• How I discovered my Top 15 artists.

    8 Sep 2009, 03:29 by Cillah

    1. Queen
    Well I think absolutely everyone has been exposed to Queen at some point in their lives. I had heard a lot of their songs growing up but I didn't really care for them much. More or less because they were old and I avoided old music. Then my boyfriend (who is a massive Queen fan) sent me a few songs and I was hooked after that.
    First Song: You're My Best Friend
    Favourite Song: Breakthru or Keep Yourself Alive

    2. Boa
    Well I am not really sure. I first heard of her when I was around thirteen. I can't remember if I found her from her Every Heart (English version) song or if my boyfriend at the time introduced me with Sara (English Version). Either way she quickly became my favourite artist. I tried to find all of her English stuff. The old English stuff of course, not her US album. But after awhile I really liked her Japanese and Korean music.
    First Song: Every Heart (English version)
    Favourite Song: 永遠 or Sara (English Version)

    3. Emilie Autumn
    I really like downloading new artists and a couple of my friends at the time really liked Emilie Autumn. She looked interesting and I was curious so they sent me a few songs. I really liked her lyrics and I ended up buying Opheliac.
    First Song: Ever
    Favourite Song: Marry Me

    4 & 5 宇多田ヒカル, Utada
    After I became interested in BoA I started looking for similar artists. I came across 宇多田ヒカル and I fell in love with her voice. I didn't know she sang the Kindom Hearts songs at first and was surprised when I realised how popular she was. Utada is my fifth most listened to artist so I figured as they are the same person I would group them together. I got into Utada because I heard 宇多田ヒカル was releasing English albums.
    First 宇多田ヒカル Song: Simple And Clean
    Favourite 宇多田ヒカル Song: Keep Tryin'
    First Utada Song: Easy Breezy
    Favourite Utada Song: Kremlin Dusk

    6. Sweeney Todd [Stephen Sondheim]
    Self explanatory. I went and watched the movie and I really liked the soundtrack so I downloaded it and listened to it a lot.
    First Sweeney Todd [Stephen Sondheim] song: Opening Title
    Favourite Sweeney Todd [Stephen Sondheim] song: Epiphany

    7. Adema
    I went through a phase where I was really into Linkin Park so I was looking for similar artists. Adema came up and I downloaded Immortal and really liked the song. From there I purchased their self titled album and loved every track on it.
    First Adema Song: Immortal
    Favourite Adema Song: Immortal

    8. Olivia
    I only recently discovered OLIVIA. A lot of my friends and neighbours had her as one of their top artists. I never really bothered to look into her until one friend I added asked me about someone and then out of curiosity I asked them about OLIVIA. She only had good things to say and said she had a lot of English songs. I downloaded her albums and she became one of my favourite artists.
    First OLIVIA song: Alone in our Castle
    Favourite OLIVIA Song: Trinka trinka

    9. Linkin Park
    When I was little my Dad and brother were really into Linkin Park. I was into crazy music like Delta Goodrem and Mariah Carey. Anyway so I listened to one of my brothers CDs one day and I really liked them so I burned my own copies and listened to them constantly.
    First Linkin Park Song: Somewhere I Belong
    Favourite Linkin Park Song: Forgotten or Easier to Run

    10. 倖田來未
    I stumbled upon 倖田來未 by downloading her covers of the songs from Final Fantasy X-2. After that I really liked her and preferred her covers so I downloaded more of her songs. She was harder to get into as opposed to my other Japanese artists which I really liked from the start.. But once I did, I really liked her.
    First 倖田來未 Song: 1000 Words
    Favourite 倖田來未 Song: SHAKE IT

    11. 植松伸夫
    Final Fantasy OSTs.. I don't think I need to say more.
    First 植松伸夫 Song: Liberi Fatali
    Favourite 植松伸夫 Song: Shuffle or Boogie

    12. No Use for a Name
    When I was fourteen or so a good friend of mine had the lyrics to Friends Of The Enemy in her MSN name and was going on about how good the band was. She sent me the song and I liked it a lot so I downloaded a few other songs and liked them as well. The rest is history.
    First No Use For A Name Song: Friends Of The Enemy
    Favourite No Use For A Name Song: International You Day

