Favorite noise pop band?

  • Abe Vigoda
    No Age
    though they dont exactly belong on here.

    What else, Deerhoof and Deerhunter

    ehh cant think of shit on top of my head

  • Favorite right? The Sunshine Factory and A place to bury strangers. oh and asobi seksu. I know some of you think they are shoe gaze but it think noise pop fits better

  • Dealership

  • Women

  • Some newer bands that deserve mention here:
    The Crocodiles.
    The Raveonettes.
    The Dum Dum Girls.

  • The Jesus And Mary Chain
    Vivian Girls
    Times New Viking
    The Raveonettes
    Dum Dum Girls
    No Joy (they are probably more shoegaze though.)

  • My Bloody Valentine
    Yo La Tengo
    The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

  • The Gris Gris
    RTFO Bandwagon
    Psychedelic Horseshit
    Eat Skull
    Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch

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