• bimde yaşadığım kısa ama fırtınalı aşk

    26 Apr 2013, 16:41 by LGatakan5

    evet bundan bi 15 dk önce vuku buldu arkadaşlar. hala elim ayağam titriyo. bim in o viyana kapıları gibi aşılması güç kapılarından geçerek içeriye girdim ekmek reyonuna göz attıktan sonra haribolara bakmaya gidiyordum ki "o" nu gördüm.. mor renk üzerine beyaz çizgili adidas eşofmanı üzerine giydiği tişört ve hırkasıyla fiziken ilk bakışta beni cezbetmese de türbanının altından öyle davetkar bir bakış attı ki beyler artık hiç bir kuvvet durduramazdı bizi. bakışlarımızla 1.5 saniyelik bir ön sevişmenin ardından başka hiç bi katalizöre ihtiyacımız yoktu artık. vücutlarımızın bir olması kaçınılmazdı.. le portalardan holland caramel waffle ların oraya gelene kadar 2 miz de çırıl çıplak kaldık.. tabii bu esnada bikaç şeyi etrafa saçtık. çok hararetli bir sevişme yaşacağımızın adeta göstergesiydi yerdeki patito yığını..

    binvezir ezine peynirlerinin tam önünde tenlerimiz artık temas halinde, ben onun içinde o benim içimdeydi.. bim in o mübarek zemininde sürünerekten misyoner pozisyonunda aşk ederken mz ege rus salataları na gözüm kaydı ve sadece 1.55 tl olduğunu öğrendim. dağhan sucuk larına vardığımızda ise 2 mizde zevkin doruklarında idik.. arş-ı ala ya selam çakan haşmetli küheylanım artık patlamak istiyor ancak dost yoğurt reyonuna kadar dayanabileceğinin sinyallerini yolluyordu bana.. fakat tecrübeli bir mature ile sevişiyordum beyler.. güzeltepe antep fıstıklı narlı fitil sucuk reyonunun oralarda pozisyon değiştirirken kulağıma "biraz daha içimde kal aşkım" diye fısıldadı.. bu sözü beni patlamaya daha çok yaklaştırır gibi olsa da nefesinin sıcaklığındaki yurdum marka patlıcan közleme yi hissetmemin geciktirici etkisi oldu.. fakat organımın üzerinde adeta eşşeğe tahtadan dildosuyla binen saf bir anadolu kadını gibi zıplıyor beni iyice çıldırtıyordu.. dushy duş jelleri nden geçerken 2 miz de klimaksa ulaşmış ter içinde kalmıştık.. çıkışa kadar iki yabancı gibi davranma kararı aldık.. kasaya geldik önüme geçti.. "benim bi tek buono var teyze şunu geçireyim mi hemen" diye sordum kendisine.. çakaal tabii durur mu o da az önce hunharca meşk etmemişiz gibi " tabii yavrım yi de vitamin olsun hadi bakiim" dedi ve bir daha görüşmedik arkadaşlar..
  • Why viking fetishists and all other types of fetishists merely wish to get laid

    26 Jul 2010, 20:42 by DrJosephMengele

    It's no secret that we live in a hypocrithical world, a charachteristic which is as old as humanity itself and will never perish, albeit historically it had different degrees throughout the world. This is rather visible amongst all types of fetishists – religious, cultural or otherwise.

    These fetishists (which go by the name of “fans” when we talk about subcultures or by most pseudo-extremists when we talk about religious fanatics or most political extremists or 99.99% of vegans and straight edgers, “ecologists” who wish that all the world would merely buy bourgeois “green” products and all the other subgroups of hipsters). These people cloak behind a trend, religion, etc. in order to disguise their sexuality in “higher ideals”. Don't believe me? Well, stay tuned.

