Openminded Metalheads or Ecletic Music Lovers?

    • vasiab said...
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    • 4 Feb 2009, 17:27
    I love Progressive Metal, NU Metal and various experimental, post-rock, punk and electronica groups [5-8 years before I only listened to Heavy Metal, to explore its routes+main artists etc....]

  • Please, answer me a question.
    The "how to" to be an open-mind "metalhead" (I hate this denomination, so pejorative) includes being tolerant, permissive with Mainstream metal bands? If yes, I am a close-minded headbanger definitely!
    I don't esteem metal as Nu metal, *emo and *core variations (mainly Screamo and Deathcore bands) at all, and, in case of mainstream bands to me, metal has your ideological side repulsing the ways of indiscriminated enrichment and, to commercialize a musical protest vehicle seems like Industrialized tool of protest something like MTV punk rock bands with social conscience. So, metal must be guided by underground ways. The essence of economical and the ways of publishing must follow underground principles.

    Am I open-minded?

    Sorry, I know. I need to improve my english. :P

    Do you think Black Metal is the soundtrack of Hell?
    Listen to it:

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    • vasiab said...
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    • 18 Feb 2009, 12:56
    Thus, you are for underground "original"/"classic' metal bands and against those famous, commercialised new types of metal?
    But why should metal be guided by underground ways?? Does this add to their music quality? Imo good metal bands can be found both in the underground music scene and elsewhere, too.

  • huh...what is this discussion about really? ok,people that tag their emo music metal really aren't metalheads,but most of them don't post here at all (or i didn't have the honor to see one yet).
    and what about the nu metal and metalcore thingy? i didn't read the whole thread so i may be repeating someone else but really - metalcore is lot harder than any style of rock, and nu metal as whole is a bit harder too. so why not? they aren't "true", they are comercialized and blah blah, everyone heard all that before, but what about it? they are subgenres of metal just like thrash and death. why no-one swears about power and symphonic? those people sing like their balls were cut off and their guitars are hard just like those of emo bands,but still they are metal. so generally i see no problem with any kind of metal and i think that this group is ideal for all people listening to any subgenre of it.. peace :-)

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  • Even granny which sells self-made soap near the subway entrance is commercial, in spite of beign close to underground :P.
    However, someone who keeps saying "Oh, this music is good but this one really sucks, you shouldn't listen to this gay horde/emo bullshit" is not open - minded at all.
    My main genre theese days is power metal, but I enjoy listenning to metalcore, emo, rap and nu-metal,especially from polish underground. Even trance, electro and techno. So what, am I worse? Of course not.

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  • Here's to tolerance.

    There are a few things I can't stand, and elitist "trve" metalheads are one of them. Hopefully this will be a safe haven where people are tolerant of musical differences where they won't bash half of my library. >=[ To me, Nu-Metal, Alternative Metal, Metalcore, all these "non-true" genres are good as (How necessary an evil it is to mutter this) "real metal" to me. They get my head banging, so I don't care. You shouldn't either.

    Oh and I read the first few pages. Banning people because they're not metal enough? That would defeat the purpose of this group, but I'm glad I missed that shitstorm and it's all resolved. :)

    Om Shrim Maha Lakshimiyei Swaha OM!!
  • Why Would They Have Joined This Group?

    I personally am particularily into melodic death metal at the minute, and most of my charts are 'real metal' but I also like some bands such as Muse and Snow Patrol, which I don't see as a problem and which is why I subsequently joined this group.

    I see where the people who are saying that people who only like a little bit of metal should leave are coming from, however I don't really care, because as has been said many many many times before in this thread, they don't tend to post anything bad towards metal, otherwise they wouldn't have joined 'Open Minded Metalheads'.

    Now I move on to the subconscious states unknown. Dream world now gone, I am shown, why I dream at night and on and on. Waking through my intuition, this path I must know.
  • An open minded metalhead, the important part there being 'metal' would refer to a metalhead that is openminded towards other areas of metal (Alternative, Nu-Metal etc.) and other music (Electronica, Avant-Garde etc.) This would in my opinion, be a person that listens mainly to metal but branches out.

    An eclectic listener's taste is, obviously, eclectic, with no solid preference or base in a single musical genre, such as metal.

    • Xarthok said...
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    • 13 Apr 2009, 13:16
    Being open-minded for me means you're tolerant and accept different ways and forms of music but it doesn't mean you HAVE to like or respect them.

    • Makoo said...
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    • 13 Apr 2009, 13:19
    Xarthok said:
    +++ Sigur Rós
    ++ Opeth, Muse, Guano Apes
    + In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, System of a Down, Amon Amarth, A Perfect Circle, The Offspring, Radiohead, Serj Tankian, múm, Amiina, Arch Enemy, Portishead
    - Soulfly, Static-X, Apocalyptica, Fear Factory, Disturbed, Deftones, Lostprophets, Three Days Grace
    --- Limp Bizkit

    Hard to verdict but you know that even a drop of crap can ruin a barrel of honey.

    Though I think I can give you a 7/10

    Posted in the incorrect thread? :)

    • Xarthok said...
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    • 13 Apr 2009, 13:36
    I edited that like 5 seconds after, stop lurking O_o

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Apr 2009, 23:37
    I like metal of all genres, mainly black, goth, pagan/viking/folk metal, classic metal, classic rock , plus lots of indie, alternative, grunge, early 90s dance etc.

