New New Musical Express - March 2008

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    New New Musical Express - March 2008

    * Journal: New Music March 2008, by Nialloleary
    * Entertainment: MySpace and MTV to Create Weekly Chart Show
    * Entertainment: New Nine Inch Nails Album Goes Online, With Way Too Many Options
    * Download The Charlatans' New Album For Free!
    * Free Download: Yael Naim - New Soul
    * Carparts Instruments Make Musical History
    * SugaRush Beat Company - Jool Holland performances
    * Sci/Tech: Warner drops locks across Europe
    * She & Him
    * She & Him Video Sample
    * Exposure: Johnny Flynn
    * Sigur Ros Make History - Full 97 min 'Heima' DVD uploaded on YouTube 7 Mar 08
    * Journal: Portishead - Third : Album Review 5/5, by Babs_05
    * R.E.M. - Accelerate : Exclusive Premier Scheduled for iLike
    * Video: Clinic - The Witch
    * Free Download: Hadouken - Get Smashed Get Crash
    * Video: Lewis & Clarke - We Think We Have Eyes (Stereogum Premiere)
    * French Kicks - Abandon
    * Pitchfork Online TV: From April 7
    * Dubstep remix of M.I.A. - Jimmy by The Foot Soldiers
    * Radiohead announce free gig
    * Sci/Tech: Sony joins We7 to make music free
    * Entertainment: Elbow's Guy Garvey rails against iTunes
    * Hear a rare Michael Rother track

    Page 2

    * Sci/Tech: O2 to launch Napster mobile download service
    * Velha Guarda da Portela - Tudo Azul
    * NEON NEON - I Lust U
    * Sci/Tech: Webware 100 2008
    * Sci/Tech: Madonna to release new album via mobile
    * Raconteurs release surprise album
    * Sci/Tech: Apple in talks with music companies - unlimited play iPods?
    * Gnarls Barkley rush out new album
    * Exposure: Royworld
    * Sci/Tech: Limewire launches DRM-free store
    * Entertainment: BBC will risk Jools stars going live
    * Video: Portishead - Machine Gun
    * Video: Gnarls Barkley - Run
    * Visage - The Anvil
    * Tea Break: Orange Juice - Rip It Up
    * Tea Break: Teardrop Explodes - Reward
    * Exposure: Evangelista
    * Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid
    * Exposure: Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill
    * Howard Alden, Ken Peplowski - Pow Wow
    * Exposure: Sonny J
    * Exposure: DELS
    * Exposure: DeVotchKa
    * Exposure: Barb Jung
    * Exposure: Merz

    Page 3

    * Sci/Tech: Songkick - The for gigs
    * Video: Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating
    * Ladytron new single, exclusive free download on
    * News: Changes at Pixies Palace!
    * News: Napoleon In Rags gig, 19 April 08
    * Journal: Is It Legal to Download NIN's New Album from P2P?, by Keith Jenner
    * Ashes To Ashes
    * The Arctic Circle - Efterklang, Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson, and me.
    * Exposure: Otis Taylor
    * And Finally - A Mixture of Glam Rock and Folk
    * March Streamers

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    Journal: New Music March 2008, by Nialloleary

    New Music March 2008, by Nialloleary.


    Q Magazine March 2008

    Random Recommended Tracks

    NEON NEON new track entitled "Michael Douglas” taken from the forthcoming album “Stainless Style” available on (Lex Album)

    Hercules & Love Affair new track entitled “Blind” taken from their forthcoming album “Hercules & Love Affair” available on

    Sébastien Tellier new track entitled “Roche” taken from his forthcoming album “Sexuality” available on (Lucky Number Album)

    Tiny Masters of Todaynew single entitled “Hologram World” available on

    Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong new single entitled “Lonely Buoy” available on

    Martina Topley-Bird new single entitled “Carnies” available on Carnies (Independiente Single)

    Envelopes new track entitled "Heaven” taken from the forthcoming album “Here Comes The Wind” available on (Brille album)

    (See journal for links and more new music).