    I'll first start with subculture fetishists, and the one which I personally find to be the most annoying – at lest in my area: viking fetishists (which merged with paganism/asatru/odinism and God knows what type of crap) – so we could also call it pseudo-religious one, albeit it's merely a trend. These people have no connection whatsoever with viking/scandinavians to start with. They find idealistic portraits of vikings or pagans with long hair to be empowering and/or sexually appealing (albeit most Scandinavians are about as viirle and warlike as seaweed, considering the weather, rather peaceful history of the last two centuries and booze) – and join the trendwagon of shitty “folk – beyond polished cheesy black metal – disco” mixture music known as “pagan metal” or “viking metal” and turning it into some supreme icon or lifestyle. The music is puerile, stupid and downright lifeless to start with – the lyrics are downright stupid, they're sing-along, let's drink, let's admire “our” ancestors and their pagan religion from what RPG's/comic books/LaVey/Wicca etc. teaches us. Are you that ashamed of your own roots that you have to worship vikings or something foreign? I can't say I'm particularly surprised at Russians for example (varangians – vikings ruled them, just like a Slavic aristocracy which imposed their language on the native Fino-Ugric-Uralic hodge-podge) – which explains easily the “Russian soul” and its predisposition towards licking the boots of the next despotic tyrant, a thing in which even Dr. Eduard Limonov agrees! But why are you others doing alike?

    Which brings me to the point – you aren't pagan, you merely discovered asatru/paganism/wiccanism/satanism (let's face it, 99% of pagans have a satanist obsession or at least had one)/etc. from music which most of you download out of DC++ channels or rancidly .GIF infested blogspots. You are not “yourself” in nature (this is also applied to hipster ecologists), 99.8% of you are merely citadine with no experience in village life or nature whatsoever. 99.8% of you would die if you would spend one night in a forest. You like going into pubs to get drunk beyond recognition.
    You spend your time in annoying and stupid social networking and with your moronic blogs like every other human which has an internet connection nowdays, with stupid .GIF and “Thanks for the add” images featuring your object of fetish – vikings, mjollnirs, thors, pentagrams, celtic crosses, etc. Your ancestors for at least 8 generations were probably practicing at best a syncretic form of christianity mixed with pagan traditions at best. Your ancestors haven't been worshipping Thor, Gebeleizis, Odin, Svetovoid, Perun for at least half a millenium – but their form of religion is surely closer to traditionalism than your insipid pseudo-revival. It's all pointless anyway – if you live in Russia for example, where 75% of your population is urban, “rural pagan revival” is outright hillarious. Your population is shrinking by 1 million each year, and the 450.000 births which replenish it are mostly your kavkaz populations and foreign Transcaucasusian and Centarl Asian gastarbeiters which are successfully replacing you as the dominant ethnicity with their birth rate as I write this. And 50% of you pagans from RF live in Moscow, which beats London or Paris at total Muslim population and world cosmopolitanism, working in low-collar jobs in multinationals and you surely don't plan in settling the GET ME THE FUCK OUTTA HERE limbo regions of the rest of the state, which in fact compromises the whole state from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad – and I wasn't even talking about the deserted rural areas, but about the sovok monoindustrial towns and cities. You would lose any chance of seeing your pagan metal bands live. A pagan NSBM band like Temnozor pursue their living and activity in the Babylon megalopolis known as Moscow. Most of your urban peasents died alongside Stalin's gulags as kulak counter-revolutionnaries or from the 1920's and 1930's famines, and the few true ones which did survive died along with the USSR. Even your gopniks don't have rural origins anymore – in fact they've been dying themselves thanks to cheap counterfeit Ossetian vodka fermented in sovok washing machines and drugs combined with foodborne illnesses from shahlik barbeques. The only true gopniks today are your kavkaztsi, the only essential difference is that they aren't white, albeit many of them seem to be the best patriots of Russia, like your gopniks (Kadyrov, anyone? He isn't even blackassed! He surely looks more “Aryan” than FSB agent Potkin/Belov!).

