iphone app?

    • jfox95 said...
    • User
    • 17 Jul 2008, 01:56

    iphone app?

    would love to see this as an iphone app.

    anyone else?

  • That would be very, very cool. I just wrote a post comparing Pandora and Last.fm for iPhone and between the two I hardly need to load any MP3s anymore.

    Merging Pandora's excellent recommendations with Last.fm's stats and social features would be great.

    Unfortunately I'm just starting to play around with the iPhone SDK, so I can't offer anything more constructive than that.

  • I would pay money for this.

    • dan000 said...
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    • 25 Nov 2008, 20:11
    This would probably need to be something Pandora produced.
    PandoraFM, as it is, can't work on the iPhone because of the lack of Flash (what in the world was Apple thinking), so there would need to be some other way to do it. Pandora doesn't make feeds of listening data available, which is why PandoraFM had to use a Flash hack to get it to work.

  • SeANMcBAY said:
    I would pay money for this.

    Me too.

  • Android would be appreciated too. I know I could just take my browser out of mobile mode, but it stops running after a while. :x

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