More Outside-esque music

  • More Outside-esque music

    Now, more and more artists come up with experimental, dark ambient, drone and droom metal style concept albums with off-chords and industrial-style samples that bear some resemblance to the 1995 works of Bowie, Eno and Gabrels. Artists such as Johnny Hollow, Tenesmus and Nadja could be of some interest to Outside fans. If you have more suggestions, please let us know !

    Do you know more music that sounds like "1.Outside"?

    How about a nice game of Chess?
  • Its a very unique album so hard to think of anything that similar but- Some of Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle stuff, some Depeche Mode stuff (violator, some remixs etc), NIN (obviously), Nico- the End, that other doomy album she did?, to a certain extent the cures goth albums (pornography, Faith..)
    theres a good remix of that song bowie did with placebo that may appeal also.

  • I would recommend The Young Gods (especially their early albums) and Scott Walker's album "Tilt", which both were great influences on bowie in Outside era.

    the ones that earsaswounds mentioned are all great albums :-)

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