Best Wii Games

  • Best Wii Games

    Hey guys, I just want to see who-owns-what and how you like them!

    Its obvious that Zelda is going to be the Wii game of the year, but OTHER than that, what else deserves my coin? Trauma Center I think is the most interesting game, there's nothing more satisfying than cutting someone else apart..

    I hear Excite Truck is awesome, anyone own that one?

    • Valdens said...
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    • 7 Dec 2006, 03:46
    Zelda is great, but next year will be even better. Metroid + Mario + Super Smash Bros.+ Animal Crossing for the win.

  • I have Excite Truck. It's a fun racing game, but there really isn't much to do in it.

  • smash bros for sure

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Dec 2006, 16:11
    Hard to say which is the best Wii game since not many has been released ;), but sofar I'm having lot's of fun in Zelda and Wii Sports. Getting Call of Duty 3 for christmas and possibly Red Steel after that. But as Valdens said, next year is looking to be really awesome.

    • Suzie14 said...
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    • 13 Jan 2007, 23:11
    I think that Zelda is the best game for the Wii. For the Cube, too. It's just a great game, I've been playing it much.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 Jan 2007, 16:55
    Oh yes, Zelda is a great game, though a bit easy imo, but still a really great game :)

    And I'm waiting for the new Smash Bros., that will definitely rock :D

  • Zelda...that's a no brainer.

    Wii Sports. C'mon everyone has to like this game at least a little bit. My friends and I are really into it.

    Elebits. Definitely one of the most addictive games for the Wii. How can you pass up such a cute game :p

    Trauma Center. I'm not much of a fan of these japanese geared games, but I picked up Trauma Center for DS a while back, and I decided it would be a nice addition to the collection. Still a great game.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 19 Jan 2007, 23:38
    Yeah, Wii Sports rocks!
    The best game when you have friends around.

    And I didn't play Elebits yet, don't know if it's even out here in Europe...

  • Calipar said:
    Yeah, Wii Sports rocks!
    The best game when you have friends around.

    And I didn't play Elebits yet, don't know if it's even out here in Europe...

    It's a semi-recent release here in America, so i'm guessing that it's not out yet there.

  • I still have to wait to play my Zelda game since my Wii hasn't arrived yet, but I just know it's the best game of 2006, 2007 on the other hand is going to be either Super Smash Brawl or Animal Crossing.

  • I have four games for the moment (zelda,red steel,elebits and Cod3) and I think that the one I like the most is Red Steel and Elebits is great when you just have nothing to do and when your high..;)

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  • rayman is great while high/drunk :D

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  • Of the 4 games I have at the moment:
    Wii Sports
    Red Steel
    Wii Play
    Super Monkey Ball : Banana Blitz

    ...I've definitely played Wii Sports the most

  • Noisehat said:
    rayman is great while high/drunk :D

    Lol..I played Elebits while tripping balls and it was mo'fcking hilarious and great lol..but after playing a bit..I've become to have nausea and it finished for me by throwing up the whole night due to the od that I did lol.That was sick.

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  • hahah did you combine b33r with w33d? that useally destroys me :<

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  • I've got Wii Sports, Zelda, Call of Duty 3, Excite Truck and Tiger Woods.

    Best? Wii Sports off course, Zelda and Tiger Woods. Yep, i'm a golfer. I'm really curious about The Godfather. Anyone played it yet?

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  • I have Wii Sports, Trauma Center, Zelda and I rent Wii games every week at Movie Gallery. But, out of all of the games that i've played, Zelda is frekin AWSOME! And can anyone inform me on the Animal Crossing game?

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  • I think the best game out now is Zelda, the story, temples, charecters, graphix, just everything about it rocks.

    • lednerg said...
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    • 3 Apr 2007, 08:27
    Wii Sports and WarioWare get the most play time from me. If I were younger, I'm sure it would be different. I just don't have the free time I once did, so those games are perfect for my situation. I still haven't beaten Zelda for crying out loud.

  • Wii Sports: Great! I get strikes at bowling all the time, and boxing my sister is fun ^^
    Wii Play: Not the best game, but Fun to play. Of course I cant, becuas sister always losing and she gets upset, and no one else will play...
    WarioWare Smooth Moves: Its ok, but anoyying after a while, so I give up often.
    Rayman: Why does everyone hate this game? I think it isnt brilliant, but its fun to dance to "bunnies just wanna have fun" only problem is Im left handed so I have to remember to change hands...
    Kororimpa: I love this game! easy, (well at first) cute, and fun!
    Think thats all my games at the moment, just waiting for My Sims, animal Crossing, And I pray Nintendogs!
    Also have Zelda, I forgot. I like the wolf, but I gave up because the game is massive, and I am stuck on first dungeon.

    • Hioshi said...
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    • 1 Jun 2007, 14:20
    For the moment,my only best game is Wii Sports! Soon i
    will buy (I hope!) also Wario Ware and Kororimpa! :)

  • Wii sports can be played forever if you got wii friends. SSBB Alone will be worth getting wii . (SSBB = Super Smash Brothers Brawl)

  • My best wii game so far is Zelda Twilight Princess... Today Resident Evil 4 and Harry Potter and the order of the phönix will ship... think resident evil 4 is best

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 28 Jun 2007, 14:55
    Oh yeah, RE4 rocks! I loved the game on the GameCube, but it's definitely worth to play on Wii, aiming with the Wiimote just rules :)
    Oh, and of course you get all the PS2 extras with the better GC-graphics :)

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