• 'It’s Not A Dream Anymore': Paramore At The Tivoli 2010: Gig Review

    20 Feb 2010, 06:54 by toddstar

    Almost three years ago my best friend and I were thinking about seeing Paramore at the Arena in Brisbane. We passed it up and regretted it immediately. What fools we were. And now that we both saw them last night at The Tivoli, that mistake seems even more foolish, because by god was the gig spectacular, thrilling and thunderous, just like we hoped it would be.

    Sometimes the mere fact that I can get to these gigs is a triumph. Getting a view at a sold out gig at The Tivoli though is a luxury that a sit down cripple such as myself does not get. No matter, because last night, more than ever, visuals was not required to appreciate what for all intents and purposes was a 'Pure Rock Concert', complete with ear piercing screams, accompanying bass vibrations which you could feel tingle down your legs, and guitar lines that were immediately connected via drip feed into your soul.

    However it was not all like this. Unfortunately, the gig was an all ages affair, so pre-pubescent girls resplendent with glitter, and bright orange streaks in their hair populated the venue in an attempt to mimic Paramore’s charismatic front woman, Hayley Williams. However that was not the worst crime against humanity: that honour was left to the support band, British 'emo' act You Me at Six.

    There’s an inherent checklist that these type of bands live up to, and unfortunately You Me at Six checked all the boxes to indicate a new level of pathetic live performance:

    1. A lead singer with an incessant whine, who thinks he’s good with the ladies and tries to have eye sex with them, but really sounds like he’s been castrated, rendering all the above techniques useless
    2. Matching hair cuts to resemble the male cast of Skins. How many Tony Stonem lookalikes can one band have?
    3. Overwrought lyrics of the highest order
    4. Over the top references to ‘sucking cock’ just to sound like total douchebags
    5. An attempt at an ironic cover, which fails miserably (in this case of course it had to be Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, the most unoriginal idea ever in the history of 2010 live performance).

    Thankfully, the quality considerably lifted once Paramore entered the stage, their only failing it seemed was choosing the quality of their opening act. Starting emphatically with the first single Ignorance off their latest record Brand New Eyes, flame haired Hayley was sprinting around the stage, (my only view being the top of her diminutive five foot stature) whilst belting out the lyrics with her customary fervour, and not a single note out of tune. Quickly transitioning to Looking Up this provided the moment of the night. At the song's standard pause two thirds of the way through, Hayley screams ‘WE ARE PARAMORE!!!!’ eliciting a reaction that I have never ever heard before, and which will probably require me to get my hearing checked soon. The song then continued without a moment of hesitation, the band acting as if that transformative period had never even occurred.

    Other highlights included Let This Go, That’s What You Get and of course crowd favourite and Twilight inspired Decode. This prompted my friend (who is notorious for showing no reaction at shows regardless of quality) to smirk obviously as the 12 year old girls screamed frantically, acting as if Edward himself had walked into the venue. However my favourite song of the night was the one that made me fall in love with Paramore in the first place, RIOT! opener: For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic, which along with being the best song title in the history of popular music, is also the song which typifies Paramore the most: The almost obnoxious attitude, the driving guitars, the pounding drum beats, and of course Hayley, oh Hayley.

    Rest assured we won’t be missing Paramore the next time they come around. In fact, next time they might even warrant a tour of Tegan and Sara type proportions. Except they can leave You Me at Six Behind. How about getting the Quin Twins instead?

    Fri 19 Feb – Paramore Soundwave Sideshow
  • Top 10 2009, part III - Artists

    4 Jan 2010, 18:27 by MissDalilla

    1. Paramore - 2 223
    Than a huuuge hole... Not kidding!
    2. Hunter - 588
    3. Dixie Chicks - 586
    4. Jelonek - 570
    5. The Veronicas - 560
    6. Regina Spektor - 442
    7. Hayley Westenra - 296
    8. Emilie Autumn - 285
    9. Snow Patrol - 248
    10. Kings of Leon - 246
  • Top 10 2009, part II - Albums

    4 Jan 2010, 18:21 by MissDalilla

    1. RIOT! (Paramore) - 605
    2. Jelonek (Jelonek) - 570
    3. Brand New Eyes (Paramore) - 515
    4. Hook Me Up (The Veronicas) - 436
    5. Twilight (Movie Soundtrack) - 418
    6. Far (Regina Spektor) - 334
    7. Hellwood (Hunter) - 280
    8. The Final Riot! (Paramore) - 277
    9. Opheliac (Emilie Autumn) - 205
    10. Only by the Night (Kings of Leon) - 199
  • ignorance

    17 Aug 2009, 14:22 by nikelbegum

    Finally! i luv paramore and i think the music video is perfect! you must watch it!....

