Hercules and Love Affair - Quick Album Review 5/5


23 Mar 2008, 19:57

Artist: Hercules and Love Affair
Album: Hercules And Love Affair
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Similar: The Opiates

Another quick album review. I won't waste your time.

The thing to do when you listen to Hercules and Love Affair's new album, after you've got over the initial excitement and danced your socks off, is turn it down.

When you turn it down and let it reach your subconscious, out comes the most deliciously depressing music. Nice and suicidal, just how I like it.

Antony Hegarty's voice, disturbing as it was in Antony & the Johnsons and practically everything else he's ever done, takes on a different quality with the morbid disco backdrop, turning into something sinister and possibly even a little cruel. He's not complaining, he's seducing. Think Marquis de Sade. Not saying I'm attracted, if anything, I'm a little afraid, but still intrigued. Backing vocals are equally dark, leaning towards hollow, dead sounds. They could be the undead. The track Easy is the epitome of the theme, the exact opposite of Blind.

You'll struggle to keep the volume down for the first half of the album, you really do want to dance. This peaks with Blind, after which, from Iris onwards, prepare to descend. It seems incongruous with the dance beat going on, but the contrast is wonderful. Worth the effort.

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  • heneya

    I most certainly agree, the album is true gem.

    25 Mar 2008, 13:17
  • Babs_05

    Thanks for the comment, heneya.

    25 Mar 2008, 13:19
  • anderai

    I got the CD a week ago and it gets better with every listen...loving 'Blind' the most so far.

    27 Mar 2008, 00:52
  • Babs_05

    Thanks for the comment, anderai. Yes, that's what surprised me about this album, that there's the first impression, then there's more. Agreed, 'Blind' is fantastic.

    27 Mar 2008, 02:33
  • rowantree79

    I've only heard 'Blind' so far, but I love it so much I was thinking of getting the album. Think this review has just confirmed that... Thanks Oh, I found out who the girl is in the 'Blind' video - it's Jaime Winstone, daughter of Ray. I guess most people knew that already, but thought I'd post it just in case...

    27 Mar 2008, 11:15
  • Babs_05

    No, I didn't know that! Thanks for sharing and for the comment, rowantree79.

    27 Mar 2008, 14:11
  • JonathanBrown

    Thanks for the review, Babs_05! It definitely is a great album, I still have it in rotation in my stereo at home.

    14 Apr 2008, 21:15
  • Babs_05

    My pleasure, JonathanBrown, and thanks for the comment. Yes, it definitely has great legs. :)

    15 Apr 2008, 12:55
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