Yo, anybody look at this thing anymore?

  • Yo, anybody look at this thing anymore?

    Hi everyone.

    Just wondering if anybody uses or looks at their audioscrobbler/last.fm account anymore.

    If anybody does, then just leave something under this topic. Coz the forum could be goooood, but it ain't at the moment.

  • Yeah I still look occasionally. Not to say much though. Just to chill man...

    *I promise I'm not actually a hippy*

    I admit I dont appear on here too much... I just keep an eye on my music charts/ recommendations and so on.

    Have belief & confidence in yourself Anything is attainable!

    Physics = evil subject & should be avoided at all costs!

    Any criticisms of formula 1 will not be accepted!! so deal with it!!!
  • yeah i do quite a bit, havnt been checking the group forum tho xD. just check out my weekly top tracks out of interest. dunno where our charts have gone tho...

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