  • Paramore Survey

    15 Sep 2009, 00:42 by alexaax3

    1) How did you find out about Paramore? a friend told me about them in the all weknow is falling days:)

    2) How many times have you seen them live? agh none, haven't had the chance u_u

    3) Don't you just love Hayley Williams' outfits? some of them lol i think her style is cool and unique

    4) If you could be one band member for a day, who would it be? Zac:) or maybe Hayley

    5) The last time you watched Paramore live, how much were the tickets? they were like 40 USD... idk, i've never seen them live:(

    6) Have you heard the Final Riot! version of My Heart? of course, duh

    7) Do you idolize Hayley Williams? ngl, I love her but I'm not completely obsessed about her, I mean I love her voice and her randomness, but dude, paramore is a band!

    8) What do you think of Hayley and Josh dating? they would be cute together, but this is none of my bsns

    9) Would you cut all of your hair off to meet them? maybe... lol

    10) Do you have a picture with any of the Paramore band members? no :(

    Rate each song from 1-5. One being the lowest and five being the highest.

    Misery Buisness:



    My Heart:

    All We Know:

    That's What You Get:

  • Paramore rocks

    18 Feb 2009, 17:54 by kikirock

    I totally love paramore they are my favourite band ever, so in this journal I will show you guys some awesome youtube video clips on paramore, I do not know how to put pictures in this journal so i'm sorry guys but enjoy the cool videos.

    Haha hayley is so FUNNY " whoops I gave it away what are we gonna do now" hilarious. Great choice of song by the way.

    The song that they are singing is called "i write sins not tragedies" by Panic at the disco.

    I totally love this mash-up, I think it has the right tempo and is really neat.
  • My ranking and review of every single Paramore song.

    4 Dec 2008, 23:31 by Xenochria

    In this entry, I will be ranking and reviewing every single song from All We Know Is Falling, RIOT!, The B-Sides Bootleg, and any other songs (such as the two from the Twilight Soundtrack) by Paramore. However, I won't be ranking all of the live songs, except for a select few which I think are worthy of mention, nor will I be reviewing all of the acoustic versions of songs. So other than that, pretty much the entire Paramore discography.

    I have just spent the last 5 hours listening to every song, and I'm doing the reviews now. Goddamn.

    That's a lot of Paramore.

    Anyway, each song will be accompanied by a short review of the song, and a ranking out of 45 (the number of songs in the discography)

    Let's start shall we? Starting from what I consider to be the least awesome.

    45. This Circle The B-Sides

    Not much to say about this one, doesn’t stand out as much as other songs. Nice drum work. Prominent bass, and has a constant rhythm guitar line going in the second verse. Chorus isn’t much to speak of, really doesn’t sound right in comparison to the rest of the song.

    44. When It Rains RIOT!

    Intro sounds almost identical to “Here We Go Again”. Hayley’s first line sounds completely out of place, detracting from the song’s overall quality. Guitar chords have a lasting echo effect during the verse. The vocals, call and response style (done via an echo) sound strange and unneeded. Chorus leaves much to be desired; nothing particularly good about it, odd as it‘s the 5th most listened to Paramore song.

    43. Miracle RIOT!

    Hayley says “Miracle” weirdly. Kind of upbeat, but overall not very memorable. Nice snare rolls. Last thirty seconds have a heavy, powerful beat. Nothing much else to say about this song.

    42. Sunday Bloody Sunday The B-Sides

    Cover of U2’s song, an acoustic, slow ballad showing Hayley’s vocal talent throughout. Drums and bass enter soon after the intro, with a trashy snare accentuating every 1st and 3rd beat. Nice overdubbed vocal harmonies.

    41. Conspiracy All We Know Is Falling

    The very first song Hayley ever wrote, back when she was only 14. Has a rolling snare beat every first beat during the verse. Has a fairly average chorus, one that would be hard to differentiate between other Paramore choruses. Second verse has a prominent bass, with a rhythm guitar riff in the left channel. Male choral vocals used in the final chorus.

