On the trail of our ancestors

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Created on: 13 Aug 2009
When you're searching for your forefathers. Who are they? From where are they? Let's find something about them!

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  • Forteski

    I created a group for Early Music Performers: http://www.last.fm/group/Early+Music+Performers

    6 Sep 2011 Reply
  • Mechanix

    There are very few (European) families that have a documented history from before the 1700/1800's. Alot of people just like to brag with lies, claiming ancestery from their favourite countries.

    14 Jan 2010 Reply
  • Mechanix

    Check with your local family, see if anyone ever did some research and/or has alot of family knowledge.

    5 Jan 2010 Reply
  • Darkvizard666

    I'm half Russian and half Ukrainian. I also have some cossack blood from my mother's line, and some Volks Deutche blood from my father's line, along with several Russian nobles before the revolution.

    22 Nov 2009 Reply
  • JackobRevolta

    hello people! ;-).

    12 Nov 2009 Reply
  • Moccachocomel

    @radio-tractore: try Aldfaer, Tresoar and Genlias databases. My Frisian family roots are all registered and traced back to Valdemar I of Denmark in 1154.

    4 Sep 2009 Reply
  • Shardzvoskat

    I can't really pick a certain ancestry, heh. I'm 25% Italian and a bunch of European things after that (everything in the British isles, Polish, Czech, Swedish, German, Dutch) but I look more Polish/Slavic than anything.

    30 Aug 2009 Reply
  • Pagan_within

    WingedMusic: Norman ancestors? Sounds interesting. But it puzzles me, because you are polish according to your profile. Do you have a proof of your norman origin? - Absolutely no offense :) I just want to learn ways, how to trace back family history and I guess you have done something more than just a research at registry office :) Or maybe your family is good at keeping memories through generations, I wish mine can do it. :) Talking about origin... well, according to my "research", I am something like 30% germanic, 60% slav and about 10% of other (like greek - no joke :D ) - living in czech rep., being a Czech :)

    28 Aug 2009 Reply
  • Pagan_within

    Ablatitious: Thanks for sharing your story, I am interested in such. History is sad, but it is history and it should be remembered. I have german ancestors too (german minority in CZ), they were no nazis, but all men had to join wehrmacht and the result: all missing (dead) or dead (confirmed) at eastern front. The rest (old people) was hastily banished from Czechoslovak rep. - leave everything behind, except few things you can carry or be killed by wannabe commie-soldiers which were behaving exactly like nazis. And these old people died quickly in their new homes in Eastern Germany, because they were disappointed about their own people, czech people and their true homes were gone forever. Its all sad, european people are all of one origin and we should stick together (those behind atlantic too :D) and never again kill each other because of a political nonsense. There is an enemy for all of us ahead...

    28 Aug 2009 Reply
  • Ablatitious

    I am most interested in my German ancestors. My mother's side has a very rich history. My great grandfather, Gerhardt Gauger, was a renowned engineer. In the 1930's, when Hitler came to power, he had to send his wife and 3 children overseas to America because she was half Jewish. He attempted to save his work and procure his bank account, but the Nazis were on to him. He was not allowed access to his money, and in desperation he destroyed his workshop and burned his research. He was literally chased off the dock by Nazis onto a steamship that brought him over. He landed with nothing but the clothes he was wearing. My father's side is not as well storried, but they also originated from Germany. Ich kann minimal Deutsch sprachen. I habe es im Schule gelernt fur zwei jahren. However, I prefer to write in English as it is my native tongue.

    22 Aug 2009 Reply
  • radio-tractore

    I'm really interested in th old Frisians, I believe they are my true ancestors. Their empire was once bigger than it now is, now it's just a small province in the netherlands... :(

    15 Aug 2009 Reply
  • Pagan_within

    Hey, good to see a group which is not full of stereotypes like: Ok, i've bought a mjollnir, now i am a true pagan! or i am a true pagan 'cause i listen to ton of totally unknown bands which are recording their albums on ol' grandpas mic! Maybe this is because the group is empty :) So according to group description.. Well, books are good sources of information. Can you reccomend some good book which is depicting our ancestors in a real way, not just something about unwashed heathens? I am not at home right now, so i can't tell names of my books and I doubt, they've been translated to english, especially slavic ones, but I can remember one for sure, i finished it recently: It's called "Real middle earth" - dont be afraid of a fantasy title, it is a work of a good british historician. It has been translated into my language (Czech), so I think it should be available in your languages too. It is very good, read it ;)

    15 Aug 2009 Reply