• Psyche - 30 Years Legacy

    5 Apr 2013, 16:12 by ghostchild

    Been awhile since an update.

    We started this year playing in Norway, and Sweden, and up next is Rewind Easter fest in Belgium. While recording new ideas, we have begun to make exclusive releases from our archives on Bandcamp, so you will find live albums, and one-off singles, or compilations that are available exclusively here.
    Have a listen, buy and scrobble!


  • Patti Smith Acoustic Trio Live @ La Cité de la musique - Paris, 20/01/2011

    6 Feb 2011, 22:30 by Stoov

    Jeu 20 jan. – Patti Smith acoustic trio
    It was my 3rd Patti Smith experience since 1996. The first time was with my father in Concarneau (south Brittany - France), I was 16 and I consider it as my first gig ever.
    All 3 gigs were very unique to my own appreciation...
    The first one back in July 1996 took place in an old town under the moonlight, by the sea...Simply beautiful ! Patti sang and said poems...
    I will never forget this evening...

    My second Patti Smith concert took place in my favourite parisian venue. The Bataclan, in July 2004. It was a more classical gig compared to the first one but the atmosphere in the audience was crazy ! A lot more than my first one when I was 16 ! I felt this way maybe because I was older this time and knew a bit more about the woman...I've appreciated that gig in a different kind of way ;)

    And the last one...but not the least ! She introduced the gig as being the second unplugged one she was giving in her whole career ! The first one was (from what she told us) played in the 1970's with Bob Dylan !
    And what I can say is that this evening Patti spoke to my soul...I cried and felt undeniably good ! Unplugged dreams...The feeling of attending a one in a life time live experience ! My legs are still shaking...Thank you Mrs Smith ;) You're simply amazing !!!

    Here is the setlist of this Unplugged dream ;)

    - Boots of Spanish Leather (Bob Dylan Cover),
    - Grateful,
    - My Blakean Year,
    - We Three,
    - Daydream Believer (The Monkees Cover),
    - Beneath The Southern Cross,
    - Dancing Barefoot,
    - Ghost Dance,
    - Redondo Beach,
    - Mother Rose,
    - Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles Cover),
    - Frederick,
    - Because the Night,

    - People Have the Power,
    - Rock n Roll Nigger,

    (Second Encore):
    - Wing (in memory of Jean Genet)

    Patti Smith with Lenny Kaye, Tony Shanahan, Jack Petruzzelli, Jesse Smith, Mike Campbell, Luca Lanzi and Andreas Petermann.
  • Playlist of a hot and sunny day

    23 May 2010, 20:05 by Stoov

    Today was like a summer day...Hot, sunny, happy faces...Just a perfect day !
    I've enjoyed so much walking along the Seine in Paris and sitting at a terrasse reading and listening to music ^^
    While I was listening to Massive Attack I thought it would be funny to write down all the songs I've listened to this afternoon and which were in my very own opinion worth listening to under the sun ^^

    - Massive Attack : Dissolved Girl

    - Madonna : Sky Fits Heaven

    - Joy Division : She's Lost Control

    - K's Choice : Let It Grow

    - The Cure : Purple Haze

    - ABBA : Lay All Your Love on Me

    - Frigo : Westcoast voices

    - Gorillaz : Stylo

    - Metric : Gimme Sympathy

    - Fever Ray : Triangle Walks

    - Reead : Pirate of Love

    - Hole : Northern Star

    - Bloc Party : The Pioneers

    - K's Choice : Somewhere

    - Bronski Beat : Ain't Necessarily So

    - The Cure : Scared as You

    - Madonna : Justify My Love

    - Felix : Don't You Want Me (Hooj Mix)

    - Kylie Minogue : Stars

    - Placebo : Little Mo

    - Massive Attack : Unfinished Sympathy

    - Dance Yourself To Death : Sea of Love

    - Bronski Beat : No More War

    - PJ Harvey : We Float

    - Lady Gaga : Alejandro

    - Placebo : Summer's Gone

    - Empire of the Sun : Walking on a Dream

    - Me Vs You : The Promise

    - Metronomy : The End Of You Too

    - Captain Hollywood Project : Only With You (dance mix)

