• Return of the Grunge Heroes with their new album "Salto"!!

    13 May 2009, 06:14 by naviculamusic

    "Many people say that our music goes against today’s trend. But, isn’t rock music for rebelling against societies norms? We choose to make music following our hearts. We’re in a band because we love music. We hope through our new album Salto we can add some variety to the local mainstream music in Indonesia." says Robi, vocalist of Navicula.

    Navicula just finished recording their 6th album. All of the material was recorded at Antida Studio in . The album was then mixed and mastered at Palu Studio in Jakarta by Mas Heru (aka Henk), a sound engineer from who is especially well known for his talent in mixing rock music. The title of Navicula’s new album is “Salto” which means ‘somersault’ in Indonesian. The somersault represents Navicula’s passion for music. The band was formed in 1996, their new album Salto is returning the spirit of the band to when they were first formed 12 years ago.

    On the album Salto, experiments with melodies, making hard songs sing. Something that is rough, yet still beautiful. The tone of the album is more natural, bringing them back to a grunge sound that is more primitive and pure. During the mixing process the band chose not to make the sound ‘perfect’, but to really bring out the raw sound, when listening to the album it’s as if you can almost smell the sweat.

    The theme of the lyrics highlight issues such as environmental degradation and the negative effects of modernization in Indonesia, as well as optimism and hope for world peace. The overall message of the album can be explained with the lyrics of the track “Over Konsumsi”, which are “Selamatkan diri kita dari diri kita sendiri”, which translates as “Save ourselves from ourselves”. This may seem pessimistic, but it is time that we pay for what we have raped from nature. The problems and issues in the world today arise because of us and our greed, the only way to find a solution is to care together. What brings us together is love.
  • Petition for Pearl Jam to Play in Indonesia

    27 Aug 2008, 02:46 by Lukin99


    To : Pearl Jam, their management/representatives, ten club, and Indonesian Concert Organizers

    It’s been about 17 years since ten album was realesed, a time which is enough to accumulate a big number of PJ fans in Indonesia from different locations and ages. Many Indonesian are not only moved by Pearl Jam’s songs, singing and dancing thousands times because of the songs, bt also inspired by the band’s idealism and most of all, because of the way Pearl Jam’s members treat their fans.

    Based on the chats, discussions and event gathering through, we have been connected each other for more than 7 years now, and all of us the fans Indonesia has common wish, to ask Pearl Jam to play in Indonesia.

    Therefore, we make this petition and we ask that Pearl Jam should include Indonesia in their next tour(s). No matter how long it takes, we will be waiting for you here, though the waiting has drove us mad.

    Lastly, we’d like to say this :
    Jeff, Stone, Ed, Mike, Matt ( and Boom )…Please come and play for us here in Indonesia. We are ensuring you that your light will made us stars…


    The undersigned

    Pearl Jam Fans of Indonesia

    Pearl Jam Indonesia Mailing List :

    Pearl Jam Indonesia Blog :

    Online version of the petition :
  • "Guaranteed" Premier on January 7th

    4 Jan 2008, 02:21 by Lukin99

    As released by Billboard this morning on my inbox, Eddie Vedder's newest video "Guaranteed" will be aired premier on VH1 and on January 7th.

    The video itself, directed by Marc Rocco, who wrote film "The Jacket" (featuring Keira Knightley) with clips from the movie (Into the Wild) and Vedder performing acoustical. The first "single", Hard Sun, also available on video without Vedder's appearance.

    Vedder himself, recently shot some videos, all with his band, Pearl Jam. His debut appearance was on Temple of the Dog video, Hungerstrike and followed by serial of Pearl Jam promotional video from debut album Ten.