noise track, lots of high pitch feedback noises. almost a "" of sorts, if it's not pretentious of me to say that. it's like drowning in a vat of boiling acid. you'll like it though, trust me.

    19. NOSKOVSOĻEGS - n_O
    another noise track, although that description doesn't do the tracks justice. all of the noise tracks on this compilation have a lot of really interesting textures, this one included. it's one of the longer tracks of the compilation, but the diversity of timbres and the strange samples will keep your attention.

    20. theoldones.mkv - FUCK ALL THE & Jordan can't even trust him anymore & Nautical Ned and his Symph
    a cute(???) glitch track which probably has the best song title of the whole compilation. the song title works pretty well for the track - incoherent in the best possible way.

    21. After Ovid - Girl + Boy
    more noise with a lot of weird "miscellanea" sounds... sadly rather short, but lovable nonetheless

    22. Moralton Eggtrade - Boggle
    more HARSHNESS with lots going on. for all you likers of the out there!

    23. Razxca - volabury base
    a sparse, dark sort of track, very and , . i guess you might call it "" but it's not just some "ominous" synth chords played slowly, it's something more like The Backwards Music Station (look it up on youtube if you don't know what that is).

    In conclusion, download it.

    Note to artists: if something I wrote about your track is inaccurate, feel free to correct me.
  • Top 10 Albums Of 2009

    15 Jan 2010, 22:06 by AxemRangers

    Disclaimer: Obviously not a definitive, end-all be-all list, and not so much "best" albums as "my favorite" albums, but an interesting little exercise for me nevertheless (as I usually try to avoid putting things like this together), and one I hope you enjoy.

    10. Fantastic Explosion - Sound Track (from Time Evaluation Tactics Hyperion)
    Fantastic Explosion's first new full-length album in five or six years more or less validates itself on those merits. Kazunao Nagata's (producer for many, the man behind Transonic Records, ExT Recordings, and owner of Transonic Studios) group is now joined by Tetsuto Yoshida (a Readymade artist) for the soundtrack to an film that I have...not seen. Fantastic Explosion's bouncy, influenced sound is back in full swing, with some more mature and glossy elements overshadowing the disjointed, breakier elements of their early work. Playfully programmed drums and meticulous synthesizers are still king. No tracks that pop out at me as much as in the past (Japan As No.1), but on the whole the collection is more than worth your time.

    9. This Immortal Coil - The Dark Age of Love
    Some , weepy chamber covers of Coil songs. But no, wait, that's a good thing! Coming out at the perfect time for me, having just really grown to appreciate and relate to Coil this past year, many of the interpretations play off the ideas of the originals with respect and passion, and are still beautiful in their own right. I'm not really familiar with any of the individual players, but the instrumentation is lush and carefully assembled, with rich tonal interplay between the strings and vocals, especially in tracks like "Teenage Lightning." "Tattooed Man" does an especially harrowing job embodying the spirit of the original: both give me the complete imagery of a dreary, brick paved harbor. Fascinating... Well, worth a listen, and essential for Coil fans.

    8. Kaito - Trust
    Kaito is one of Japanese techno producer Hiroshi Watanabe's most prolific aliases, and 2009's "Trust" is possibly the high point of what he has set out to achieve with it thus far. Kaito is known for deep, dreamy (the project being dedicated to Watanabe's young son), with layer upon layer of synthesizers and sentimental key melodies. While this is consistently successful in making music, somehow, on the whole, Trust is much more engaging than the Kaito albums before it. The tracks seem to maintain a more active and tangible energy within themselves, with bouncier drum kicks and tighter rhythms. The payoff during the second half of "rainbow circles" has to be heard to be believed. Part of the way through the album we even switch to a minor key for a low-lit feel for a little while... The tracks are mostly in the 7-8 minute range, so be prepared for some level of immersion.