    I say each to his own, and not judge anyone.

    • Teddeh said...
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    • 26 Jul 2009, 19:01
    Hmmm, interesting. I've only recently got back into after a hiatus of about a year, and I must say I listen to a lot less metal than I used to. This isn't because I went off it, but I got into ambient/psych/drone, etc, and you can tell as my overall charts are very different to my charts for the last 12 months.

    Having said that, I still keep in touch with metal (I'm listening to the new Arkanum right now - absolutely brilliant) but it has to compete with more musical styles nowadays. I've never classed myself as a metalhead mostly because I've never had the appearance of one, but I will always enjoy the music.

  • i like all metal genres but i don't dislike indie rock, italian folk, grunge, alternative rock, jazz, classical and punk

  • Xarthok said:
    Being open-minded for me means you're tolerant and accept different ways and forms of music but it doesn't mean you HAVE to like or respect them.


  • Re:Openminded Metalheads or Ecletic Music Lovers?

    Personally, I believe this is a "openminded METALheads" group, which would require some decent amount of metal in the charts, and then the openminded part kicks in...

    Are we trying to rank how open-minded people are by what they listen to?

    Seems a dying path to me. After all, someone could listen to all brutal death metal and still be open-minded... just having rejected other forms of music as not for them. Even more, within brutal death metal, there's a lot of diversity and so an open-minded person would have to navigate that.

    It's just too easy and too cliche for a metalhead to listen to a bunch of metal, then throw in something ironic like Lady Gaga or Jay-Z and call themselves "open-minded" so they look cool for their friends.

  • Re: Re:Openminded Metalheads or Ecletic Music Lovers?

    Conservationist said:

    It's just too easy and too cliche for a metalhead to listen to a bunch of metal, then throw in something ironic like Lady Gaga or Jay-Z and call themselves "open-minded" so they look cool for their friends.

    Or Beethoven

    • Makoo said...
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    • 12 Sep 2009, 08:15
    We do not "judge" any one. thats why we do not want an invite or kicking system.

    If you think you are open minded and wanna join then do so, just be prepared some might complain a little bit if all that showsin the list is In Flames.

    And yes, if you really wanna look cool to your friends and fake that is very probable, but that's pathetic, but something the user doing that must think of and feel ashamed for, but nothing we care in the slightest about.

    But it seems too many metealheads have to tell everyone else how fucking awesome just THEY are.
    What says You are above that? what tells us you did not listen to 2000 thousand classical songs just to look cool when posting here?

    Just making a point, I do not think you did that. innocent till proven guilty :P

    • laveyne said...
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    • 25 Sep 2009, 19:45
    I think i'm very open minded, I listen everything from Depressive Black metal until Electro, or from Classical Music to mainstream rock music or indie.

    To give an example: I went to Graspop Metal Meeting to see groups like Samael,Taake,Scar Symmetry and Keep of Kalessin
    But I would also go to I Love Techno to see The Bloody Beetroots or Crookers.
    Or go to Requiem by Mozart.

    It's all about the mood i'm in...

  • There could be people listening who only VERY recently got into metal, as in 'I just went to Wacken for 1 day, just to accompany a friend, and I liked it'.

    This would mean they don't have any metal in their charts, but want to learn/discuss/get to know (about) metal. Then again there are groups as 'Metal education'...

    I wouldn't alter the open policy though, for a number of reasons:

    a) It's snobbism :p
    b) who's to decide what is/isn't metal
    c) the group leader would have to spend a considerable time checking every new user
    d) people who don't listen to 'metal' but do join this group won't be active in it anyway. They won't 'pollute' the discussion board or anything.
    e) the point I made above about 'new metalheads'.

    @agent: any conclusion yet?

    One's freedom depends on his power to defend it.

  • I consider myself an Openminded Metalhead. I do have an Ecletic Music taste, but I really thing that Openmindness =/= Ecletic music taste. What I understand for open mindness is to tolerate most if not all other types of music without necessarily enjoying them. Tolerate them is good enough, otherwise if you hate other genres out of metal, then you are close-minded with your music. That's what I understand with "open mindness".

  • "Tonight God Is a DJ"

    It makes perfect sense to listen to trance, metal and hip hop.

    I'm one of those who really don't know anything about metal, but I praise Machine Head just like Faithless (that's the God Is A DJ reference). I adore some of the work of In Flames, The Black Dahlia Murder and Mudvayne; some call it metal, I call it music.

    More of inclusion and less of exclusion!

  • Hmm, I can't get the meaning of this topic creation, all this enormous discussion is about non-existing problem. I don't give a hoot about punks, emos (or any other people with slight metalic taste) in this group and I'm sure majority of people here either. What's the point of issue then? Subdivide people on different categories by their charts? It's impossible anyway cos checking of almost 8 000 users and other new people who'll join the group later is very complicated job. So just relax and don't store your mind with trivial.

    • orest_r said...
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    • 26 Jan 2010, 18:01
    Answer to Asvantos' question: no, you're not openminded. I think being openminded about music means that you judge artist mainly as good or bad, not categories like true/untrue, mainstream/underground. It means that if you are given some enjoyable music, you will like it and listen to it, even if it's "commercial crap for kindermetals and vocalist is a gay".

  • Really, who cares? To each their own.

    Mainstream or not, good music is good music.
    Trve or not, good music is good music.
    How difficult is that to accept?

    Don't be a judgmental prick.

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