Your Gods...

  • Your Gods...

    In this can tell abaout you people's god.In every country there is a different god or gods.

    Our is called Tangra.God of the sky.Actually we believe in one god Tangra and some lower class spirits.The most known are:

    Umai-guardian of the children,the borders and our land

    Erlik-he decides who will die,and when

    and also the spirits of ancestors who are implanting in nature-trees,rocks,rivers.Every ancestors is a part of the nature,and you can summon it in a sword or in ithem to be close to the spirit

    Interested in your gods!

    Благословени бъдете, планини български — щитове каменни на земята ни българска !
  • The ancient God of romanians(then known as geto-dacians) was Zalmoxes.He was considered the supreme God.
    Gebeleizis-the god of thunder for the dacians
    Bendis-The goddess of marriage,the equivalent of Hecate
    Derzelas-The god of health
    Kotys-some sort of goddess of fertility for dacians
    Perhaps there are others,but i do not have knowledge of them.People are welcome to correct me if i am wrong,and add up to my list.

  • Most important gods in the Netherlands are:

    Wodan (Odin) - Sky god of knowledge and wisdom also for runes and poetry etc.
    Holda (Frigg/Freya) - Mother Nature also earth goddess of magic
    Donar (Thor) - Thunder god who offers protection
    Nerthus - Earth goddess of harvest and fertility

    Only a few sacred places are left and these gods are still celebrated on silly feasts like eastern (ostara), christmas (yule) and st. nicholas (the wild hunt). Some trees are still dedicated to the old gods...

    Nehalennia is the goddess or spirit of the North-Sea

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    Here's an article about Latvian pagan gods

  • Great discussion!

    The main russian Gods are
    Rod (Father of all )
    Perun (Thunder God that protects our land. Like Thor in German pantheon).
    Dazdbog (Fertility God. Father of all russians).
    Veles (Trade,Wisdom.... Like Wodan in German pantheon )
    Mara (Goddess of Death)

    ....sorry for bad English....

  • Lithuanian:
    Perkūnas (means "Thunder") - greatest of the gods, rules over nature and air/atmosphere;
    Praamžius - Creator of the world, he is the only god that is stronger than Perkūnas;
    Žemyna - Wife of Perkūnas, she is the goddess of fertility;
    Gabija - Goddess of fire and protector of people's home, she is seen as fire at the hearth;
    Giltinė - Deity of death. She comes to take one's life;
    Laima - Deity of fate and sister to Giltinė. She gives life to people;
    Medeina - Goddess of the forest;
    And many more. I don't know much. :)

  • Does anybody knows any gods from polish pantheon of slavic gods ???

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    Your Gods...


    PaganRoots sagte:
    Most important gods in the Netherlands are:
    Holda (Frigg/Freya) - Mother Nature also earth goddess of magic

    hm.I know Frigg as Wodans wife and the prototype-goddess of housewife and family-mother, but freya as goddess of fertility and love, both the emotional and sexual aspect; while in germany the entity of earth and nature is erda/jörd/fjörgyn.

    Dont think, i want to teach you lessons; while reading it just caught my attention.

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    Your Gods...

    Most well-known german gods are Thor, Odin, Balder, ect. pp

    But many people dont know:
    Wotan (ger.,norse : Odin ) was actually " just " a god of war and the dead.He was not the chief god of the norse-germanic pantheon, neither he was creator of the man.
    Tuisto/Tiwaz ( ger.; norse :Tyr ) was actually the first and supreme god ; he was born from the earth ( Erda, ger.; norse Jörd/Fjörgyn ) , also he was the sky god and forefather of mankind, because his son Mannuz ( = man , human ) had three sons which were the fathers of diverse germanic tribes ; among this tribes, there were the teutonic, and the modern word for germans , Deutsche ,has its root in the word Tuisto, cause:

    Deutsche = Teutonics = Tuisto

    As well as the word Tuisto has the same source in the language of the proto-europeans like the chief gods from the greeks ( Zeus ) , Romans ( Diupiter ) , Celtics (Teutates ) ect, pp.

    It means just all the same : GOD

    So the germans have:
    Wotan : god of the dead and the war, later magic , wisdom , knowledge and leadership when becoming the chief god known as Odin.
    Tuisto: god of the sky , Great-grandfather of mankind, supreme god of norse-german pantheon, enthroned by the incident when Fenriz bites off his hand and takes so his power ( right hand = sword, power , ability to reign ). Today his known better as Tyr
    Balder: God of light, so he is very important for the whole world.
    Sunna: Sun goddess , known for carrying around the world , hunted by two wolves behind and before her car ; important for keeping things going further ( seasons, day and night cycle, cycle of birth-life-death, ect. )
    Frauja & Fraujo: Better known as Freyr & Freya , Twins who are responsible for fertility, love, sex , growing , and adultery: adultery , cause they also are prototypes of Man & Woman, Husband & Wife , being able for sex by becoming adult, also the gods the germans have their words for Herr ( Freyr; Lord, Sir, Man ) and Frau ( Freya ; Woman, Wife, Housewife )
    Ostara: Goddess of fertility too, but more as an aspect of spring. Eastern ( = Ostern, ger; ) is the christianized version of oldgerman Ostara-feast.
    Frau Holle: Better known as Hel, goddess of death and rule of the realm of the dead, called helheim ; probably imported by the romans and greeks, which gods of the death are Pluto / Hades

  • @Milta: thank you for your contribution, very well written. And you're right about Holda (Hel/Holle), Frigg and Freya, they're different goddesses. You can read more about Germanic or Norse gods here:

  • My ancestors are french and english, they believed in the same germanic gods people already posted here, and they also believed in the celtic gods

    Danuna (or Danua)
    and many others

    The Angles and Saxons from England also had Eostre, which is Ostara, and some other gods like Erce, Hretha, they're probably Vanir since they're all linked with nature.

    Personally I feel more connection with deities linked with knowledge and magic, I have a strong connection with Woden, Freyja and Freyr, from the germanic pantheon, and Lugh and Brighid from the celtic one,specially Lugh, Tunor and Woden who are protectors of mankind. I like mostly the Aesir and Tuatha because they're protectors of the humans.

    Yad yad acarati sresthas
    tat tad evetaro janah
    sa yat pramanam kurute
    lokas tad anuvartate ॐ
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