Life & Laibach

  • Life & Laibach

    Hello everybody, i recently join NSK DRZAVA and i'm curious about what does laibach bring to your lives?. It will be interesting know your oppinion.

  • It inspires me to have high standards

    "Man will never be free until the last
    king is strangled with the entrails of
    the last priest."

    Denis Diderot 1713-1784
    • Nymix said...
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    • 14 Feb 2008, 18:21
    Listening to them since about -- oh no -- 20 years (with interruptions) I realise in "Retrovision" how much I was turned on by their unique style, aesthetics, relentless questioning, and the illusion of monolithic state-icness. Since I've been involved with stage art, live music, exhibitions etc. myself, NSK strategies have proven quite effective not only dramaturgically & intellectually, but also e.g. when dealing with actual state authorities.
    I find it quite hard to take them serious, so I try to help them with their jobs, which usually pays off on a human level too, which is sooo important in our virtual age. I don't like to deal with robots, ya know.
    Back to Laibach: additional reasons for my high esteem is the fact that they are modest, intelligent 6 *very* funny guys whose friendship I've come to value since collaborations began in 2006. They're not mundane rock musicians but concept artists; sth you seldom find in "pop"-culture.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 Feb 2008, 13:30
    Agree with Nymix... I've been listening to Laibach since I was 16 and now I can see the influence they have on me. Their aestethics, lyrics, style, musical style and so on are fascinating me. Also, they are not only musicians. The whole NSK thing is a big art movement and it's very inspirational. The other thing is that they weren't scared of communistic authoritarianism which made them illegal when Slovenia was part of Jugoslavia. This all makes them something more in my eyes...

    • wizzar said...
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    • 22 Feb 2008, 15:13
    I started listening to Laibach when i was 11 years old (if memory doesn't fail me)... my mothers partially good taste in music is to blame, she had the "Nova Akropola" lying around which of course was soon in my possesion ;)
    It did leave quite an impression at that time and i even had a phase where i tried to create somewhat interesting electronic music...

    But now i can't really say what is Laibachs influence on me. Maybe mainly the view that music isn't only entertainment but can also change your views on philosophical matters if done right ^^

    The future is already here; it's just not evenly distributed.
  • New suggests about life, death, religion and so on. :)

    I know that without them my life would be much more boring...

    • Tissues said...
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    • 19 Jul 2008, 18:14
    I find their humour and humanity reaffirming. And the girls look great. :)

  • Truth.

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