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    • 3 Mar 2008, 18:17

    Entertainment: MySpace and MTV to Create Weekly Chart Show

    MySpace and MTV are teaming up to launch a weekly show called “The MySpace Chart” on MTV2. According to The Guardian, the show will air videos based on the votes cast by MySpace users on a web site the companies will be launching. The site will make available a variety of music videos that users can stream for free.

    The move marks another collaboration between the most popular social network amongst teens and the TV network tailored to them, with the two companies previously combining forces for the Presidential Candidate Dialogue Series. MTV is owned by Viacom, while MySpace is owned by rival media company News Corp.

    Another emerging trend is that charts from social music sites are starting to cross-over into mainstream media. In addition to the new MySpace/MTV initiative, iLike has teamed up with Billboard, while has a partnership with BBC.

    The MySpace Chart show launches on March 16th.

    Source: Mashable

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    • 3 Mar 2008, 18:34

    Entertainment: New Nine Inch Nails Album Goes Online, With Way Too Many Options

    Nine Inch Nails is taking cues from Radiohead’s experiment, and has launched their new album online, with record-setting options on both to very expensive. Its new instrumental album, “Ghosts I-IV” went live tonight, here (The site’s down very sluggish right now as fans hit the site in presumably crazy numbers).

    The options include (via Idolator, since the site is sluggish):
    -- Free downloads of the first nine tracks from the Ghosts I-IV collection as DRM-free MP3s, plus the 40-page PDF.
    -- $5 download: All 36 tracks in a variety of digital formats, plus a 40-page PDF.
    -- $10 two-disc set: A double-disc set, packaged in a Digipak with a 16-page booklet, to be shipped on April 8. Includes immediate download of album.
    -- $75 deluxe edition: Ghosts I-IV in a “hardcover fabric slipcase containing two audio CDs, one data DVD with all tracks in multi-track format, and a Blu-Ray disc of Ghosts I-IV. Ships May 1. Includes immediate download of album.
    -- $300 “ultra-deluxe limited edition package”: Deluxe edition plus a four-LP set on 180-gram vinyl, which is packaged in a fabric slipcase. Two limited-edition Giclee prints are included; package is numbered and signed by Trent Reznor. Limited to a run of 2500, and one piece per customer. Ships May 1 and includes immediate download.

    NIN’s contract with longtime label Interscope expired last October, and since then it is going direct, a la Radiohead. According to Billboard, one source close to NIN believes the differentiation between the approaches of artists in this position will actually be what changes the game. Hence these many pricing and package options.

    Updated: The MP3 album also went live on (NSDQ: AMZN) at the same time, the only online music store to offer it.

    The album can be listened to below:

    Source and album: Paid

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    • 3 Mar 2008, 18:40

    Download The Charlatans' New Album For Free!

    Xfm are giving offering you the brand new album from The Charlatans absolutely free. Plus a great competition to win a rare vinyl copy.

    Source and go here to download the album or individual tracks:

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    • 3 Mar 2008, 19:10

    Free Download: Yael Naim - New Soul

    Check out a totally guilt-free download of the gorgeous "New Soul" by emerging French songstress Yael Naim. The song It is currently featured on the new Macbook Air commercial so you will likely recognize it the moment you hear the opening notes. "New Soul" is taken from the Paris-based singer's upcoming self-titled debut that she recorded with collaborator West Indian multi-instrumentalist David Donatien. The album will be released on Atlanta Records on March 18.

    Source and download link: Arjan Writes

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    • 4 Mar 2008, 03:54

    Carparts Instruments Make Musical History

    You may have seen the advert for Ford cars with the National Symphony Orchestra playing music using instruments made entirely of car parts.

    The same instruments have been used to make a charity single, in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust. The Sunday Times is behind the project, with Mike Rutherford, the guitarist in Genesis, and Kenney Jones, a former drummer for The Who also on board.

