• e-gens start live shows in Russia!

    20 Apr 2010, 06:05 by Eugetic

    The first concert will be 8 May in Novosibirsk in the Cabaret-Cafe "BRODYACHAYA SOBAKA" at 20:00. We are going to make 3 live shows in May in Novosibirsk and maybe 2 live shows in Moscow. The places will announce soon. All these performances will be devoted debut album e-gens. We are ready to solo plays and combined show. Forthcoming next album. Some songs from the album will be played in the upcoming live shows.

    After 17 years of silence, we are together again. We know that we have changed over the years, the world changed around us. Today the project has the new name, E-Gens. In the summer of 2009, we completed work on the new album "Fine! Shine!” Since its establishment in July 2009, page e-gens on MySpace, we have: more than 33,700 views, over 14,300 friends and 23,600 plays music - aprox.100 times a day, more than 2500 enthusiastic comments and messages. During the first 2 months, we received an invitation to begin cooperation on several Internet radio and net-labels. Major and indie labels are still silent and do not notice us. But maybe close to the day when some of them will downhill run after us and try to persuade us to be signed under their conditions...

    Music e-gens - is a synthesis of , and . We focus on a particular style of singing in each song, unconventional rhythms, deep lyrics, written in simple language, the mysterious and beautiful sounds, rich melodic texture. Our songs are for those who live by sensory world.
  • The first swallow

    21 Mar 2010, 01:55 by Eugetic

    Dear friends and visitors! It has happened! The first official full-length release e-gens are now on sale. Since March 19, e-gens viral store on is working for you. There you can buy a CD with the album "Fine! Shine!”, selected album tracks and e-gens brand T-shirts. Ringtones are available for purchase very soon. Link to the first e-gens viral store is available on the e-gens MySpace official page. And now... You can taste e-gens synth works not only via the Internet, but also you can live with him at home, in the car and perhaps even at work!
  • Welcome to the e-gens world!

    30 Jul 2009, 03:20 by Eugetic

    There are no borders for different music styles. All creative people from whole world may join us. Everyone:
    1) Who appreciate, synthesize and develop the art of first bright stars of different music styles.
    2) Who respect, love and pay special attention to new works of former, present and probably future stars.
    3) Who prefer the new one to the old.
    4) Who admire world poetry geniuses.
    5) Who attentive to history and way of mankind development.
    6) Who confirm the superiority of the new world in which a life of 1 person, him sincerity and his creativity are appreciated above, than oil, money or goals of any organization.
    7) Who appreciate power of melodies, riches of sounds and depth of words.

    This is the world built with principles of life development and resistance to expansion of any destroying ideologies.