    Obviously this applies to pagans from all European countries, alongside Canada, USA, Australia and New Zeeland. The only one which did have the balls to go feral was Vidar Vaeer from Ildjarn. A cool guy, indeed. Plus, his music and lifestyle is the opposite of yours. What I've said earlier applies to Scandinavian countries and their immigration policy, it applies to France, and heck – basically to all the “white” world, from USA and Canada to Russia. (this is generally more diminished in Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia, where there is still a substantial rural population which is more true to its roots albeit diminishing).

    Where's the grisly sexual alibi which I've been bragging earlier: it's coming right now!

    I started this journal after writing a post in the downright right-on-the-spot VIKING ARE GAY group. As you see, a very aptly nicknamed user which fits the hipster pagan humanoid type like a glove, with pseudoartistic types of expression (which includes the mandatory deviantart account) said FUCK THIS GROUP IN THE ASS WITH A MJOLNIR. This was copies by several more users (all female). I gave there my reply, which alongside this journal will outlast eternity, just like general Kim Il Sung's works on the Juche Idea. Looking into her profile, one sees that she is both a failure with men – by looking at one of her aptly named groups, and that she has “art” in which the heathen Christian Vikernes is portrayed in a rather erotic fashion. Hardly surprising, we know this from religious fanatics (particularly small christian sects like Jehova's witnesses) – or penticoastals or any other obscure XIX-XXth century protestant group. Just like these two girls - the refrain of the song is translated as:

    “HOLD MY HAND (Jesus)/ Forge my heart/ Fill forever my jug/With your oil.”. Or look at these other examples – like this or this albeit you can easily find your own (that if you aren't one yourself) – just go to a Moonsorrow gig or got knows what cliché ridden folk metal band, search the web for bulletin boards, look at groups about “folk and viking metal” and their bands.

    This, as I said, is applied to religious fanatics or religious posers, from odinists to Muslims and Christians. Generally the dominating figure is male, and the submissive one is female. And there are two categories here regarding these people which hide their sexuality in higher values – either virgins or nymphomaniacs. There's nothing in between. Generally the paternal nymphomaniacs are men (like a pastor, reverend or priest, or even a druid!), and women are the ones that have sex in the name of the given religion – Christianity, Hinduism, Odinism, Islam, Global Warming, Human Rights, Communism , National-Socialism, Anarchy, Straight-Edge etc. These women (and men) have an inferiority complex. They also want to get laid, but not in a normal fashion – but in the name of something for a higher, fake, self-esteem. This is why, as that “curse” - FUCK IT IN THE ASS WITH A MJOLNIR, you can see that they fantasize about phallic shaped Mjollnirs and Gungnirs , heavily masculine and erotic blondes/vikings/Thors/ or blue eyed blonde Valkyries. This is why Wahabbis want 72 virgins and blow themselves up for that dream. This is why japanophiles are generally a bunch of people which only appreciate “Japanese culture” made out of mangas, hentai or God knows what kind of degenerate crap they come up with.

    Enough ranting about these cathegories – now it's turn to rant a little bit about Straight Edgers – another religious group, despite their claims.

    Theoretically, I'm one myelf. I never got drunk (nor do I plan to) and I'm a vegan for about two months, and since I feel so good I don't plan on changing my lifestyle very soon. But 95% of you suck, since you try to impose these views on others. And let's face it, it's not universally appliable. You think it is because you're like me, a middle-class citadine bourgeoise which eats supermarket products in school/college/white collar jobs/corporate jobs . But what about construction workers? Miners? Industry workers? Third worlders (in fact, I hope they starve)? Eskimos? They're also eligible for your sectarian one-sighted thought? And regarding drugs – some people under their influence (I'm not curious about them) can do great works of art. In a totally random juxtaposition, Black Sabbath and Mircea Eliade. Generally, it's important in who's hands the given substance is. But I surely don't feel sorry for those stupid enough to die from alcohol or drug overdose. They merely clean the world, albeit in far too small numbers. Most of you also just want to get laid, under a “moral” and “paternal” thought of having a “good, healthy” life. Just like the above mentioned groups. xXx turns into XXX, eh?