    They call themselves Carparts and the track's called Six O'Clock.

    More on the story here, where you can also download the single and the video.

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    SugaRush Beat Company - Jool Holland performances

    As promised, here are the videos of SugaRush Beat Company's appearance on 'Later... with Jools Holland'.

    Video - They Said

    Video - L.O.V.E


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    • 5 Mar 2008, 00:47

    Sci/Tech: Warner drops locks across Europe

    Warner Music has signed a deal with media site to offer its music without copy protection.

    Customers in the UK, Ireland, Spain, France and Germany will be able to download albums by artists such as Madonna and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

    The MP3 files can be played on nearly all music devices including Apple's best selling iPod. is the first European site to offer Warner's music free of Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems.

    The label had previously signed a deal with Amazon to sell its tracks in MP3 format. The service is currently only available in the US although this is expected to change later this year.

    Lock pick

    The music download market is dominated by Apple's iTunes, which sells most of its music in a proprietary format that can only be played on Apple devices such as the iPod.

    Users can copy downloaded songs to a CD and then copy the disc back on to the computer so that the songs can then be moved to other portable devices - but the quality of the music is affected.

    The firm has also experimented with DRM-free music services. Last year it launched its premium rate iTunes Plus service, but it currently only offers EMI tracks. also offers EMI music, and is reportedly in discussions with Sony BMG and Universal.

    If it secured those deals it would boast all of the big four music labels and could offer a credible competitor to Apple's service.

    James Bates of research firm Deloitte called the deal "significant".

    "Today's announcement may be a tipping point in the general move to DRM-free data," he said.

    Source: BBC News

  • She and him

    A new album featuring Zooey Deschanel & the fantastic M. Ward under the name She & Him will be out this month... I found the tune and track listings and samples here and I have fallen in love (Not just with Zooey Deschanel but the music too)

    You may remember Zooey Deschanel as an actress in movies such as 'Almost famous'
    and 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'... She rocks my tiny wee world. You can hear M. Ward's musical thumping and scratching tumble along as Deschanels vocals float along the top like a rubber ducky on a stormy see. The mix is wonderful... I can't wait to hear more.

    Click here to hear the first single named "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" SIMPLY WONDERFUL.


    Protest against the rising tide of conformity
  • She & Him Video Sample

    Protest against the rising tide of conformity
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    • 6 Mar 2008, 20:06

    Exposure: Johnny Flynn

    Amazon UK, May 08

    Johnny Flynn is described in as . Post folk is a new one on me, I'll check it out.

    Meanwhile, here's the video for the new single, Leftovers, out 10 March.



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    • 8 Mar 2008, 00:45

    Sigur Ros Make History - Full 97 min 'Heima' DVD uploaded on YouTube 7 Mar 08

    From their MySpace:

    Sigur Ros and YouTube make a little bit of history this Friday (Mar 7) with the band taking over the entire front page of the site around the world for a whole day, becoming the first group to ever have a feature-length music DVD streamed on the channel, with their acclaimed 'Heima' documentary shown in its complete 97-minute glory.

    All 12 available slots on YouTube's home page will be devoted to the Icelandic quartet for a full 24-hours, putting them before a global audience of hundreds of millions. The link-up follows the success of 'Minn Heima', a competition hosted by YouTube (http://www. for fans of the band to create their own little version of 'Heima', using audio and video clips posted online. The 10 best entries, as judged by the band, will be featured on the home page, alongside the film itself, as well as a special message from the band, taking time off from recording their new album in Reykjavik.

    YouTube has only previously hosted a handful of long form presentations, none for music DVDs. It is the first ever UK home page "takeover" since the launch of - the localized home page that allows for country-specific video rankings and comments.