    7. NEELY - I Suppose / Nothing's Wrong
    When I started compiling names for my favorite albums of the year, I actually tried to actively avoid albums released by people I know...but it seems like being aware of this one and not recognizing it would be impossible. This is the debut tape of a very close friend of mine, with the recordings contained therein selected from things he made for himself over the course of several years. Though it could be easily classified as a " album," upon a closer look it's not nearly so simple. Many of the pieces are arranged in obsessive and complex fashions, and are kept grounded by integral loops, rhythms, sometimes repeated musical phrases or bass pulses. Low, fuzzy, implacable sounds come from every direction, as though recorded in the middle of an afternoon nap in a . Lo-fi electronics, intoning vocals, moments of and guitar. To be frank I haven't the faintest idea as to how some of the sounds on it were created, or made to sound how they do. But they are all real unto themselves, and the tone of the album overall is not foreboding or creepy as much as touching and, well, spooky. "Ing's Piano," is a personal favorite mind-bender. All in all it's nearly an hour of abstract, murky, and crushingly emotional music, with almost a tangible entity all its own.

    6. XXX RESIDENTS - Attack of Killer Black Eye Ball!!!!
    Okay this one kind of snuck up on me and is pretty high off the weird charts. As an interesting companion to "The Dark Age Of Love," here we have a hard, tribute to The Residents from Japan. XXX Residents is presumably a producer with ties to two live Residents tribute performance acts, and Killer Eye Ball!!!! has over 40 minutes of driving, progressive club tracks based around pilfered Residents melodies and hooks. Some seriously interesting production in here, covering too much ground to really hold down. The mix takes an even more surreal turn in the last ten minutes, when an intense track rises out of "Census Taker," orchestrated by Merzbow and featuring some of his more concentrated and psychedelic noise of the decade. Capped off with an almost hokey track, this is mandatory listening for open-minded Residents fans. (Oddly, there's quite a few that aren't...)

    5. Fantastic Plastic Machine - FPM
    This one blew me out of the water honestly. Tomoyuki Tanaka is obviously a producer with a lot of songs and especially remix work that I adore, but full-length Fantastic Plastic Machine albums are usually pretty hit-or-miss within themselves. Don't get me wrong, they have preciously few "bad" songs, but it's a lot of downtime in between the gems. However, barring maybe a couple of grating vocal cuts, 2009's "FPM" is a home run. If the opening track doesn't have you on the merit of how fucking weird it is, skip around a little. The album is buffered on all sides by the slick, grooves that FPM is known for, maybe with a bit more chrome these days now that all the kids are putting on shades. And at the halfway mark, "Forever Mine (Piano Dub)," we're treated to a series of groovy, leaned back instrumentals with wet, skin-crawling percussion that even lends itself to the side at times. "No Matter What Others Say" is my standout vocal track. Perhaps the best full-length album under the FPM moniker since its debut.

    4. The Residents - The UGHS!
    As always, The Residents had like fifty fucking releases this year, aided by their embrace of digital distribution to release content that would probably not break even on a physical product, which I think is great. "The UGHS!," however, did get a proper jewelcase CD release. The songs on this release are (supposedly) the product of an alternate band persona ("The UGHS!") The Residents adopted to create freeform musical sketches from which to cull themes for the soundtrack of their audio-only stage production, 2007's "The Voice of Midnight." And while you can hear bits and pieces, leitmotifs and grooves and patterns from VoM in The UGHS!, any self-respecting Residents fanatic/skeptic must question whether the whole thing is a clever reverse engineering... But completely independent from the mythology of it, The UGHS! is a truly unique work in its own right, and one of The Residents' most compelling and downright bizarre releases in years. The plodding, progressive soundscapes are all here, with some soaring strings and jaw-dropping guitar work by "resident" guitarist Nolan Cook. But the entire CD has a sort of sticky, humid, primitive atmosphere: Low end, scenic bass rumblings, ethnic hand percussion, grunting and chanting in non-languages. You can almost see the group recording, naked except for their eyeballs and top hats, squatting around a fire on a tropical riverbank, ingesting nauseating psychedelics and belching in rhythm. The music even descends into a kind of inhuman at times, before rising back up into hypnotizing grooves. "The Lonely Lotus" in particular is one of the most striking Residents pieces of the decade, while "Rendering the Bacon" just goes to show that they still know how to be completely baffling, in spite of their own brand.

