• mixtape / playlist

    22 Nov 2014, 17:12 by mattbellover

    The Horrors Have Covered These Songs

    Fuck genre, let's make love! - Side A

    Fuck genre, let's make love! - Side B

    #mattbellover's fav post-punk deathrock goth darkwave whatever

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  • Shoegaze Albums of 2014

    31 Dec 2014, 15:26 by Charade69

    A Shoreline Dream – The Silent Sunrise
    A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Sea When Absent
    Adventures / Pity Sex - Split 7\\\\\\\\\\\\"
    Aerofall – Aerofall
    Alcest - Shelter
    Anilore - Dead Love's Grave
    Another Green World - Memorial
    Asalto Al Parque Zoológico – Hexadecimal
    Astrobrite - Glittered Defaulter

    Be Forest - Earthbeat
    Black Twig – Heliogram
    Blackstone Rngrs – Descendant
    Bloodhounds On My Trail - Escape
    Blurred City Lights - Anamorphic
    Blush Response - Dead Air

    CQ - What a Wonderful World
    Celofán - Ideas A Medias
    Cheatahs - Cheatahs
    Chuter - An Absence Of Weight
    Cold Body Radiation - A Clear Path
    Conheartist - Surrounded By Drones
    Cre•scen•do - Lost Thoughts
    Crisis Arm - Rend

    DIV I DED – Born to Sleep
    DREAMS - 3Am
    Dead Horse One - Without Love We Perish
    Dead Leaf Echo - True.Deep.Sleeper
    Dead Mellotron - Winter
    Downhill Willows - Downhill Willows

    Edweena - Lunar Nights/Laputa/Save Your Soul
    Elastic Sleep - Leave You
    Evvolves – Hang

    Fabrica de Pastas - Luces
    Fait - Atmosphere [EP]
    Fantasyprom - Summering!
    Field Mouse – Hold Still Life
    Follow the Sea - Sibirien

    Geena - Get Bored
    Ginger and Collie - Blur
    Gleemer – Holyland USA
    Gnoomes - It’s moonbow-time, boy

    Hideous Towns - Hideous Towns [EP]
    Highlands - Dark Matter Traveler

    Jetman Jet Team - Rainbow Party
    Juvenile Juvenile - Our Great Escape

    Kairon; IRSE! - Ujubasajuba
    Keep - Hypnosis for Sleep
    Kigo - Close (enough to kiss)

    Lava Lite - Lava Lite
    Lightfoils - Hierarchy
    Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - Chambers
    Lowtide - Lowtide
    Lubec – The Thrall
    Luna Ghost - Luna Ghost
    Lunar Bloom - Lunar Bloom

    Medicine – Home Everywhere
    Mentalease - Indian Summer
    Monte Terror - Monte Terror
    Moonbell - Afterlives
    Mooncreatues - Sand Maps

    Neiv - Decades
    Nevermind Me - Winter
    Newmoon - Invitation To Hold
    Noir For Rachel - Fog Museum
    Nothing & Whirr - Split
    Nothing - Guilty of Everything

    Oeil - Myrtle
    Oyama - Coolboy

    Plastic Girl in Closet - eye cue rew see
    Power Pyramid - Insomnia
    Power Pyramid – Power Pyramid

    RANCH - The Spirit of the Beehive
    Reighnbeau - Hands
    Ringo Deathstarr - God\\\\'s Dream
    Roku Music - Collider

    Screen Vinyl Image / Bloody Knives - Split
    Seasurfer – Dive In
    Sexores – Historias de Frío
    She, Sir - Go Guitars
    Sleep White Winter - Sleep White Winter
    Slowness – How to Keep from Falling off a Mountain
    Spirit Lapse – Dark Energy
    Spirits of Leo - Rainy Day
    Spotlight Kid – Ten Thousand Hours
    Stagnant Pools - Geist
    Static Daydream - The Only One
    Strata Florida – Made of Stars
    Suffering Astrid - Naturologia

    The Bilinda Butchers - Heaven
    The Cherry Wave - Avalancher
    The Dead Mantra - Nemure
    The Enters - Small Town Love
    The History of Apple Pie - Feel Something
    The History of Colour TV – When Shapes of Spilt Blood Spelt Love
    The KVB - Out Of Body
    The Luxembourg Signal - The Luxembourg Signal
    The Mysterious Town of Oak Hill Miserable - The Mysterious Town of Oak Hill Miserable
    The Telewire - Like Everything
    The Twilight Sad - Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave
    The Virgance – Lost Continent
    Total Slacker – Slip Away
    TuT - You Got Me When I Stare At You
    Tuques - Slushpuppie

    We Need Secrets – Melancholy and the Archive
    Weed Hounds - Self Titled
    Whirr - Sway
    Wildhoney - Seventeen Forever
    Wray - Wray

    Youngteam - Fading Into Night
    Youth In Bloom - Shell