    40. Adore The B-Sides

    Acoustically driven song. Nice chorus, though reminds me of the Spice Girls or something. Hollow drumming during. Nice guitar harmonies during the second verse make this song pleasant to listen to, in the same vein as “Hello Hello“. Features an electric guitar solo before a vocal solo of the first part of the chorus.

    39. Here We Go Again All We Know Is Falling

    Probably the only live version of a Paramore song I prefer over the original. I actually had only heard the live version before the studio version, so perhaps my opinion is skewered. Chorus sounds like it would fit as an outro of a song, which is odd, as it follows straight into the verse again. Has a very catchy hook, the “Here we go again” line will stick in your head forever. Catchy song in general.

    38. My Heart All We Know Is Falling

    An almost “pirate” like beat on the toms during the verses. Have to applaud Zak on his drumming in this song, has a powerful snare similarly found in Misery Business, and very oddly; a fast 16th kick rhythm in the last part of the song. Other than that though, this song isn’t very memorable. Has the same screaming found in the “Crab Mix” of “Emergency”, which is just at the level of harshness where it’s listenable.

    37. We Are Broken RIOT!

    A piano-led, slow piece. Use of the word “verbalise”, is that a word? Nice power chords on the guitar, though the instrument is not very high up in the mix at all, the piano and bass overshadow it. “Your arms like towers, tower over me” has to be the low point of all the lines ever written by Hayley and Josh. That doesn’t really create a cool image. Nice transition into the chorus. Loud, powerful kick from the drums.

    36. Franklin All We Know Is Falling

    Constant snare roll throughout the verses, which is always welcome. The most notable part of this song is that it has male backing vocals in the right channel in the chorus, which is overbearing; enough to detract from the rest of the instrumentation. Has similar bass to Oh Star, the outro of which is found almost identically in the build up to the third chorus. Ends with a vocal duet.

    35. Oh Star The B-Sides

    Very good snare roll throughout the verses of this song, overall good drum work. Nice guitar melody in the second verse, with prominent bass work. Really shows off the highest pitches that Hayley can reach, which is surprising to listen to as she doesn’t really hit that high in other songs. Chorus isn’t too memorable, however. End chorus has backing vocals, using the call and response technique between the backing singer and Hayley. Ends with a nice bass outro.

    34. Temporary The B-Sides

    An excellent intro, thick texture, a wall of sound created by the drums with constant 8th beat cymbals used. Vocals backed up by a steady and constant piercing guitar rhythm. Really shows Hayley contralto vocal range. Has a similar drum roll before the second chorus found in Misery Business. Also is perhaps one of the only Paramore songs with a drum solo, which certainly makes this a cut above the rest. This same solo is accentuated later on with a guitar riff beneath it.

    33. Emergency (Crab mix) The B-Sides

    Almost identical to the original, aptly named due to Zac Farro thinking their producer "moved like a crab" while playing ping pong. The reason why this song is different to the original is due to Josh, the lead guitarist acting as backup vocals plays call and response with Hayley on almost every line in the chorus, through screaming. The screaming is identical to that in the song “My Heart”, the only Paramore songs to feature screaming. It’s alright to listen to, but pales to the original, especially how the screaming almost overshadows Hayley’s vocals volume-wise.

    32. Whoa All We Know Is Falling

    The short break of silence before the chorus and after the verse is a staple in song by bands in the genre. Notably short verses, the song seems to focus on the chorus, which is excellent, the “Who-ah” in which is so fun to listen to. Guitar noise solo occurs after the bridge, certainly odd to find in a Paramore song. Vocal solo follows, backed up with a few acoustic guitar chords, before a strong bass line for a final round of the chorus. Outro repeats the guitar noise solo.

    31. Brighter The B-Sides

    Bass is strong in this song, punctuating the start of each measure. Excellent chorus, notable though for borrowing the exact same line, “no not this time” almost the exact same pitch (save for this being in a higher octave), from the new song Decode. Has a similar galloping triplets guitar line in the verses as the vocal solo in “For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic”.

