Geburt's Einer Nation (Hi Kid's It's me- TV's Bert!)

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    • 17 Sep 2005, 18:03

    Geburt's Einer Nation (Hi Kid's It's me- TV's Bert!)

    Howdy Motherfucking doodie! What the fuck am I supposed to say-sorry I'm so fuckin drunk and the Angel Dust is making it hard to concentreate- Fuck!
    My pudgy Orange (yellow on Mexican TVs)hands can't work these keys easily. Jim Henson: I spit, shit piss, barf excrete bile, expell triumph santorum, and chafe dry skin on your grave you fucking pig.

    I took your mama around the world- and with the money she paid me not to tell you and your Dad I went around the world myself.

    I'm an NSK Citizen and have traveled around the world documenting this.

    Let's start with the Mid-East.

    Who is the puppet and who is the puppet master?

    Sunny day! Everything is A-OK

    Now where did I park my Truck Bomb?

    "Yeah saddam, just leave the nukes in shipping containers
    and route them around the world. I've made you a web app you can control them from"

    Of course I'll sing the Baath Song again

    "take the stick Abu Bert. Now is your moment of glory!
    By For Now Kids!

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