    3. Major Lazer - Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do
    From every 's favorite producers (whose names they know), Switch and Diplo, comes a totally unabashed and self-aware disc packed back-to-back-to-back with bite-sized poppy bangers that refuse to compromise. There's not a whole lot of substance here, admitted, but there's also not a bad track on the disc. Each one is a thick wax slab of ridiculous booty-shaking reaggaelectro dubs and jahs, balancing the riffs and hollow space within the tracks with infectious vocal hooks and tasteful sprinkles of . Absolutely fucking determined to get white kids to locate and (attempt to) utilize their hips, from the y "Pon De Floor" to the aggressive "When You Hear the Bassline" to the sugar/painkiller coated feel-good anthem of the year "Keep It Goin' Louder." (It's like an inverted "I Gotta Feeling." Like, imagine if that song didn't suck. Amazing, huh?) "Mary Jane" is possibly the most annoying song I've ever heard in my life, and my personal favorite. The only album in recent memory that you could put on at a party and not have to switch CDs after the first four tracks.

    2. アーバンギャルド (Urbangarde) - 少女都市計画 (Girl's City Project)
    Urbangarde is a self-proclaimed TOKYO VIRGINITY POP group, drawing from , retro synthpop, shibuya and influences to promote traditional Japanese social ideals and preach against the mortal dangers of promiscuous sex to the virgins, otaku and mentally diseased populations of Japan. Yeah... With alternately disturbing/hilarious imagery and a cute, kickin' synthpop sound, their 2006 debut "A Girl Only Lives Twice" was more fun than anyone could possibly ask for. But this year's sophomore followup, "Girl's City Project," raises the bar to a totally new level, with more unconventional song structures and darker, mature and schizophrenic production. For starters, during nearly every instrumental break in the album, where a simple guitar or key solo should go, we're instead treated to an impossible to break down concrete collage of instruments, synth riffing and beeping, guitar thrashing, pulsing chaos. Vocal delivery is theatrical, determined, and sometimes frenzied and hurried. Even the backbones of the tracks have had a tuneup, with the beats on tracks like "Revisionist," "All About The Girl," and especially the lead single "Concretegirl" boasting a degree of demure sophistication, like a well dressed man at a funeral. Perhaps most mind-blowing is "Tokyobirth," which ping-pongs in and out of degrees of delerium before finally rising into a "" kind of extreme groove that previously only existed within 1:50 long j-pop songs composed for music games, with syncopated piano riffing at methamphetamine fueled BPMs and urgent vocals shouted in boy/girl harmony. Simply put, if you have any affinity for pop music, order yourself a copy of this and prepare to hear it pushed in seriously innovative directions, eschewing the trendy shibuya electropop sound to peer over the fence into something genuinely freaky.

    1. Captain Funk - Sunshine
    As an unabashed, rabid Tatsuya Oe fanboy, I had pretty high expectations for this album, which were met and then some by what is quite possibly his most teeth-decaying album to date. 2007 saw the release of Captain Funk's sister albums "Heavy Metal" and "Heavy Mellow," both wonderfully sentimental /electro collections, but each of them did seem to have a lot of downtime in between the truely memorable tracks, evenly spread between the vocal and instrumental cuts. With Sunshine, however, Captain Funk hasn't sold himself short in the slightest. A feel-good, funny and sexy groove throughout, and a careful unified balance of themes and rising/falling action over the course of the disc helps cement it as an honest-to-god album, rather than a collection of songs. Vocal duties are tastefully split between Tatsuya himself and guests, and vox anthems like "Just Wanna Get You Tonight" and the bright, shiny, ultra-compressed title track (which also showcases Funk's penchant for aesthetics) are at the heart of the album. Plenty of organic instrumentation and Oe's trademark custom voice synths combine with rolling bass and stinging guitars to create precise, euphoric cuts that are impossible to not dance to. In essence, Sunshine is classy, like seriously fucking classy. We're talking red-velvet lined limousine interior. Ending with the hopelessly melodic eight minute "Summer Nights," albums as concise and successful in their intentions as Sunshine don't come along very often. Definitely one to savor for a long time to come.

