Favorite black metal album cover


    • DonKac said...
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    • 16 Nov 2011, 16:52

  • one of personal favorite...

  • any cover of Kris Verwimp


  • The wizard in black reveals the sign
    The chosen are ready, destiny realigns
    Eye of ultra soul, together we join
    Alone again, once again, into the void
  • Gehenna - First spell

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    • yinzx7 said...
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    • 1 Mar 2012, 07:13

    Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane

    I'm surprised no one posted this yet

  • Re: Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane - remarkable album cover

    yinzx7 said:
    I'm surprised no one posted this yet

  • blessed in sin

    I had a vision of a million crucified bodies
    As they hung high over the streets
    like slaughtered pigs
    I amused myself in wondering
    if their dead fucking god still gave a shit about them.

  • In These Trees Are My Gallows

    "Crush your earthly virtnes,
    As I stumbled through snow and frost
    my feeble heart is longing for the wood,
    where all dark cast a shadow...."

    It's pale morrow landscape,
    Has now risen through the bleak night
    over the moors and mountains,
    Flies the hunting ravens..., searching

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