Favorite Line from a Neil Young Song

    • amerpie said...
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    • 21 Jun 2007, 03:36

    Favorite Line from a Neil Young Song

    "It doesn't mean that much to me to mean that much to you." -- Old Man

    "This machine kills fascists" -- Written on Woodie Guthrie's Guitar
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  • "a man needs a maid" - A Man Needs A Maid

  • You're all just pissin' in the wind.
    You don't know it but you are.
    - Ambulance Blues -

    • amerpie said...
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    • 30 Jun 2007, 17:29


    Tell me why, tell me why Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself, When your old enough to repay but young enough to sell?

    What does it mean? Even Neil can't remember.

    "This machine kills fascists" -- Written on Woodie Guthrie's Guitar
    • WLC said...
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    • 3 Jul 2007, 12:49
    It's better to burn out, than to fade away...

  • Keep'on rockin in the free world !!!!!!

  • "Though my problems are meaningless, that don't make them go away." and "Now I'm livin' out here on the beach, but those seagulls are still out of reach." - "On the Beach"

    "So if you are out there waitin'
    I hope you show up soon,
    'Cause my heart needs relatin'
    Not solitude." - "Lotta Love"

  • "And I know we should be free
    But freedom's just a prison to me
    And though these wings have turned to stone
    I can fly, fly away
    Watch me fly above the city
    Like a shadow on the sky"
    Danger Bird

    I see my light come shining from the west unto the east
    Any day now, any day now, I shall be released
    • rw-wax said...
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    • 9 Aug 2007, 20:21
    there is more to the picture that meets the eye - my, my, hey, hey

    drop it
  • Woke up this morning with love in mind, it was rainin' outside, but my love still shined [...] What am i doin' here?
    - Love in Mind from Time Fades Away

    Such bitterness and tenderness, it's so heartbreaking to hear.

    And i also love the "Seagull"-part from On the Beach.
    On the Beach is easily the best album.

    It's a beautiful world we live in / A sweet romantic place
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 26 Aug 2007, 19:10
    Roger and out, good buddy

  • Favorite Line from a Neil Young Song

    So many amazing lyrics to choose from, but this always cracks me up,

    "That guy just keeps singin'!
    Can somebody shut him up?
    I don't know for the life of me
    where he comes up with that stuff."

    Grampa's Interview

  • Favorite Line from a Neil Young song

    In addition to the complete LIKE A HURRICANE I suggest

    If I could hold on
    to just one thought
    For long enough to know
    Why my mind is moving so fast
    And the conversation is slow.
    Burn off all the fog
    And let the sun
    through to the snow
    Let me see your face again
    Before I have to go.

    from Barstool Blues (Zuma)


  • WLC said:
    It's better to burn out, than to fade away...

    Sameee Here

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Aug 2007, 08:17
    Take my advice, don't listen to me

  • Crime in the city

    Every fucking line of Crime in the city. Watch in youtube an acustic version of this song, no words.

  • everybody knows this is nowhere

    everybody knows this is nowhere

    everybody knows this is nowhere...
    • Beku said...
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    • 8 Sep 2007, 11:22
    "You are like a hurricane, there's calm in your eye ; and I'm getting blown away, to somewhere safer where the feeling stays, I wanna love you but I'm getting blown away" and "I saw you in my nightmares and I'll see you in my dreams, I might live a thousand years before I know what that means" are the two mains I just remind for now ; but so much other first quality material in all his work !

    Rust never sleeps ...
    • grossy2 said...
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    • 10 Sep 2007, 05:27


    When the suppers are planned
    and the freeways are crammed
    and the mountains erupt
    and the Valley is sucked
    into cracks in the earth

    will I finally be heard by you?

    yeah yeah yeah
  • Let's impeach the president

    • jsa1036 said...
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    • 24 Sep 2007, 18:34
    i'm a black bat baby. banging on your window pane. - vampire blues

  • I LOVE the whole of "I'm The Ocean", but dig particularly the opening lines:

    "I'm an accident, I was driving way too fast--
    couldn't stop, though, so I let the moment last."

  • On The Beach

    the world is turning....

    hope it don't turn away.

  • Big Time...

    "I'm still living in the dream we had,
    For me it's not over..."


    Katia With The Beatles
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 Oct 2007, 20:24
    Was he planning only for believers...or for those who just have faith...did he envision all the wars...that were fraught in his name...

    When God made me.
    When God made me.

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