    (Thanks for reading!)
  • Bye Buy Alchemy Records

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  • I just recieved 450 USD in CDs.

    18 Jun 2009, 18:56 by AxemRangers

  • Sound experiment goes horribly wrong, opens portal to Boris show 15 years in the…

    15 Mar 2009, 02:02 by AxemRangers

    Sound experiment goes horribly wrong, opens portal to Boris show 15 years in the future.

    Atsuo has assumed sole creative control of Boris.

    The horror.
  • A band that goes beyond "bizarre", at least by my (admittedly) skewed standards.

    11 Mar 2009, 18:00 by AxemRangers

    "The Gerogerigegege". Roughly translated, it means "vomit diarrhea ha ha ha". Now, the Japanese have been known for their ridiculous harsh noise acts - Merzbow, Masonna, the Hanatarash ... moving up to early Boredoms, and you could dump this group in with them. Now, I haven't actually HEARD anything by the Gerogerigegege, but I just spent the last hour reading about them and nearly all of their releases, which move beyond the realm of "art-damaged silly dadaist nonsense" into "OK, not even some snob with a noise rock radio show could find anything of value in here". From what I've gathered, their recorded output ranges from musique concrete (kind of), wildly experimental sound manipulation, noisy takes on Ramones-style punk rock, ambient music, and flat-out "noisecore", featuring members bashing madly at instruments and screaming maniacally - you know, pretty standard spazzy noise shit, except with a huge emphasis on maniacal and spazzy.

    Formed in 1985 in Shinjuku, Japan by Juntaro Yamanouchi, the band's second full-length record was titled This is Shaking Box Music: You Are Noisemaker. There was no music on it - it was merely a large metal box with roughly one hundred blank cassette tapes inside of it. The idea was - you guessed it - SHAKE the box to make your own noise! The actual description of the release is as follows: "FOR USE 100 CASSETTE TAPES WITH NO SOUND. HOLDING A HANDLE OF A METAL BOX WITH 100 CASSETTE IN IT AND SHAKING IT LIVELY.

    In 1989, Showa was released. Featuring cover art of the recently deceased Japanese president, the album featured the band's trademark shout of "1-2-3-4" (Ramones-style - they did this before nearly every song started), followed by the Japanese national anthem. The album ends with the national anthem as well, but sandwiched inbetween the two anthems is, well, the sounds of a couple having sex for twenty or so minutes.

    Their most popular album followed in 1990, Tokyo Anal Dynamite. I'm actually curious in this record, as it contains feedback-loaded Ramones-style punk rock, except completely art-damaged and noisy as hell. It's also something like 74 songs in about a half hour. Not much else to say about that one, BUT...

    ...a series of EP's released in 1993, starting with Mother Fellatio and Night bring us back to the silly dadaist noise nonsense. The former features 84 songs split over two sides of a 7" record, alternating between noisy bursts of shouting and spoken word. The formula the band would use on these releases was essentially shouting "1-2-3-4", then the song title, and then... well, noise, I suppose.

    Night, however, is an altogether different beast. You know how angry youth try to anger their parents by listening to so-called angry "rebellious" music? They're going about it wrong. If I ever felt the need to piss off my parents with music, I would locate a recording of The Gerogerigegege's Night. It starts with the trademarked "1-2-3-4", and then for the next nine minutes, the horrible and vile sounds of a man defecating into a toilet. Imagine walking down the university hallways and hearing people talk about "this album I found that's basically this guy taking a dump for EVER! It's so nasty, my girlfriend/boyfriend was in the room, too!"

    Moving on from the lovely topic of scatological humor in art-damaged noise, the Gerogerigegege still have several albums full of wide-eyed whimsical "why in the name of anything does this exist" recordings. One more EP released in '93, titled Yellow Trash Bazooka, features songs that average between 5-9 seconds in length, again hitting 40 songs per side on a 7" record. Here's a text-based rendition of the first ten songs (ignoring the noise after each word):

    "1-2-3-4 G!
    1-2-3-4 GADGET!
    1-2-3-4 GANGBANG
    1-2-3-4 GAP
    1-2-3-4 GAPE
    1-2-3-4 GAPING
    1-2-3-4 GARDEN
    1-2-3-4 GASH
    1-2-3-4 GAY
    1-2-3-4 GAY DECEIVERS"

    and it continues down the uh, "G" words that make thirteen year old boys giggle, from "Gadget" to "Gynecologist".