    All of you, unlike the following people, are not sincere. Now, listen to these two tracks.

    I won't continue my ranting. Conclusion is final – you suck.

    50 Cent
    Snoop Dogg
    Lil' Wayne
    Nicolae Guţă
    Fernando de la Caransebes
    Copilu de Aur
    Death in June
    Lady Gaga
    Michael Jackson
    Joy Division
    Babi Minune
    Cradle of Filth
    Anal Nosorog
    Babi Minune
    Marina Mustafaeva
    Hate Forest
    Cristi Dules
    Blood of Kingu
    Morbid Anal Fog
    Сыны Севера
    Kivimetsän Druidi
    Kanye West
    Lil' Scrappy
    Bob Marley
    Bad Brains
    Dr. Dre
    Amon Amarth
    XIV Dark Centuries
    Butterfly Temple
    Natural Spirit
    Cypress Hill
    Notorious B.I.G.
    Wu-Tang Clan
    Sear Bliss
    Tony Yayo
    Los Fastidios
    The Opressed
    Mister X
    Brigada Flores Magon
    Minor Threat
    At the Drive-In
    Earth Crisis
    Good Clean Fun
    Casey Jones
    Gorilla Biscuits
    Have Heart
    Youth of Today
    Vitamin X
    Project X
    XXX Maniac
    Hymen Holocaust
    Dying Fetus
    Cock and Ball Torture
    Cannibal Corpse
    Funeral Rape
    Waco Jesus
    2 Minuta Dreka
    Cunt Grinder
    Anal Penetration
    Anal Whore
  • Wolverine Carcass/Ultrabunny 7" finally out! Frail Walls #3

    20 Apr 2010, 23:10 by logbut

    After just about a year of waiting, the Frail Walls #3 is out! A split release with the amazing TPOS label, it is the super awesome, super limited split 7" lathe between power electronics artist Wolverine Carcass and improv space noise punk rockers ultrabunny! Hand lathed by the mysterious Peter King on the equally as mysterious island of New Zealand onto super duper clear 7 inches with no labels, limited to a paltry sum of 50! Wowzers!

    Wolverine Carcass is Logan Butler, one half of Wicked King Wicker, and member of Apocolyptic Youth and Seedbed, offers up two tracks of industrial power electronic noise, representing his first and latest recordings (at the time of the record being pressed). Golden Spoon is a delightful romp through a post-apocalyptic wasteland were everything is destroyed except for a TV broadcasting an old recording of the greatest wrestler of all time Ric Flair preforming a monologue about his vast wealth, almost an projection of the cause of the worlds suffering. Maybe. The second is a bass-throbbing, voice scraping assault about the crumbling of ones sanity called Frail Walls. These cuts are ready for the AM radio!

    Ultrabunny offer up one track of their signature sludgy noisy punk entitled "Beef Runny". A pounding monstrous kraut rock like rhythm section provides the backdrop for a delay and reverb soaked guitar, and psychotic wailing vocals build and build to the point of insanity. All in the best way possible of course. Recorded live and improvised live, this recording will pummel your ears and shake your booty all at the same time. If we must compare these guys to anyone, think Flipper, Hawkwind, Butthole Surfers, and Funkadelic fucking a pile of kryptonite and making a baby and you might have a starting point.

    As stated earlier this beauty is limited to 50 copies (10 of which play at 45RPM and have an alternate Ultrabunny cut; will you be one of the lucky ones to get these? Probably not!) Available now for $10 in the US post paid. Anywhere else in the world may be a bit more for shipping! I have about 20 copies for sale, so act fucking fast! is the paypal address as well as the address for more info!