    30. Just Like Me The B-Sides

    Has an intro that is completely different to anything Paramore have ever done, the intro riff that is continued through into the verse sounds like the intro video to Silent Hill or something. Chorus completely changes the feel of the song though, has a drum beat almost identical to Let This Go. Song abruptly returns to the ghostly intro riff in the next verse. This song is certainly notable for the fact it really doesn’t sound like a Paramore song, possibly why it’s in the B-Sides. Nice chord progression in the chorus. Stands as the longest studio song (4:28)

    29. All We Know All We Know Is Falling

    The opening single and track to Paramore’s first album, All We Know is Falling. Personally, I don’t think that this song is important enough to have that title; yet it’s still an excellent song. Thin texture here in the intro. Nice backing vocals. Excellent drum fills, compliments on the drum work throughout, and especially at the end. Has an acoustic bridge, very similar to the “quiet” part in Smashing Pumpkins’ “Siva, if anyone can relate there.

    28. Hello Hello The B-Sides

    Nice acoustic intro with a radio/phone like effect on Hayley’s vocals. Very slow song overall, which is quite nice, though this song would probably benefit if it were sped up or something. Drums are excellent. The line “You’re doing fine now” has some weird chord harmony on “now”, certainly notable.

    27. Misery Business (acoustic) RIOT!

    First thing you’ll notice from this song is that the vocals are really, really loud. The vocal track sounds like, for the most part as if it was ripped directly, which I suppose compliments Hayley on her ability to keep her singing consistent throughout her performances, but there isn’t much live flair. Having said that though, they’re definitely the only low points; this song is excellent. The guitars try to replicate the snare drum roll before the guitar solo, which is a nice change. Sung in the wrong key in the last chorus during one line.

    26. Let the Flames Begin RIOT!

    Awesome drumming on the intro, backed up by a repeating arpeggiated guitar riff. Vocals are sung in a weird key. Another song that showcases Hayley’s high vocal range, with a memorable, pleasant to listen to chorus. Vocals seem to have a gating or “radio speaker” effect throughout. 8th beat kick rhythm during the end chorus.

    25. My Number One The B-Sides

    Has that background percussion thing going on in the verse similar to the awesome intro of Another Day. The backing harmonic vocals (oh oh oh oh ohohoh oh oh) make a nice change. Reminds me of a song by some other band I can’t place right now. Nice audible bass, similar to that of Crushcrushcrush and Pressure. Listening to this just makes you want her to finish her goddamn sentence though, and not have it replaced by “ohs”

    24. Rewind (demo) The B-Sides

    This sounds nothing like a Paramore song more than likely the reason as to why it is features on the B-Sides compilation. Has a fast alternating kick drum rhythm at the end of the chorus. Nice high pitched guitar solo features in the bridge. Hayley really goes all out in the last chorus, backed up by her own backing vocals. Ends with a fade out, which I think is the only Paramore song to do so.

    23. Here We Go Again (Live) Live in the UK 2008

    A faster, more upbeat version of the studio version, which is pretty much the main reason as to why I prefer it. Feels fiercer, faster, and overall better to listen to than the studio version. The catchy chorus is still ever present though.

    22. Pressure All We Know Is Falling

    Shortest studio song, and a fan favourite. Intro feels like it should go into the first line of “Emergency”. Has a very powerful bass flourish before the build up to the popular chorus, which like the chorus in Let This Go. Vocal harmonies applied by backup singers on the second build up to the chorus. Has a short drum/bass part before the guitar solo. Bridge occurs after this, featuring an excellent drum heavy riff.

    21. Here We Go Again – That’s What You Get (Live) Live in the UK 2008

    An awesome mix that starts with Here We Go Again, but half way through changes into That’s What You Get. Notable for being the only Paramore song that does something like this. It’s crazy how easily the song slides straight into That’s What You Get. After listening to this a few times though, you’ll keep thinking that the song is going to run straight into TWYG early on, purely because it does so effortlessly. When it finally comes in though, it’s absolutely incredible.

    20. Let This Go All We Know Is Falling

    Strong, powerful guitar intro, almost unheard of in Paramore. Hayley sounds like she has a cold during this song in the verses. Chorus is almost majestic; this song overall is very powerful, vocals especially, backed by a strong drum beat in the chorus. Heavy kick in the build up to the long (by Paramore’s standards) guitar solo. A very good example of instrumentation.

    19. My Hero The B-Sides

    A fully acoustic cover of Foo Fighters’ legendary song, which immediately cannot compete with the original due to lack of the incredible drum line. Chorus however, is still excellent. Really shows off the guitar work of Josh, but it still only upholding Hayley’s amazing vocal work. Mimics the kick drum build up in the original with the guitar, which is a nice touch.

