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Leaders: BrownThought, CageQwelBSBD and The_Wirftgu
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Created on: 22 Nov 2011
We live in the top of Mountain Shaolin, we breathe fire and we are immortal, we have as much ecred in our left nut as you will ever have. WE ARE PALRINGO GAWDS

Palringo God Commandments...?

1. Thou shall commit giant hypocrisy.
explained: accuse others of having no life then spend most of your life on
a instant messaging with strangers talking about how much cooler and
underground-er you are than the YA fags

2. Thou shall be mean and cold hearted
explained: there is no fun on the internet. if you dislike someone's opinion on music,
you make fun and humiliate them until they cry and leave the site forever.
MC Scarfag is a good example. MC Mastermind completely humiliated him and
harassed him about his music taste until he completely grew saddened and
scared of the child abuser. Mastermind also followed commandment #1, as to
being a giant hypocrite. He made fun of a Nas stan, while he has wet dreams
about Nas every night.

3. Thou shall hate on anyone who wasn't here in the prehistoric age of Yahoo
explained: New regs can never be considered okay. they are stupid and just want to
learn stuff about hip hop, even though that's the goal of the site is.
Screw it, just reminisce about random s**t that happened 3 years ago.

4. Thou shall smoke weed
explained: Hey! Wirftgu, how many times do I have to tell you to get off the
computer! Down boy!

5. Thou shall get suspended....
explained: if you haven't your a new reg who doesn't smoke weed therefore making
oneself incompetent. You also are not mean and cold-hearted, therefore you breaking
2 of the Palringo God Commandments.

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