    Simultaneous with the YouTube promotion, the band will launch www. sigurros. com, giving away a free audio-visual download clip of the song 'Ny Batteri' filmed live in Reykjavik in the summer of 2006 as part of the Heima tour. 'Ny Batteri' is just one of a dozen additional songs not featured in the film that the band are intending to make available via the site in the near future. Information about the forthcoming album will also be revealed via www. sigurros. com…

    Heima - 97 mins

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    • 10 Mar 2008, 18:28

    Journal: Portishead - Third : Album Review 5/5, by Babs_05

    Portishead - Third : Album Review 5/5, by me.


    The album begins with Silence. Sounds like a man speaking Brazilian Portuguese at the beginning, I'm not sure, before the track begins. The depth of darkness in this track just makes me think it's up there with the best of Massive Attack. Mezzanine is one of my favourite albums, it's my 5/5. 'Silence' belongs there. It's city music, cold, dark, with Beth Gibbons's scary melody over the thumping beats. Good to drive on a motorway at night to.

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    • 10 Mar 2008, 18:31

    R.E.M. - Accelerate : Exclusive Premier Scheduled for iLike

    R.E.M.'S New Album, Accelerate, Will Premiere Worldwide exclusively via iLike.

    R.E.M. and music discovery service iLike announced today that Accelerate, the bands forthcoming album, will stream in its entirety exclusively on iLike, beginning March 24th. A first for the company, the iLike Worldwide Listening Party will continue through March 26th, six days before the album’s North American release on April 1st. Additionally, R.E.M. will record an exclusive video message introducing and discussing the album that will be available via iLike for distribution across the Web.

    Source: Indie Blog Heaven

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    • 10 Mar 2008, 18:34

    Video: Clinic - The Witch

    Second single from the up-and-coming Clinic. They're still wearing masks.

    Video - The Witch

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    • 10 Mar 2008, 18:54

    Free Download: Hadouken - Get Smashed Get Crash

    Free Download: Hadouken! - Get Smashed Get Crash - here.

    I like it! meets , or whatever they're calling it. NOT indie! Upbeat electronica, good for parties.


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    • 10 Mar 2008, 19:08

    Video: Lewis & Clarke - We Think We Have Eyes (Stereogum Premiere)

    New single, We Think We Have Eyes, taken from the very lovely Blasts of Holy Birth from Lewis & Clarke. The video is quite charming, in a wholesome, homemade kind of way.

    The album is streamable in and I've tagged it 'my gang 08' to appear in our Featured Albums 08 radio.

    Video and article.

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    • 10 Mar 2008, 19:23

    French Kicks - Abandon

    Better than anything else they've done, French Kicks release their new single Abandon. Hear it here.

    The harmonies remind me of an unpolished version of Turin Brakes. Maybe it's just me. Very pretty track anyway. Indie pop.

    'Abandon' is taken from their forthcoming album, Swimming.

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    • 10 Mar 2008, 19:33

    Pitchfork Online TV: From April 7

    ... we're proud to announce the April 7 beta launch of, the first-ever music video channel dedicated to documenting independent music as it happens. As a visual extension of the music coverage Pitchfork has provided for more than a decade, and a means of updating and advancing the music television format, the online channel will bring you closer to the artists you love, through original mini-documentaries, secret rooftop and basement sessions, full concerts, exclusive interviews, and the most carefully curated selection of music videos online.

    In addition, will become the first online video channel to screen full-length feature films, vintage concerts, and music DVDs free of charge. From the Pixies' 2004 reunion tour film LoudQuietLoud and Todd Phillips' notorious GG Allin documentary Hated, to Jimmy Joe Roche & Dan Deacon's acid-drenched visual art piece Ultimate Reality, will highlight a different film each week in its entirety.

    Source and more details: Pitchfork

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    • 11 Mar 2008, 13:39

    Dubstep remix of M.I.A. - Jimmy by The Foot Soldiers

    The Foot Soldiers have done a fantastic remix of M.I.A.'s Jimmy. You can listen here and find the link to their MySpace.

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    • 11 Mar 2008, 14:06

    Radiohead announce free gig

    Radiohead are to play a free concert for BBC Radio 2 this April.