    I could continue going on about their individual releases - and there ARE many of them, but I think I will stop with their most recent outing, 2001's Saturday Night Big Cock Salaryman, which features the sounds of Juntaro Yamanouchi crying, pooping, and vomiting. With noise. Maybe he's reached a point of realization - a cry of "what the hell have I been doing with my life!?", reaching new levels of self-loathing that the rockstars of modern rock radio could never plumb the depths of. Forget mope-rock, this is hardcore.

    The only other consistent member of the group (aside the aforementioned Juntaro Yamanouchi) is only known as "Gero 33". He is an exhibitionist, apparently famous for masturbating on stage, in addition to being a crossdressing homosexual. The two met at an S&M club, believe it or not.

    To close this "dude, you have way too much free time to be reading into this shit" note, I'll leave you with some rather enlightening song titles gathered from their albums.

    - Car Sex MacDonald Drive In Lets Go
    - Anal Boxing
    - I'm Herpes, Yes I Am
    - Senzuri Metal Monkey Action
    - California Hippy Murders Shake Your Tail Feather

    If you're interested in looking into any of this further (why?): click click.

    Ridiculous. Believe me, I'm familiar with many MANY bizarre bands, but these fellows might just take the cake. Makes Masonna and Merzbow look like Guided by Voices.
    If I ever feel the need to set the "most songs played in one hour" record again, it feels good knowing these lunatics have a release that features 173 songs in about thirteen minutes.
  • New AxemRangers policy

    5 Mar 2009, 03:29 by AxemRangers

    from now on I'm here to discuss music I love with others, find new music, but not to argue, hate, or offend... any of those things will be ignored and bad shouts will be deleted. I do not want to do all of the shit I did on my old profile... it's only about music now. So if you agree to those things, request for friendship and we'll see.
  • Goddamnit

    2 Feb 2009, 12:59 by AxemRangers

    [23:40] SciNsboy: ah I hate
    [23:40] SciNsboy: they added this "autocorrect" feature
    [23:40] SciNsboy: for spelling and stuff in track/artist names
    [23:40] SciNsboy: which is a nice idea if the site was catalogging stuff correctly in the first place
    [23:41] SciNsboy: but I turned off because it was turning "Keiji Haino / Tatsuya Yoshida" into "Keiji Haino"
    [23:41] SciNsboy: but for a long time it's autodirected some Japanese artists (Ken Ishii, Keiji Haino solo, others) to their Japanese character equivalents
    [23:41] SciNsboy: and if you turn this new feature off it stops doing that
    [23:41] SciNsboy: so Ken Ishii is #32 on my charts as "ケンイシイ"
    [23:42] SciNsboy: but now it's scrobbling under "Ken Ishii"
    [23:42] SciNsboy: because that's what mine are actually tagged
    [23:42] SciNsboy: so they're seperate now
    [23:42] Bob: ugh
    [23:43] Bob: what an absurd site
  • Newest Reaching. Opus: RCHNG052: Dedicated To Cavemen

    28 Jan 2009, 02:15 by surgeofevan

    Alright, so I'm officially out of hiatus etc etc. This album is a collection of tracks from the past few days and from earlier in January called "Dedicated To Cavemen". 3 spacious tracks of analog wall noise and drones.

    The first track, Prehistoric Choir, makes use of an Anti-LP turned into wall noise.
    The second track, Destruction Of A Church Organ Mammoth, makes use of a loop cassette made up of Church Organs and a new pedal I got to phase the organs in and out of wall noise.
    The third track makes use of my mixer turned all the way down, as well as an empty cassette tape and a tape recorder set to record so that it feedbacks into a continuous drone.

    Dedicated to true cavemen, Bastard Noise.

    This is limited to 6 copies, two in cardboard cases, one in clear plastic, one in plain slip case, and two in white index cases. Each copy comes with two inserts and printed discs.