    I also copies of my new split/collaboration with Reaching. on Hoarse Records. It's Reaching.'s final output (that I know of) and Wolverine Carcass's most insane stuff so far. 21 tracks for Reaching. doing oscillator experimentation, 2 collaborative tracks (one Reaching. plays WxC and one that foreshadows Evan's band Llihje), and 35 Wolverine Carcass tracks of blown out noisecore violence. $5

    Plus I received my copies of my 3" CDr split with Canada's disleksick on Coffin Crawl Records. They gave me two noisy punk tracks and I destroyed them and made them into 10 minutes long power electronics jams. The two original tracks are on there as well. $5

    Also I have an updated distro. Get in touch if you want some stuff.

    Until next time,

    MerzbowFuck, The Retarded GirlAxemRangersFrailty of AngelsTwodeadsluts OnegoodfuckHatebreedBastard NoiseJohn WiesePrurientMasonnaTorturing NurseCock E.S.P.Orgasm DenialGorgonized DorksIron ButterUnholy GraveTriacAir ConditioningAnal CuntWinters In OsakaThe Endless BlockadeSuffering bastardFirst BloodIldjarnCold Cave
  • THE RULES OF THE METAL GODS (transcribed by Thrush)

    28 Feb 2010, 08:03 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    One night I was at my computer listening to an original pressing of Black Sabbath's first album while discussing witchcraft and Occultism on myspace with a few of my friends (who happen to be in KVLT and TR00 black metal bands that only released 50 copies of their one and only recording, and only 10 out of 50 of those albums sold, the recording was recorded on a faulty tape cassette player from 1984) a guy named Gary Gus confronted me and told me that he has come down from Metal Heaven to tell me that I am the Tr00est metal head on Earth and has a reward for me. He would read out the rules of the metal gods, which to be honest was incredibly fucking BORING! what a shit cunt! Firstly he tells me I am the Tr00est KVLT Metull guy on planet Earth now he is lecturing me.

    so according to Gary Gus AKA The Mettul God you must follow these rules, its a 3 strikes and your out thing, break 3 of them and you will NEVER reach metal heaven and but worst of all be a completely failed P0000000SER!!!!11111

    1 Ignore people who dont like Metal they aren't worth your time.

    2 you're not aloud to think its okay for Thrash and Grind bands to forget their punk influence.

    3 No Deathcore, Nu Metal or Metalcore if you listen to it you are sinning! The metal gods HATE sinning!!

    4 We all love the band Death!!!(except for a few fags who wont be going to Metal Heaven) but name dropping them to seem cool makes you a poser, and stop saying they are "DA GREATIST DETH METUL BAND EVA11111!!!!!!!" because their DM bands that are also just as great.

    5 Death>Morbid Angel>Possessed don't agree? well fuck you then! THE METAL GODS WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER!

    6 Black Sabbath or get the fuck out!

    7 Doom Metal is awesome if you think its slow! and boring you have the the smartness are cleverness that good ol' drugged fucked Ozzy has in his old age.

    8 666 refers to Iron Maiden not Satan, AND no im not 555 and your not 666 you fucking maggoty ass poser!

    9 No Dyed Black Emo Haircuts and no 40 + piercings! sorry if you have those then you cannot be in our KVLT and TR00 Metal Club.

    10 No Cannibal Corpse's album Kill is NOT their best album! ITS NOT EVEN A FUCKING DEATH METAL ALBUM!!!!! If you want to hear Cannibal Corpse playing Death Metal listen to anything else they did, but if you want them playing awesome Death Metal listen to the first 4 with Chris Barnes, but not Six Feet Under!!!!

    11 Korn did NOT bring back metal in the 90's!

    12 If you own Cryptopy's: The Unspoken King, Entombed: Vampire Blues, and any thing that In Flames did in the 2000's YOU WILL BE BANISHED FROM METAL HEAVEN!!!!!

