Favorite OCReMixers

  • Mazedude, DarkeSword, djpretzel, Jivemaster, LeeBro

  • djpretzel, Quinn Fox and Vigilante.

  • Definitely gonna go with Sixto Sounds, halc and Daniel Baranowsky!!! Everyone at OCR does a great job in general but those three are the ones that keep me coming back drooling for more.

    DON'T THINK!!! FEEL...
    Daniel "MUSASHI"
  • Jared Hudson and Pixietricks, but I do love most of the remixes.

  • Prince of Darkness

  • Neskvartetten! I could listen to them all day. I wish they had more than seven tracks to their name.

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 13 May 2011, 16:30
    Tyler Heath,

  • Ubik and Stephen Kennedy are my favorites

    • LazioBr said...
    • User
    • 2 Jul 2011, 00:25
    Daniel Baranowsky

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 17 Jul 2011, 10:44
    Haven't been on OCRemix.org for years. Like 5 years even maybe.
    But i used to be addicted to that site, Here are the ones that i can remember.
    Zircon, Darkesword, Protricity, Dale North, Kaijin, The Wingless, Ziwtra.. I might be forgetting a few, but these are top notch remixers! :)

    They are way above the rest of the bunch in my opinion. You can tell by their feel for instruments and synergy. Their tunes have aged very well. While others just sound like crap.

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 17 Jul 2011, 10:46
    Btw, feel free to recommend me some recent masterpieces. Right now i'm going through all my old favourites. But if you think there are some new remixes/remixers i will like. Let me know.

  • Brandon Strader :o

  • Zircon and Sixto Sounds.

  • Joshua Morse and Ubik and Protricity!!!

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