    The gig, to be held at the BBC's Radio Theatre, situated in central London's Broadcasting House, is open to fans who can apply for, or win, tickets.

    Fans can call 08700 100 200 to apply for tickets to the intimate gig - passes will also be given away on Radio 2 shows.

    The gig takes place on April 1, and will be the band's first live appearance since their tiny show at London's 93 Feet East venue in January.

    Source: Old NME

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    • 11 Mar 2008, 23:57

    Sci/Tech: Sony joins We7 to make music free

    A new advertising-backed streaming service has signed its first major label

    We7, a free, advertising-supported online music service backed by Peter Gabriel, has become the first to claim the support of a major label, after Sony BMG, home to Mark Ronson, Bruce Springsteen and the Hoosiers, pledged to license its catalogue of more than 250,000 tracks to the company's new online music streaming service.

    The news comes as digital media group 24-7 Entertainment, which has built more than 40 online and mobile music services including Tesco's download site and a music portal for 3, prepares to launch an innovative unlimited music download service for a Nordic mobile and broadband provider, rumoured to be Denmark's TDC. It is also understood to be in talks with a number of UK internet service and mobile phone providers about a similar service.

    Meanwhile mobile phone operator O2, owned by Spain's Telefónica, will this week announce a deal with online music pioneer Napster. Vodafone is also understood to be in talks with the outfit.

    These moves making it easier for consumers to listen to and legally download music are the latest steps towards persuading consumers to stop illegally sharing and downloading tracks. They come as governments in Britain and France have warned that they will introduce legislation that demands internet service providers (ISPs) monitor what their users are doing if the tide of illegal file-sharing cannot be turned.

    The new service developed by 24-7, expected to launch next month, is a big step towards helping ISPs produce legal music services attractive enough for consumers that they will not resort to peer-to-peer sharing networks.

    The service, developed under the codename UMAP or unlimited music across all portals, will allow all mobile and broadband customers of the company unlimited access to music for no extra cost. They will not have to pay any subscription or fee above what they are already paying for their mobile or broadband service.

    Consumers will be able to download as many tracks as they want to their computers or mobile phones and keep them for as long as they remain a customer. The tracks are protected by digital rights management (DRM) technology, so they cannot be copied on to a CD or transferred to a standalone music device such as an iPod.

    The service will have well over a million tracks at launch, with 24-7 understood to have signed up EMI. Other major labels, including Universal and Warner, are also in talks with the company.

    "It will allow every customer of this company from day one to access music without any extra cost, whether they are a mobile or online customer," explained Frank Taubert, chief executive of 24-7 Entertainment. "It will be a major shift for the industry.

    "The music market is still looking at illegal downloads and peer-to-peer sharing and we all have to think about how we are going to shift these people over to legal services," he added. "Why would anyone want to download illegal tracks again if they can get everything for free legitimately?"

    For the company offering the service it provides another way of increasing customer loyalty and the amount it saves in consumer acquisition costs can be used to subsidise the "free" element of the service. The music companies get paid every time one of their tracks is downloaded.

    The industry will be watching, however, to see whether offering music at no extra cost to the consumer hits sales of digital downloads. The hope is that people who have up until now heard tracks they liked on the radio, downloaded them illegally, listened to them a few times and then moved on, will instead use the free service to download them legitimately. It remains to be seen, however, whether when these consumers decide that they like a track and want to keep it, they will return to using illegal sharing networks or pay for the track.

    Rather than rely upon an ISP or mobile company that already makes money from consumers to subsidise a free service, other digital music companies are looking to advertising to fund music.

    We7 already offers free music downloads. It attaches targeted adverts to a song for 30 days before they are removed by DRM software. The tracks provided to We7 by Sony BMG will be made available through a new streaming service that will allow users to build up playlists of songs they want to hear while they remain online. The label hopes people will sample new music before clicking through to a download store to buy it.

