Bermuda Triangle.....

  • Bermuda Triangle.....

    I was just randomly seaching and i read this...

    "Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle and the Limbo of the Lost, a geographical area of about 3,900,000 sq km (1,500,000 sq mi), between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Melbourne in Florida (located 55°W to 85°W and 30°N to 40°N), in which there have been numerous unexplained disappearances of ships and aircraft.

    The mystery dates back as far as the mid-19th century, with a total of more than 50 ships and 20 aeroplanes having been lost in the Triangle. One of the more notorious cases was the disappearance of Flight 19. Five United States torpedo bombers left Fort Lauderdale on December 5, 1945, on a routine training flight in good conditions. None of them returned. Even the seaplane that was sent out to find them vanished. Other stories about the region include ships found abandoned with warm food left on the tables and planes that disappear without even making a distress call. The absence of wreckage is often cited as proof of the mysterious power of the Triangle."

    How freaky is that?! Any thoughts or stories about it?????

  • Well I think I remember someone saying that the triangle might have some wierd magnetic pull that sucks the ships and planes down. But I'm not totally sure how plusable that really is.

    Well I'm looking at a small site right now that has a few stories on it.
    In January, 1948, a British airliner called,"Star Tiger" was coming to the end of a routine flight from Azores to Bermuda. The plane was expected to arrive on time, but it didn't arrive at all. A search was being made to look for survivers or wreckage, when a radio station picked up a faint message supposedly to be from the aircraft.
    The Bermuda Triangle claimed one of the greatest sailors of all time. His name was Joshua Slocum.

    On April 24th, 1895, at the age of 51, Joshua Slocum left Boston and began a one man journey around the world. Slocum sailed in a small poorly equipped boat. The Spray was less than 37 feet long.

    Slocum sailed that boat on a 46,000 mile trip around the world. This took him three years. When he finished, he became the first man in history to sail around the world alone.

    In 1909, he set out on a one man trip to the West Indies. In November he stopped at Miami for supplies. That was the last time anybody saw him. His next route took him into the Bermuda Triangle.

    In March 1918, a ship with the length of 504 feet and weighing 14,500 tons disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean. It was carrying a full cargo of coal and a crew of 109.

    It was moving from Barbados to Norfolk, Virginia, to transport coal for the Navy. Its voyage took it right through the Bermuda Triangle.

    On March 13th Cyclops was reported missing in from Norfolk. Norfolk had reported no trouble from the Cyclops and their radio. Thousands of miles of sea were searched. No trace of the ship was ever found.

    After President Woodrow read the article on the missing ship he recalled, "Only God and the sea know what happened to the great ship."

    Since America was at war with Germany at the time, people believed that the ship was torpedoed but no sign of wreckage was ever found.
    The crew of the Mary Celeste would have alot to say if we knew where they were.

    On December 4th, 1872, Captain David Morehouse of the Dei Gratia sighted a ship. When they got closer they sighted the words Mary Celeste. The Mary Celeste was a 103 foot ship that weighed 282 tons. It left New York a month earlier. The ship carried 1,700 barrels of alcohol and also carried ten people. Three of those people were the ship's captain, his wife and their baby daughter.

    When the Dei Gratia reached the ship they found no one on board. The ship wasn't damaged, the cargo was still there, even personal objects were left in their place.Toys were on the captain's bed as though he had been playing with the baby.

    Some people say that a tornado struck the ship but why was the ship undamaged? Some others say pirates claimed the ship but why was the cargo left? We may never know.

    In February, 1963, a tanker of 503 feet, the Marine Sulphur Queen, was carrying a large crew and a cargo of sulphur.

    All went fine and Norfolk received regular routine radio calls. Then when the ship sailed into the Bermuda Triangle they lost contact with the ship. A few life jackets were found in the area but they could not tell if they were the ones on that fateful ship.

    Some people claim that the sulphur on board caused an explosion on the Marine Sulphur Queen but no sign of wreckage was reported in the area.

    Its so interesting and so puzziling.

    Not all who wander are lost.
  • Pretty freaky! I've heard about the Mary Celeste before, but everything else is new to me! Thanks! ;D

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    Me wanna go to the triangle! XD

  • I recall doing a report about the Bermuda Triangle in the 8th grade ... of course that was over four years ago so I can't remember much.

    Aliens sound like a tempting focus point to blame it all on.


  • One of the theories is that aliens have stationed their base there, and they are obducting ships and planes.

    Although, my uncle was a sailor and he told me that he has traveled through the B.T. many times and that nothing has happend there.

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