New Against Me! record

  • New Against Me! record

    What do ya think of the new songs so far? I've only heard five of them and the only one I loved was "Up the Cuts."
    Any other thoughts on 'New Wave' or anything?

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 Jun 2007, 21:00
    i just saw the video for 'white people for peace' it was pretty good. pretty low budget video for a sire release. there were some sweet symbolism in the video. i like the lyrics to the song and the chorus is pretty catchy.

  • I was thinking of getting it though it would be the first Against me! i would have made after "the disco before the breakdown". I have all the stuff before that though, and the acoustic stuff is great folk punk. If they had stayed on no idea they would be so good, now theybve just lef their ideals behind, but ill give the new album a try before I knock what they have beco,e completely

  • Not so...

    ...convinced by their new album. But it's getting better and better with every listining. Just this duet with Tegan (or is it Sara) is horrible and "stop" is just a fucking disco sound, gggggggggrrrrrrrrrr....

  • G - E - N - E - R - I - C

  • mph... not so sure about it. First time I heard it, it ended before I noticed, I gave it some other tries but I find it too weak and a bit slow.

    The songs I like best are americans abroad (already published), the single (which I hated the first time I heard it) and some others around.

    Its not bad but its for sure their worst release up to date, at least thats my opinion now, still hope it grows on me...

    • Aioth said...
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    • 7 Nov 2007, 12:38
    I really don't like Thrash Unreal. Americans Abroad is probably the only track I like.

    • forming said...
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    • 27 Dec 2007, 11:28
    you guys serious?

  • Of course they're serious... you can ONLY be on a small label to have ideals. DUH!

  • the only album they've released that i didn't really like was as the eternal cowboy.

    "Fuck Your Street Spirit." - Ruben Polo
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