    18. I Caught Myself Twilight Soundtrack

    Very nice, pleasant to listen to repeating guitar riff for the intro, going up an octave when Hayley starts singing. Backed up with very audible bass throughout. Chorus begins, which feels slightly tacked on compared to the previous verse. This makes it sound like a Sophie Ellis-Bextor song (name of which I can’t place right now). Nice song though. Has a basic guitar solo during the bridge. Final chorus brings the song to a close, each beat pieced by the drums. Ends very abruptly.

    17. crushcrushcrush (Live) Live in the UK 2008

    Song starts with a drum solo, following straight into the intro identically of the studio version. The guitar riff is prominent in the mix, which is pleasant to listen to, but ultimately detracts from Hayley’s vocals. The second verse features the arpeggiated chords again,high in the mix. Sadly the nice bass fills from the studio version are barely audible. Crowd sings the “we’re all alone now” part in the bridge. Altered drum fill before the final chorus. Hayley skips a few words before the “More than this” line at the very end, which I’m guessing is so she can breathe in for the elongated end note.

    16. Fences RIOT!

    Immediately notable for its use of a swing beat, which is completely different to any other Paramore song. Has an almost bluesey feel to it, although it is an upbeat song. The chorus returns to a normal sounding Paramore like chorus. The transition from the bridge to the verse structure doesn’t feel quite right, but makes up for it for being one of the few songs with a guitar solo in it. The vocal solo immediately following certainly feels prominent. Ends abruptly.

    15. Hallelujah RIOT!

    One of the best guitar riffs in any Paramore song. The fast leap from this riff into the verse is odd, as the verse is the weakest part of this song. Chorus kicks in, a positive uplifting chorus, following into Hayley yelling “Hallelujah”, this alone making this an incredible song. Second verse begins with “Patience wearing thin”, a line I think every band has used at some point in a song. Dual vocal lines in the bridge before the last chorus is a nice technique. Has a guitar solo after this about as long as the one in crushcrushcrush. Hayley’s second to last “Hallelujah” really is an excellent performance.

    14. Emergency All We Know Is Falling

    Starts with a pleasant guitar intro, in which the vocals come in quickly, and changes the song completely from the intro, which is oddly why this song appeals to me so much. One of the few Paramore songs in a minor key, which sounds excellent. Great chorus, and the “it deserves to be alive” line is very memorable. Features prominent basswork before a nice guitar solo, ending high. A fast drum fill starts the outro. Probably the best song on All We Know is Falling.

    13. Born For This (Live) Live in the UK 2008

    An excellent live version of the song, faster and even more upbeat than the original. Hayley somehow makes her backing vocals louder, however. Awesome opening live track. The crowd sing the “We want the airwaves back” part (usually sung by Hayley in the “radio” style effect). Makes a good live song due to the crowd singing the “We were born for this” part in a call and response fashion with Hayley. Notable for having a very good outro; he guitarists play a few notes of the main riff powerfully to end the track, making this one of the best live tracks.

    12. For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic (Live) RIOT!

    Hayley’s favourite song to sing live, you can really tell on this. Her voice shakes during the incredible, vocal bridge, (fight with your bare hands about it now), really adding to that almost “desperate” feel of the line. Sung slightly lower than in the studio version. A great live song, and makes a great opening track to both the album and the concert. Has the crowd singing the “You Wouldn’t” part, a nice touch.

    11. Misery Business (Live) Live in the UK 2008

    A spectacular ending song to the live sets, would there be any other song chosen to hold that title? The crowd sing along throughout, which is obviously to be expected. Hayley sings “it was never my intention to brag” in this really nice, but different way, something you can really relate to if you’re familiar with both versions (this is similar with the word “who” at the end of the second verse). The most notable part of the live version is the altered guitar solo, featuring a very nice riff, possibly even better than the original.

    10. Another Day The B-Sides

    Probably the best intro to any Paramore song; in a minor key which is an excellent addition, rarely found in Paramore songs. Every part of the song is spectacular; the chorus has very good vocal work by Hayley. Chorus ends with the excellent intro again, and lasts throughout the next verse. The bridge, with the excellent “If you ever find what you were looking for...” echoes a similar vocal bridge in “For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic”. No low points of this song at all.

