• Taylor Swift @ Wembley

    24 Nov 2009, 22:41 by davidn87

    Taylor Swift at Wembley Arena, November 23rd 2009

    First thoughts on the Taylor concert as I arrive back at the hotel :

    FANTASTIC. Her Entertainer & Female Vocalist awards at the CMAs were VERY well deserved. You may well say her CMA performances were not her greatest but tonight she knocked it out of the ballpark. She hit the high notes flawlessly and gave a generally excellent vocal performance. At one point she disappeared from the stage and reappeared at the back of the arena in the middle of the audience to sing Fifteen and Tim McGraw, before walking back through the middle of the crowd to the stage. The audience was on its feet all night long, singing along to every single song. Most folk were standing up on their seats, screaming, clapping & basically going wild for Taylor. The place was packed and probably sold out - I think Taylor said that it was indeed sold out somewhere near the start.

    The show opened with a video featuring Taylor, Miley Cyrus, Faith Hill, Garth Brooks, Taylor Lautner and others. Love And Theft and Tim McGraw (who made a hilarious comment about her song bringing him out of obscurity) were also in another video later on, about the people Taylor has written about called Crimes Of Passion. Tyler Hilton was in that one as well.

    Managed to get a few good videos, including a circle-round view of the audience when they were at their absolute maddest height cheering for her for over 5 minutes!

    Songs that I remember -

    Tim McGraw (in the audience)
    Fifteen (in the audience)
    Our Song
    Teardrops On My Guitar
    Love Story
    Hey Stephen (in the audience)
    White Horse
    You Belong With Me
    Tell Me Why
    You're Not Sorry
    The Way I Loved You
    Forever And Always
    Picture To Burn
    Encore was Should've Said No (complete with the rain pouring down on her with the words on it, like at the CMAs)

    I did wait in the crowd afterwards outside for her to come out but one of the security people said she'd be 2 hours, so sadly had to leave :-( Maybe next time!

    Justin Bieber the opening act was pretty good, certainly better than I expected him to be. Think he's aimed more at young girls though.

    Videos & Pics:
    Tim McGraw/walking through the audience -

    Audience going mad/White Horse -

    Photos Part 1 -
    Photos Part 2 -