What's become of the board?

  • What's become of the board?

    Been down since the middle of the afternoon Thursday, or is it just me?

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  • I think it's just you Emily, it's working fine for me.

    Who the hell got my "real" username?!?!?
  • You do know I'm just kiddin' right? ;)

    Who the hell got my "real" username?!?!?
  • Yeah... I was just wondering the same thing. I know it's been down at least all of today for me...

  • Eh Kyle, you had me there for just a moment. I miss it so much.

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  • It's been down for me as well - wonder what went wrong? With any luck mits will fix it again.

  • It's been 3 days guys. Eugh. Wuttt.

  • Good news?

  • Posted by user osterozhna on the LJ comm:

    A quick message to the currently homeless /orate boardies: we're sorry that the decemberists.com message board has been down for the last few days. We're currently overhauling it in a major way -- I won't pretend to know exactly what was wrong with the thing (a lot of emails have been flying around talking about DNS pointing and domain servers and such) but we should have it up and running in the next few days.

    We Decemberists appreciate and adore the community that has been built around that message board and we're super sorry if any sort of inconvenience has been caused by the site being down.

    And thanks to everyone for coming out to the solo shows. It was a terrific tour and it was lovely to see everyone's shining faces.



    p.s. since I'm posting this to the livejournal community: Thanks so much for the book. Alicia got it into my hands on this tour and I once I got home I had an opportunity to read it over and it was really sweet and moving. I'm tremendously proud and flattered that our music has meant so much to folks -- provided soundtracks to hard times, bonded friends and even pushed people in strange academic directions. Thanks so much for listening. We're a lucky band to have fans such as you.

  • Yep, Colin posted that on the D's myspace page too.

    Who the hell got my "real" username?!?!?
  • @ Guitarzan2 ... who the hell's got your "real" user name? Not a clue. But I know who's got Stoutwoman (1). Me! I tried to set this up a year ago, floundered around and soon abandoned it, and now have no shred of a clue as to what my password or which e-mail it was I used.

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    • sophcw said...
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    • 5 May 2008, 00:11
    Blegh the internet is so boring without orate.

  • I've only started frequenting specific Blog blogs in the last few months and it drives me crazy that they take the weekend off. That is when I have the most time to read blogs! What is stopping anyone from blogging on a Sunday!

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