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Created on: 7 Aug 2008

Questo gruppo è riservato ai VERI appassionati di thrash metal e death metal vecchia scuola...per vecchia scuola (e per thrash e death metal) non si intendono band come trivium, disturbed, sonic syndicate o robe del genere, ma le leggende che vedete elencate nei collegamenti.
Nel nome del gruppo non è specificato, ma qui si può tranquillamente parlare di heavy metal classico e di speed metal, facendo come al solito le distinzioni più appropriate: per heavy metal non si intendono gli avenged sevenfold o i lordi, e per speed non si intendono i dragonforce. Se non sapete fare queste distinzioni, evitate di iscrivervi al gruppo!!
Ovviamente, discussioni sulle nuove leve thrash&death (che si attengono alla vecchia scuola, vedi violator, toxik holocaust, fueled by fire) sono ben accette.


This group is reserved to all true old school thrash and death metal fans...let me do a clarification: scum bands like trivium, disturbed or sonic syndicate ARE NOT thrash metal or death metal, but the legends named on the links oh yeah they are!!
Even if the group's name quotes in particular thrash and death, you can obviously talk about classic heavy metal and speed metal, but distinguishing beetween scum and true: Avenged Sevenfold is not heavy metal, like so Dragonforce is not speed!! If you don't know these basic distinction, please avoid joying this group!!
Obviously, topics about thrash and death young bloods (that sound like the old school, like Violator, Toxik Holocaust, Fueled By Fire...) are good accepted!

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  • hammerstrikebg

    Need moar Heathen!

    28 Dec 2012 Reply
  • adrian1265

    Join this Group: It is for people who like the Thrash Metal band, Mortillery. Its a new band which plays old-school style thrash http://www.last.fm/group/Fans+of+Mortillery

    17 Apr 2012 Reply
  • Suhl

    Check out the new Demo of Obstipation!!! Old School Thrash!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFel5GcBig4

    21 Dec 2011 Reply
  • ObscureSolstice

    Gran bel gruppo: complimenti! Ma non ricordiamoci soltanto delle leggende del genere, teniamo conto anche di band dell'underground che valgono molto. Consiglio per esempio i Merciless Death

    2 Aug 2010 Reply
  • DAVARRI616


    19 Jul 2010 Reply
  • Furlo

    I think everyone here have to know Paradox... anyway I really don't like the Collision Course one

    13 May 2010 Reply
  • Tiwaz11

    Check out Paradox (Ger), they're one of the most underrated thrash bands. Influences: Kreator, Old Metallica, Testament... Start with "Collision Course"

    12 May 2010 Reply
  • solry

    Holy crap, these charts are AWESOME \m/ old school thrash and death metal is the best music in existence.

    15 Oct 2009 Reply
  • margerdsfregger

    thanks for founding this group, furlo!

    11 Sep 2009 Reply
  • Furlo

    hi to all maniacs and thanks for have joined the group !

    13 Jul 2009 Reply
  • Furlo

    la settimana bob marley e ora i beatles mioddio

    25 May 2009 Reply
  • Furlo

    porcoddio bob marley in classifica ahah!

    12 May 2009 Reply
  • Furlo

    in effetti non ci scrive nessuno ahah!

    19 Mar 2009 Reply
  • Erick_Alexander

    Bel gruppo! peccato che sia poco gettonato. P.S.: e grazie anche dall'amicizia sul myspace

    22 Feb 2009 Reply
  • BenOnUserstyles

    Obituary, carcass, death HECK YEAH!

    17 Feb 2009 Reply
  • Furlo

    mitico uao siamo già in 23!! però nessuno scrive nienteXD

    13 Nov 2008 Reply
  • Furlo

    cosa ci fanno gli exmortus connessi al gruppo o.o?

    20 Oct 2008 Reply
  • Furlo

    azz nella classifica connessa al gruppo gli anvil sono sempre primi...o se va male son sempre comunque in classifica...grandi ANVIL!! ahah baffona i kreator non li ho mai visti

    5 Oct 2008 Reply
  • Furlo

    Unfortunately a lot of "fake-metalheads" regard that trivium, avenged...represent the real metal...while they don't know bands like venom, exodus, accept...bah. Do you know? trivium is a thrash metal band oh yeah!!!!!

    26 Aug 2008 Reply
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