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  • Pink Reason article


    in the latest issue of Perfect Sound Forever, you'll find (among other things):

    Pink Reason
    Drone collages disguised as songs, interview by Luis Boullosa
    "Kevin DeBroux, soul of Pink Reason, is one of a kind, and his second LP "Sh-t in the Garden" (Slitbreeze, 2011) is more than enough to prove that. A weird (but powerful and catchy) collage of cold emotional drones cut down to the size of songs, featuring the devastating "Sixteen Years," it situates him at the crossroads where Michael Gira & his Angels of Light, the sharpest Lou Reed and the magnetic resonance of Ian Curtis meet. But without a trace of nostalgia. DeBroux's carried over his shoulders the stigma of lo-fi culture and one of that legends rock & roll world is hopelessly devoted to: the rootless one, the lost child, the vagabond, the rejected, unknown genius living on the margin of society, in an eternal conflict from which pure talent flows freely."

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