    9. That’s What You Get RIOT!

    One of the most popular Paramore songs, as it deserves to be. The intro is strong, notable for the loud drums. Drum fills before the chorus are an excellent addition to the song, however, drum work in the chorus is lacking, a generic 4/4 rock beat could easily have been improved. So fun to sing along to, even if the main vocal melody is taken from a playground chant. Bridge features a nice vocal solo, plus the short fill before the last chorus features all the band members singing along with Hayley. A staple of any Paramore library. Intro is the same as the outro.

    8. For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic RIOT!

    Opening track to Riot!. Very memorable drumming in the verse, again Has a similar, piratey drum beat as seen in “My Heart” towards the end of the second verse. Chorus memorable enough to rival Misery Business, though the part of this song that really makes it one of the best Paramore songs is the bridge after the second chorus, “Why don’t you stand up be, a man about fight with your bare hands about it now”, a powerful, majestic performance, definitely making this one of the best vocal lines in all of the discography. During this part, a nice arpeggiated guitar line plays. End chorus differs from the rest with the inclusion of the line “well did you?”

    7. CrushCrushCrush RIOT!

    The song that got me into Paramore. Looking back, in comparison to the rest of Paramore’s discography, crushcrushcrush is quite different to the rest of their songs. Has a few prominent bass fills in the verses. The “two three four!” before the main chorus is a welcome addition to the song. Guitar has an echoey/flanger effect after the first chorus. The “rock and roll baby” bridge ( which I believe to be one of the best vocal performances in a Paramore song) shows that Hayley has the ability to survive without breathing, as there seems that there’s no suitable place to breathe until the end of the song. Transitions into the end chorus very abruptly. End guitar solo is excellent, another one of the few songs with a solo in it, but certainly memorable.

    6. Decoy The B-Sides

    Intro follows directly into a completely different sounding verse. A short vocal build up to the spectacular chorus follows, Hayley shouting “You've never been so used, as I'm using you, abusing you, my little decoy”. Chorus follows abruptly into the verse once more, which starts to eventually sound fairly natural. A call and response technique is used on the vocal during the bridge. Intro then plays against before the final, altered chorus. The chorus alone makes this one of the best Paramore songs there is.

    5. Decode Twilight Soundtrack

    The very popular song from the Twilight soundtrack, which alone has gotten a lot of people in Paramore as of recent. Seriously though, this song is excellent, shows a new direction that Paramore is heading to. The strongest part of this song has to be the drums however; every snare hit in the incredible chorus pieces every other instrument, backing up Hayley’s incredible vocal work. After the second chorus, a guitar solo occurs, finishing with a high sustained note, bringing the song to a quiet bridge. A second guitar solo occurs at this point (certainly unique to Paramore), breaking into a final round of the chorus. Ends with a guitar outro, backed with prominent rhythm guitar. One of the best songs there are, if only for the vocals and drums.

    4. Misery Business RIOT!

    Without a doubt, the most popular Paramore song, and there’s a reason for it; it is incredible. I’m sure everyone’s heard this by now. Featured in the game “Guitar Hero: World Tour” (where I learned for the first time that Hayley actually sings “brag” instead of “break”). The song begins with an old sounding recording (inevitably sampled from another song?), leading into Hayley saying the incomprehensible words “Hit that, hit that snare”. The signature guitar riff follows, with complicated drum work backing it up. The song takes a minor tone, Hayley singing fast, backed up by a walking bass line and fast tremolo strumming on the guitar. A pause occurs, with a snare drum roll up to the beginning of the chorus, the chorus that is definitely the most fun to sing along to ever. Each beat in the latter half of the chorus is pierced, punctured by strong guitar chords, which the band members head bang to on stage. The line “But God does it feel so good” is one of the most memorable in all of Paramore’s discography. The song then continues back onto the verse, with Hayley’s fast vocal work throughout. This structure repeats until the bridge, a quiet part with Hayley’s vocals taking centre stage, starting to follow into a fast snare drum beat, with heavy hits of the snare throughout, building up to a spectacular guitar solo. During this solo, the drums feature triple hits of the kick drum, before ending with a fast fill. Hayley sings alone before returning back to the chorus for a final time, ending with some nice elongated vocal notes.