    - Madonna : Who's That Girl

    - Gossip : Love Long Distance

    - The Cure : A Foolish Arrangement
  • La Roux @ Le Bataclan - Paris, 26/02/2010

    27 Feb 2010, 00:24 by Stoov

    Ven. 26 fév. – La Roux
    Je reviens du concert de La Roux au Bataclan...Et comment dire ?! Je suis trop resté sur ma faim !!!
    Certes, je ne m'attendais pas à un concert d'1h30, voire même d'1h15 avec son seul et unique album...Mais 45 minutes ça pu du cul quand même !!!
    Déjà il a bien fallu 3 titres pour que l'ambiance s'installe (et si je m'en tiens aux bruits de couloirs post concert, je ne suis pas le seul de cet avis) et alors que tout le monde dansait, remuait les bras etc etc...hop hop hop ils sortent de scène pour le rappel ! J'suis resté bête...Déjà *o*
    Un titre supplémentaire et hop hop hop rallumage général !!! Mon amie et moi on est resté sans voix !!!
    En gros sur 45 minutes, j'ai aimé 30 minutes...
    Elle est toute en retenue je trouve ! Alors que sa musique est festive, donne la pêche...elle danse mais bon voila y a pas grand chose de plus quoi ! En comparaison, Gossip qui jouent rarement plus de 1h15, bah t'en ressorts comme si t'avais passé 2h00 à un concert de NiN au Zenith en pleine canicule...(Toutes proportions gardées bien entendu ;D Aucun de ces groupes ne jouant dans la même catégorie) !
    J'ai aimé écouter et me dandiner sur ses titres live mais j'aurais tout autant pris mon pied à passer son CD lors d'une soirée tout en dansant et rigolant avec des amis...

    Really not worth the 26,40 Euros :/ TOO expensive for such a gig !
    Sorry Ms Jackson...I guess you'll get better with more tracks to present...You're still awesome but I'm soooo frustrated !!!
    45 minutes on stage for god's sake...You haven't even played all the tracks from your album...
    I've seen many many gigs since I was 16 (I'm 30) and many newcomers like you generally play more than 1 hour, make a few covers if they have not composed many songs yet, I don't know..."Under My Thumb" from The Rolling Stones was a good cover but it was the only one...And I'm sure you could have played a few more songs from your album...
    Anyway, it would have been a good show for a festival...But I think I was expecting something more personal from you for a show of your own...And I guess I'm not the only one ;)
  • Top 2009

    25 Feb 2010, 00:30 by Stoov

    The past year was a very good one musically speaking as far as my tastes are concerned ^^ Many good albums have been released and I've been lucky enough to attend many good gigs !

    Here are my favourite albums of 2009 :
    1- Gossip : Music For Men
    2- Frigo : World Is Science Fiction
    3- Me Vs You : Unconditional Love
    4- Pet Shop Boys : Yes
    5- Peaches : I Feel Cream
    6- Depeche Mode : Sounds Of The Universe
    7- Placebo : Battle For The Sun
    8- Soldout : Cuts
    9- IAMX : Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction
    10- John Parish & PJ Harvey : A Woman A Man Walked By
    11- Editors : In This Light And On This Evening

    Here are bands I've discovered this year and that I can't stop listening to :
    - The XX : XX
    - Chicks On Speed : Cutting The Edge
    - Royksöpp : Junior
    - Lunatic Soul : Lunatic Soul
    - Port Royal : Dying In Time
    - Ssion : Fools Gold
    - Naive New Beaters : Wallace
    - Object : A Place To Hide
    - Pony Pony Run Run : Pony Pony Run Run
    - Amanda Palmer : Who Killed Amanda Palmer ?
    - Ladyhawke : Ladyhawke
    - Uh Huh Her : Common Reaction

    Finally, my favourite gigs of the year :
    - Depeche Mode : Stade de France - Paris
    - Madonna : Bercy - Paris
    - Gossip : Bataclan - Paris
    - Massive Attack : Zenith - Paris
    - John Parish & PJ Harvey - Bataclan - Paris
    - Tori Amos : Palais des Congrès - Paris
    - Peaches : Elysée Montmartre - Paris
    - IAMX : La Loco - Paris
    - Placebo : Olympia - Paris
    - Eagles Of Death Metal : Bataclan - Paris
    - Nine Inch Nails : Zenith - Paris
    - Metronomy : La Cigale - Paris
    - Coldplay : Parc des Princes - Paris
    - Bruce Springsteen : Festival des Vieilles Charrues - Carhaix
    - Benabar : Zenith - Paris
    - Naive New Beaters : Elysée Montmartre - Paris
    - Vitalic : La Cigale - Paris
  • Soundtrack of my life...funny game !

