Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places)

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    • 15 Mar 2009, 09:01

    Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places)

    Starting today, and for a very limited time only, you have the chance to watch the entire "Made in Hong Kong (and in various other places...)" documentary exclusively on Nightwish's MySpace page. Get some snacks and follow the link below!

    » Watch the documentary

    Since the album-threads pop up everywhere lately, I'll give you a chance to share your thoughts on Made In Hong Kong. Feel free to discuss everything concerning this last album/ep....

    Audio CD:

    1. Bye Bye Beautiful (live)
    2. Whoever Brings The Night (live)
    3. Amaranth (live)
    4. The Poet And The Pendulum (live)
    5. Sahara (live)
    6. The Islander (live)
    7. Last Of The Wilds (live)
    8. 7 Days To The Wolves (live)
    9. Escapist
    10. While Your Lips Are Still Red
    11. Cadence Of Her Last Breath (Demo)


    1. Dark Passion Play World Tour Documentary (running time: 37 minutes)
    2. Bye Bye Beautiful (promotional video)
    3. Amaranth (promotional video)
    4. Islander (promotional video)

    Sometimes it feels it would be better for us all
    If I ceased to exist or was never born at all
    Sometimes it feels it would be easier to fall
    than to flutter in the air with these wings so weak and torn
  • I was a bit disappointed with the tracklist, I would've hoped a few older songs too. But then again, it's from the DPP-tour, so... yeah. The CD is still nice to listen, Nightwish rocks as always. Sahara is particularly wonderful... I actually think that Anette sounds much better live than on the album. And the beer bag (which I bought my version of 'Made in Hong Kong' with) is pretty cool. :D

  • I like those live version, Anette is getting better and better, kinda pity they didn't put earlier songs with Anette on it but check... maybe next time :D

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