    $6 PPD USD

    Money can be PayPaled to

    Still available:

    Also, I did a split with In Cat Hat Pants, it's online at:

    Reaching. AxemRangers Fuck, The Retarded Girl horsing Dotåbåtå ___dREàgänN|||||| The Gerogerigegege Merzbow Masonna Bastard Noise Whitehouse
  • AxemRangers - Basement Year 2 now available! + updated Cracked Bat stocklist

    15 Jan 2009, 20:56 by AxemRangers

    ah hey all well it's AxemRangers here and as many of you may know I make music and even have my own label of sorts. There's lots of new releases out right now and some of them are actually pretty decent and all of them are a lot of fun so I hope you'll consider picking one up! All proceeds go toward more equipment, sending packages and demos out, and keeping the label running (as opposed to my private record sales which fund rare Dancemania 12"s and crack cocaine). Anyways here's what's new! (Releases from other labels are of course also available from them as well remember to support everybody!!!)

    AxemRangers - Best Of The Basement: Year 2
    on Axem's Cracked Bat Tapes
    CDr, lim 25

    This is really the big one right here, the one to get. A full CDr's worth of unreleased tracks, remixes, collaborations, rejected demos, abandoned projects and private, shelved material dating from November 2007 to November 2008. My favorite tracks from that era that haven't seen the light of day until now. Each copy comes with a sheet of extensive and personal liner notes and is decorated with individual and unique artwork. This disc features guest appearances by such greats as Fuck, The Retarded Girl, Spoonful of Vicodin, The New Guy and The pl. n.

    AxemRangers /Reaching. - Toys / Compost
    on Reaching.'s Dirgehead Distribution Company
    CDr, lim 20

    (From the label: ) "I team up with Joe in this old and new disc. Previously unreleased tracks meet fresh new ones." AxemRangers hits you with the roughest of rough and the simplest of simple experiments and learning excercizes with new equipment, as well as unearths some one-shot experimental methods. Reaching.'s half runs through his compositional styles and eventually decays into the unrecognisable.

    AxemRangers and Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Go To The Whitehouse
    split release between Cracked Bat Tapes and Fuck's Cantankerous Records
    B-card CDr
    SOLD OUT please contact user AppleKabukiSuri to order
    (image forthcoming)

    Axem and Fuck pay respects to everyone's favorite group of the last several decades, Whitehouse, on this super limited and very special single. First, Axem rewinds the clock of this prolific act and then speeds it back up with his concentrate of their illustrious career in the "Whitehouse Nonstop Megamix," featuring uncredited special guest vocals from Philip Best's apathetic little brother. Then, Fuck hits you where it's gonna sting a little, taking you back to the very first time you heard and fell in love with Whitehouse's breakout hit "Philosophy Of The Wife Beater" in a stirring and tasteful cover that will make you feel young again. Please don't miss this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime tribute from two of the hottest names in eurobeat today. Few copies remaining, I won't be getting any more.

    Also, I've still got plenty of older stuff available, as well as a distributed title from FtRG (highly reccomended!):

    [Cracked Bat Tapes] AxemRangers - Two Stories (c30, lim 50) $4
    [Cracked Bat tapes] Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Meat Puppet (c30) $4
    [RRRecords] AxemRangers - Recycled Music (cassette) $4
    [Cantankerous Records] Fuck, The Retarded Girl - The Dead Horse Tapes (CDr, lim 60 with unique art) $5

    Finally, forthcoming this winter from Cracked Bat tapes:
    Various Artists - The Rodent Is Still Alive (c??)
    Various Artists - Allies In Sonic Intolerance (c??, if you'd like to contribute to this tape please contact me!)

    All prices are in USD and do not include shipping, which varies depending on your location and the size of your order (it's a pain, I know). Orders of more than one thing will get discounts/shipping breaks, large orders will of course get discounts and/or extra goodies. Trades or inquiries for distribution are welcome. All forms of payment are accepted, though PayPal is preferred. To place an order, get a total, or ask any general questions, either PM me or just post here!

    Thanks, and thanks in advance to any and all who support Axem and Cracked Bat Tapes. Long live Velfarre!