    24 Nov 2009, 23:01 by Stoov

    You wanna do the same, put your Media Player or Itunes or whatever on random mode and let it play ! It sometimes can be funny or totally inappropriate...

    Here is mine ;)

    Opening Credits
    Pony Pony Run Run - Walking on a Line

    Waking Up
    Pet Shop Boys - All Over the World

    First Day At School
    Linkin Park - Nobody's Listening
    "Pfiouuu...I forgot I had this song in my library...lol"

    Falling In Love
    Fever Ray - Stranger Than Kindness

    Losing Virginity
    Cansei de Ser Sexy - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex

    Fight Song
    The Notwist - Sleep
    "A fight with myself..."

    Breaking Up
    PJ Harvey - When Under Ether

    Vast - Straight Into The End

    Radiohead - A Punchup at a Wedding

    Mental Breakdown
    Courtney Love - Zeppelin Song

    Vertical Horizon - Miracles
    "Great Choice..."

    Garbage - Nobody Loves You
    "lol...I could hardly have chosen a better one..."

    Madonna - Let It Will Be

    Happy dance
    Depeche Mode - Clean
    "Lol ! Hum...Not the typical kind of song to dance to..."

    Queens of the Stone Age - Do It Again
    "I must be mad...lol"

    Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies

    Long night alone
    Nine Inch Nails - Sin

    Glass Candy - Poison or Remedy

    Getting Back Together
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - No No No

    SoftCell - Youth
    "Hum...would have been better in the flashback section or during a long night alone...lol"

    Birth of Child
    TV on the Radio - Tonight

    Final Battle
    Kids On TV - Raw Raw Raw
    "Well done...hahaha"

    Death Scene
    Madonna - Jump (Axwell Remix Edit)
    "Would have been better in the Happy Dance section...but gosh not for a Death Scene ! LOL !"

    Funeral Song
    Radiohead - Dollars and Cents

    End Credits
    Nine Inch Nails - Last
    "Great End !!! lol"
  • Madonna - Sticky & Sweet Tour, Round 2 in Paris (Bercy) on July the 9th, 2009

    10 Jul 2009, 01:34 by Stoov

    Thu 9 Jul – Sticky & Sweet Tour part. II
    I love Madge !!! She's the best performer I've ever seen...Well she is just incredible !
    It was my 5th Madonna's gig and I must say that every time I see her I feel so much positive energy that I can't stop smiling, dancing, singing...
    This review won't be long I guess because I'm really tired and I can't find my words and I think I wouldn't stop saying she's great, she's the best, I love her and blablabla...LOL !

    So, just to say that compared to the 2 gigs I've seen from the first round of this tour last year, this one was definitely the best in my very own opinion ! Firstly it was an indoor performance with less people than in the Stade de France ! The sound quality was excellent tonight, the crowd was very good too and it seems like she was very happy to be here...Well that's what she said...even if she always says she loves France and her fans there and as she said tonight she "always have the best time in France"...I guess she'll say the same when she'll play Italia or Spain or Germany etc...Well I hope so for the fans there :P
    She had made some changing in the setlist...Bye bye "Borderline", "Heartbeat" and "Hung Up"...Welcome "Dress You Up", "Holiday" & "Frozen" !!! Needless to say that I was TOTALLY excited...4 of my very favourite Mado songs in the same show : "Like A Prayer", "Frozen", "Dress You Up", "Vogue"...Pfff I thought I would have died...LOL !
    Here is the complete setlist :

    Candy Factory / The Sweet Machine (Intro)
    Candy Shop
    Beat Goes On
    Human Nature
    Die Another Day (Interlude)
    Into The Groove
    Dress You Up
    She's Not Me
    Rain / Here Comes The Rain Again (Video Interlude)
    Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
    Spanish Lesson
    Miles Away
    La Isla Bonita
    Doli Doli (Kolpakov Trio solo)
    You Must Love Me
    Get Stupid (Video Interlude)
    4 Minutes
    Like A Prayer
    Ray Of Light
    Give It 2 Me

    As you can see, no COTDF songs in this setlist ! Well I was so happy with this show that I don't mind...So happy to have "Frozen" and "Dress You Up" back in it ^^
    The last part of the show is really intense with everybody jumping around...My favourite part of the gig in fact !
    The latin part with "La Isla Bonita" in its gypsy version is also a great moment...
    Well as you've understood, the whole show is great !

