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    • 1 Sep 2007, 18:34

    Group Connections

    The obligatory artist connection thread. Name all the bands you consider suitable for this group here. I've already added a few, but more bands are most welcome.

    • Amarvl said...
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    • 2 Sep 2007, 00:06
    Nebelkorona, Vinterriket, Lunar Aurora, Nyktalgia, I have no idea if these have been named before.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 2 Sep 2007, 13:25
    No, they haven't, and will be added immediately.

    • Amarvl said...
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    • 2 Sep 2007, 15:40
    It should be noted though that Nebelkorona is not black metal but folkish ambient, though related to the scene because it is a side project of Vinterriket.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Sep 2007, 11:34
    It is perfectly suitable. I've listened to the music at your recommendation and it's excellent. Thank you very much for mentioning it. It doesn't have to be black metal, anyway.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Sep 2007, 11:41
    Mourning Dawn, Mortifera, Würm, Nirnaeth (the dark ambient Polish act, one of the most underrated bands though AWESOME!), Isolation, Nae'blis ...

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    • 3 Sep 2007, 12:36
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Sep 2007, 13:50
    All added, thank you.

  • Dauði og blóm!
  • Bergtagen and Herbst fit the group as well. Their music is based on Neo-Folk and Black Metal and it is quite introspective.

    Libera me domine de morte,aetema in die illa tremenda.
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Jan 2008, 19:19
    Imperium Dekadenz

    Very good bands, and very much fitting this group. Please connect!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Mar 2008, 02:21

    They all seem to fit perfectly this group

    Shape of Despair
    Thy Light
    Dhalia's Tear
    A Bleeding Star
    Of the Wand & the Moon
    Forest of Shadows
    Sopor Aeternus and The Ensemble of Shadows

    • Amarvl said...
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    • 13 Jun 2008, 23:47
    Well, since my sister was completely blown away by my project 'Lajlia' because it was never done before she said, at which she's right by the way. She insisted that I finally get of my arse with music and promote it a little. She even went out of her way to make a last.fm page here. I've even made a logo, hooray:

    I've even made an album cover:

    (Fits the music perfectly)

    I've even made music, Kenya believe it, better than Norway?

    01: 'Stars so Bright'

    06: 'Vestiges (II: ...Of Transcendence)'

    08: 'Twilight Skies'

    The rest of the eight tracks one can get by simply a 'cd .'

    "Lajlia is a project dealing with the balance of dreams and nightmares, portraying childhood hopes versus adult reality. Themes like dreams, broken hopes, nostalgia, amazement, fright, depression, childlike innocence, fantastic worlds et al."

    Add to your connexions.

    Do it.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Jun 2008, 14:47
    Ulfang "Disillusion" has soft, romantic, melancholic atmosphere. Perfect!

  • you should add bmFrail its shoegazeish

  • i meant to separate bm and frail
    there is an emo band named frail too but fuck them

  • Lord Agheros is very important in this category! Cheers guys

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Feb 2010, 01:01
    Oskoreien definitely should be connected - just check out Transcendence, fantastic stuff.

    • Sharkuu said...
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    • 13 Mar 2010, 16:34
    • coleio said...
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    • 19 Apr 2010, 17:09

    • 5k17 said...
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    • 18 Nov 2010, 19:42
  • Skagos, Panopticon, An Autumn For Crippled Children, Dysthymia, Gallowbraid, Eterul, Lustre, Miserere Luminis, Posthum, Petrychor. Some may be added already though. meh.

  • Woods of Desolation, Clair Cassis, Sleepwalker, Fell Voices, Ash Borer.

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