    Sony BMG UK chief executive Ged Doherty did not rule out also contributing tracks to We7's own download service but said the streaming service was a logical first step. The download service, which has deals with several independent labels, appends a short ad to the beginning of each song that remains in place when it is downloaded and transferred to a portable player.

    Acknowledging that the troubled music industry had previously been too slow to experiment with new revenue models, Doherty said the move was part of its "do and build" strategy. Sony BMG is in talks with a range of other ad-funded services, he added.

    We7, which launched last year, will initially offer the service to its existing members before rolling it out to new ones. It will pay royalties to Sony BMG for each song listened to.

    Gabriel, who has consistently been in the vanguard of the digital music business and previously had a hand in launching early download business OD2, said: "The digital revolution has produced exciting and extraordinary opportunities in the music business, even though it has been largely written off by many. We7 is a model that will supply free music to the consumer and still provide a stream of revenue to musicians and content owners."

    Chief executive Steve Purdham said the move was "a significant leap forward for We7 and the industry as a whole" and confirmed it was in talks with the other major labels. He dismissed concerns that an infinite jukebox of the kind envisaged by We7 would devalue music, saying it would become just one of several means of distributing music while ensuring artists and labels got paid.

    Doherty added: "What appealed to us about We7 is that they've quietly got on with business rather than making big promises. It's easy and user-friendly."

    A new model army: download and streaming devices

    Though Apple's iTunes hogs the headlines, the music industry is working with a host of online and mobile companies to try and persuade consumers to stop stealing music by offering a range of download and streaming services.

    All five of the UK's mobile phone networks have their own download stores and Vodafone has also signed up with UK-based MusicStation for an all-you-can-download subscription service, which costs £1.99 a week. Nokia has announced plans for a service called Comes With Music, to be launched this year, which will give users access to an unlimited number of music tracks that they get to keep forever, although only on their Nokia phones, according to reports.

    A host of retailers are selling track and album downloads - from online brands such as and Amazon to "bricks and mortar" players such as Tesco and HMV. Some of these stores recently started offering tracks in the open MP3 format, so they can be played on any device.

    Services such as Napster and Rhapsody, meanwhile, helped pioneer the subscription music model on the internet and, which was snapped up last year by CBS, helped popularise streaming music services. has agreed deals with the major labels to offer three free streams of any track before consumers have to buy it and US social-networking site Imeem also offers free streaming of any track.

    We7 is one of several attempts to launch advertising-funded download services, but many of its rivals are still battling through the rights-clearance process. SpiralFrog has launched in the US, with major label Universal on board, but Qtrax, which this year promised 25m tracks via a legal peer-to-peer service, has still to launch its download offering.

    Source: The Guardian

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    • 14 Mar 2008, 12:18

    Entertainment: Elbow's Guy Garvey rails against iTunes

    Elbow's Guy Garvey has spoken out against iTunes, asking them to give artists the right to lock albums.

    The singer believes that allowing users to buy individual tracks from albums is leading to the death of the music form.

    Laying out his demands, Garvey said: "Ultimately, iTunes is a device for selling hardware, MP3-playing hardware, so they should give the artists the freedom to lock their records if they want and it's something that I'm personally gonna see if I can make happen because it's fucking important."

    Garvey, whose band are set to release their fourth album 'The Seldom Seen Kid' next week (March 17), told It's not the buying thing either, it's not like I want £7.99 not 79p.

    "I'd rather people went ripped the whole thing for free than got the individual tracks for 79p each, you know what I mean, there's no point in doing what we do (otherwise)."

    Source: Old NME

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    • 14 Mar 2008, 16:35

    Hear a rare Michael Rother track

    Michael Rother of Neu! has offered Wire readers the chance to download Aroma Club B3 from his last album Remember (The Great Adventure).

    The album is not available at present although Rother is planning to re-release it on his own label Random Records some time in the "near future". The track is a collaboration between Asmus Tietchens and Rother.

    Source and track: The Wire, issue #290, April 08

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