    Can't wait for the dvd release of the first part of the tour...and for the next time with a new album out :P

    MADONNA FOREVER.............................................................................................................
  • Hear FUNPLEX (First New B-52s single)

    15 Jan 2008, 19:24 by j-sin

    Needless to say, I'm very excited as the first single from The B-52's has just been made (officially) available online.

    Here's the link: http://disco.emimusicpub.com/emiweb/funplex_full_the_b52s.wma

    Having heard it live before, I can say I really like the finished version and am looking forward to the remixes that Peaches is lined up to do. Its rocky and - just the way I like my B-52's.

    Give it a listen and let me know what you think - its been 16 years since the band's last album and longer since loveshack.
  • Pop goes the world

    13 Nov 2007, 13:04 by j-sin

    Pop Goes the World

    For the last few weeks I've been engaged in a real moral dilemma. I've been given loads of great music and been to see loads of great gigs - and all quite credible. But there's something I've been wondering if I should admit to or not. I thought maybe my gay gene had gone out of control and I was getting scared...

    A few weeks ago I was out drinking with friends and a scene repeated itself twice in one night.

    Jason: This song is great. What is it?!

    Friends: You idiot! This is one of the biggest pop songs of the year/ever! How have you not heard it?

    The first time, I was listening to Rihanna's Umbrella; the second time it happened that night I was listening to Robyn's With Every Heartbeat. To my credit, both were special re-mixes and not the bog standard ones.

    Rihanna has been in the UK charts for 26 weeks and was Number 1 for a good number of them and Robyn's single performed similarly (even if I can't the exact stats). Somehow, I'd missed them both - until now.

    Now... with my music collection having just had the likes of Radiohead, The Hidden Cameras (another sign my gay gene was becoming overactive!), M.I.A. and [aritst]Bishi added to it, I could be listening to some super-credible, super-cool music. But, no gentle reader, I am not. And this is my admission, I simply can't stop listening to the Rihanna and Robyn singles. They're my guilty pleasures (even if they nearly passed me by!).

    I've never shyed away from admitting that I like, no love, pop music but have always thought that it was just part of having a "well rounded" music taste. But I was actually scared how much I liked Rihanna - especially when I realised she also sang [track artist=rihanna]Shut Up and Drive, which I've been dancing to in clubs, not knowing who sang it.

    Then, I read Miranda Sawyer's column in The Observer Music Monthly. I usually hate her column, thinking its stuck-up and pretentious, but this month she had a point - pop is simple and its happening in a big way right now. And, better yet, we can ignore The Spice Girls yet love credible pop (the grouping to which Rihanna and Robyn must surely belong) like Hot Chip and Mika.


    So what's driving this? I don't know. Maybe we're all sick of war and politics and need something lighter in our lives. I'm not complaining.

    But how far will it go? I mean, are Radiohead hinting they'll go pop-tastic by naming their new album In Rainbows? Will they be our Eurovision entry next year? Are we all destined to live in a rainbow-filled world like
    Planet Unicorn?

    I mean, this is getting seriously worrying. One of my friends with some of the best musical taste around sent me a link to listen to remixes of Kylie Minogue and Britney last week. Are we all submitting to our guilty pop pleasures?

    Again, I can't say. But for now, I'm happy. Pop goes the world.
  • Mon 5 Nov – Siouxsie, Akala, Comanechi

    7 Nov 2007, 14:11 by j-sin

    Mon 5 Nov – Siouxsie, Akala, Comanechi

    Seeing Siouxsie again on Monday night was a great treat - twice in as many weeks!

    I really enjoyed the last gig but complained she didn't play long enough. The set was longer this time (though there were still a few notable songs missing from the set - where was Peek-A-Boo?!) and much better.

    Her stage presence was amazing - kicking and strutting in a catsuit just like she did when she was 20 and kicking off in London.

    Akala was an odd choice of opener but I enjoyed his set of what I can only call "intelligent rap."