    13. PlayRadioPlay!
    My friend at school who always tried to be different and cool was always bragging about how many musical people she knows and how different her music taste is. She would talk abotu how she talked to PlayRadioPlay! a lot and how much she liked his music. I wanted to listen to him to check him out and a long time later had the chance to download some of his music.. So I did. I was very surprised =].
    First PlayRadioPlay! Song: Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous
    Favourite PlayRadioPlay! Song: I'm Afraid There's A Hole In My Brain

    14. Imogen Heap
    I was on the main page of and it came up that her popularity had gone up a certain percentage so I checked her out. I couldn't listen to any of her music but everyone was saying good things. When I went to Melbourne I went to JB HiFi with William and I asked about Speak for Yourself. They had a copy that a customer hadn't picked up after a long time and so I bought it. I loved every album on the album.
    First Imogen Heap Song: Headlock
    Favourite Imogen Heap Song: Goodnight and Go

    15. Lily Allen
    I heard about Lily Allen well.. I heard her on the radio. It's hard not to hear her on the radio. One of my best friends was really into her at the time as well and was singing me some lyrics. I was at my cousins house and decided to download her two albums and they were entertaining and addicitive.
    First Lily Allen Song: The Fear
    Favourite Lily Allen Song: Chinese or 22
  • JPopsuki TV!

    10 Sep 2008, 21:13 by MellowB

    Well, it can't hurt to also spread the word of JPopsuki TV here on, can it?
    Its a music lover community and some of them might enjoy one or another PV once in a while too.
    Most of the JPopsuki members might know the stream already but sure there are some other folks around on that neither have heard of JPopsuki nor the TV stream.

    Well, it's a video stream that's running non-stop and streaming out over 1500 PV's of more or less popular Japanese (and a few other asian artists) in a WinAMP2.x/5, VLC, mplayer and other's compatible format. Preferred means of watching is WinAMP since it's able to provide the best quality but since thats not available on all platforms VLC will do fine too.

    So click this playlist here and download it right into your player or just open it with VLC, mplayer or whatever.
    JPopsuki TV! Playlist
    Additional information on how to watch the stream is also available in the official JPopsuki TV topic on the JPopsuki Forums.

    The stream should need around 50-80kb/s bandwidth so you might need at least a connection of 1mbit to watch the stream. Viewer numbers are currently capped at 25 but that should be enough me thinks. Also peering might be bad in some cases since the only server that I currently have is located in Germany and you might have good or bad luck with your connection to that one. If the stream stops after a few secs and needs to rebuffer there hardly can't be much done for you.
    Also if you have problems beside that write a reply to this journal and I'll be glad to help you if I can, otherwise maybe check the Topic in the JPopsuki forum's and see if the question was not maybe already answered.

    Oh and there are also ways to watch the stream right in your browser, check out this link for Firefox with VLC plugin or this link if your are using IE.

    Thats it for now, have fun with the stream and maybe you discover some new artists for you while watching it. :]

    (Now for some Artist connections to make this Journal show up on some artists pages... of course these artists are part of the stream with a few PVs.
    ACIDMAN, Aco, 大塚愛, 相川七瀬, Alan, Angela Aki, Anna Tsuchiya, Aqua Timez, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, 上戸彩, 絢香, 浜崎あゆみ, AYUSE KOZUE, Base Ball Bear, BEAT CRUSADERS, BENNIE K, Boa, BONNIE PINK, 鬼束ちひろ, Cocco, Crystal Kay, Do As Infinity, ELLEGARDEN, 信近エリ, Every Little Thing, Flow, GLAY, GO!GO!7188, GReeeeN, High And Mighty Color, 島谷ひとみ, 矢井田瞳, JYONGRI, 木村カエラ, 倖田來未, L'Arc~en~Ciel, lecca, mihimaru GT, 中島美嘉, 加藤ミリヤ, Miz, MONKEY MAJIK, 安室奈美恵, Olivia, ORANGE RANGE, Perfume, PUFFY, Rie fu, 椎名林檎, Sowelu, The Brilliant Green, 宇多田ヒカル, YUI, 伊藤由奈, Zwei