Ordering Via Wii Browser

  • Ordering Via Wii Browser

    Was wondering if anyone knows if it's safe to order stuff online through the Wii, or if there are security issues atm?

  • I would imagine that the shopping websites would require that the browser support http over ssh, sothe link should be encrypted. Otherwise the web site in question would probably not accept the connection, and therefore you wouldn't be able to enter your credit card details.

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    • coxy said...
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    • 13 Apr 2007, 00:58
    It should be safe to do so, especially if you've the full version - just look for the lock in the bottom right which means the connection's secure.

    In fact, its probably marginally safer to use the Wii Browser than it is Internet Explorer on a PC.

    However, some services will require the use of a computer. I know my bank, for example, probably wouldn't let me do moline banking with the Wii. But that's down to their constraints and not a browser security issue.

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