    13 the more shows you go to the more metal points you get, and when you harm or injure a scene poser you hit the metal jack pot! ;)


    15 Its Okay if your a Black Metal band to steal your lyrics from books on Satanism, Occultism and Witch Craft and its also okay if you are a Goregrind band and steal your lyrics from Medical Journals

    There was another 2 pages but they somehow disappeared when I went to Norway, It got stolen by some assholes who ran out of Joint rolling papers, FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!

    If there are any mistakes its the Metal god's fault so blame them NOT me!
  • Top 10 Black Metal Albums

    30 Jan 2010, 11:41 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    Bathory: Under The Sign Of The Black Mark
    Mercyful Fate: Melissa
    Venom: Black Metal
    Dissection: Storm Of The Lights Bane
    Celtic Frost: To The Mega Therion
    Grand Belials Key: Mocking The Philanthropist
    Venom: Welcome To Hell
    Burzum: S/T
    Mayhem: De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
    Marduk: Fuck Me Jesus(demo)
  • Top 10 Thrash Metal Albums

    30 Jan 2010, 11:33 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    Demolition Hammer: Epidemic Of Violence
    Exodus: Bonded By Blood
    Sodom: Agent Orange
    Rigor Mortis: S/T
    Slayer: Reign In Blood
    Megadeth: Rust In Peace
    S.O.D: Speak English Or Die
    Artillery: By Inheritance
    Incubus(Louisiana): Beyond The Unknown
    Megadeth: Peace Sells But Who's Buying?
  • Top 10 Death Metal Albums

    30 Jan 2010, 11:18 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    Demilich: Nespithe
    Gorguts: Considered Dead
    Death: Leprosy
    Suffocation: Effigy Of The Forgotten
    Cryptopsy: None So Vile
    Dismember: like An Ever Flowing Stream
    Sinister: Cross The Styx
    Asphyx: Last One On Earth
    Pestilence: Malleus Maleficarum
    Obituary: Slowly We Rot
  • Top 10 Grindcore albums

    30 Jan 2010, 11:05 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    Repulsion: Horrified
    Last Days Of Humanity: Putrefaction In Progress
    Napalm Death: Scum
    Insert Warfare: World Extermination
    Brutal Truth: Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
    Napalm Death: For Ensalvement to Obileration
    Carcass: Reek Of Putrefaction
    Cripple Bastards: your Lies in check
    Terrorizer: World Downfall
    Phobia: Return to Desolation
  • Top 10 Doom Metal albums

    30 Jan 2010, 10:59 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    Katatonia: Brave Murder Day
    dISEMBOWELMENT: Transcendence into the Peripheral
    Satarnus: Paradise Belongs To You
    Winter: Into Darkness
    Anathema: The Silent Enigma
    Candlemass: Night fall
    Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    Saint Vitus: Born Too Late
    Thergothen: Stream From The Heavens
    Electric Wizard: Dopethrone
  • LOC show ends in violence= Funniest show of the year

    9 Jan 2010, 11:24 by THRUSHTILLDEATH

    "As Leftover Crack took the stage there was much anticipation, from a fuck load of punks who were stoked to get to see LOC finally in Australia. it wasn't 2 songs in before STZA decided he didn't want anyone touching him, so started kicking people in the face. then getting his bodyguard to hold people while he abused them. then he began 5 minutes of complaining he was too hot. As the crowd began booing and abusing him, he became more defensive, yelling abuse and getting another bodyguard on stage to try intimidate the crowd. It wasn't long before punks were on stage, punching him in the head, yelling abuse and generally trying to get the fuckwit to realise he's a fucking tool."
    "loucke = shit" on FUCK YEAH I was at that gig your the fucking tools! Stza was funny that night.

    The Show ended with people realising listening to LoC all those years was a waste of time. (ha ha not me that made me wont to by all of Da Stz.'s back cat.

    Btw I did not wright the review, some angry Crusty did