    3. Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody) The B-Sides

    Definitely one of the best Paramore songs that exists, featured in a minor key, and noticeably unique. The intro, in a minor key sets the mood of the song. The verse features loud and fast bass work, always excellent to hear. The chorus then begins, powerful, again all in minor, which is possibly why I find the song so appealing. The first chorus ends abruptly; ending at “So I won’t sing...” later on leading into the rest of the chorus, first making this chorus very short, and notable as no other Paramore song does this. The line “This 4/4 beat I would die for you” ranks alongside “We are Broken” for bad lyrics, but this is literally the only low point of the song. Features vocal accentuation on “Four Four”. The bridge starts off similar to the verses, nothing particularly notable, until half way through, the drums become centre stage with a fast 32nd hihat rhythm, following into a snare drum build up. The best part of the song is the end chorus, a dual vocal harmony of Hayley, singing both the normal lines of the first chorus, and the “lovesick melody” part introduced in the second. Notable is that this song features a “false ending”, the fast hihat rhythm from the bridge features again, though the most prominent instrument during this outro is the bass, similar to that in the verses, ending abruptly with a short snare drum roll.

    2. Stuck on You The B-Sides

    This is one of the greatest Paramore songs ever performed, though it is actually (as some of you probably know) a cover of the band “Failure”. I have to say I’m disheartened to have heard that, because I seriously think this song is incredible. A slow song, powerful, thick texture, every beat a sustained guitar chord, backed up by cymbals on the drums creating another “wall of sound” effect”. Hayley’s vocals are outstanding during this song, the verses especially, placed high in the mix, overshadowing the other instruments, but here, they’re good enough to really deserve to be. The verses are split up by an instrumental rendition of the upcoming chorus, showing off a thick and powerful guitar rhythm. An interesting fact is that the line “burrowed like a summer tic” from this song in the second verse is where the title of the B-Sides EP comes from. The song follows an odd structure, not having a chorus until the second verse has ended. The chorus then finally plays, the incredible vocal performance, Hayley’s overdubbed voice singing “Stuck on you.. ‘til the end of time” loudly, backed up by the repeating guitar riff. The third verse is backed up by a rhythm guitar featured heavily in the left channel. The second chorus is elongated, featuring some high pitches hit by Hayley. Before repeating the chorus for the third time, an incredible drum fill occurs, a fast roll down the toms, a perfect entry to the majestic end chorus, the best part of the song. Features vocals similarly found in “Stop this Song (Lovesick Melody)“, dual vocal harmonies with Hayley singing. The first time I heard the “Stuck on You” being sung over the rest of the chorus vocal line, I was dumbstruck. Such a good piece of music. I cannot express the quality of this song

    1. Born for This RIOT!

    Perhaps the best Paramore song to be made. The catchy, memorable guitar riff serves as the outro. Guitar chords accentuate every beat in the verse. The build up to the short “radio” vocal fill features a nice snare roll, following on to what sounds like a radio recording of Hayley singing “ We want the airwaves back”” The incredible chorus occurs at this point, a fierce vocal performance by Hayley matching up with the quality of the rest of the song. The second verse features prominent bass work, always welcoming to hear. The structure of the song repeats for the chorus. A short drum solo occurs after the second chorus, of which is nice to listen to, as ever. The song then cuts into a call and response, majestic vocal solo with the back up vocals, shouting “We were born for this over and over”, all of which is built up by another snare roll. In the last chorus, Hayley sings the line “Tell me tell me do you feel the pressure” an octave higher than before, seriously blowing me away the first time I heard it. Her singing of “everybody” immediately after this is incredible, powerful. The song ends with the call and response part again, with Hayley singing only. A truly incredible song, and why I love Paramore so much. One of my favourite songs of all time.

    And that's it. Phew. Good job, Born for This. The last few are pretty much exactly the same in terms of awesome, they order can be changed around no problem, I'd agree regardless.
  • !!! Decode !!! + !!! I Caught Myself !!!

    14 Nov 2008, 23:27 by m0uZy

    Paramore's new song "Decode" is the lead single for the novel-based Twilight film. Another song called "I Caught Myself" is also featured on the film's soundtrack. The band began shooting the video October 13 and singer Hayley Williams posted photos on the band's website of them on the set. "Decode" was released on October 1, 2008 on the Paramore Fan Club site as well as Stephenie Meyer's website. The video was premiered on November 3. Hot Topic hosted listening parties for the soundtrack on October 24, 2008, and was released on November 4, 2008. Border's released an exclusive version of the soundtrack that features an acoustic version of "Decode."


    I Caught Myself:
  • Paramore Google Theme!

    23 Sep 2008, 05:35 by Polytechnic

    There's a google startpage for the band Paramore now at You can customize all the links and make it your homepage.