Naruto games Best . Worst

  • Naruto games Best . Worst

    all english games suck the one for gc sucks and ps2 ok i hav this kick game on my comp ill post


  • well, wanted to open a new thread but I`ll just use this one if it`s okay :P
    wanted to know, if anybody knows about a Naruto MMORPG (kinda a game like silkroad or WoW... something like that)

    was searching a long time but only found some forums talking about ideas or stopped developments.

    Thank u, if u can help me!!!

  • nobody? :(

  • Helllooooo please help! ^^

    • Dud0r said...
    • User
    • 15 Apr 2007, 01:51
    just have an 'in development' game for you
    it's a half life 1 mod for naruto

  • I've played Ultimate Ninja 1,2 n 3 on ps2. I liked 3 the most.

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