• J. Phlip / Claude VonStroke / Dirtybird...

    11 Apr 2011, 11:23 by e4groove

    Glad you like my new avatar...
    That's Ms. J. Phlip of dirtybird records in the pic with me.

    She's a rarity in electronic music: a woman who is both extremely talented, physically beautiful, and steadfastly uncompromising in her musical style.

    Keep an eye on her and everything else that dirtybird, the pivotal label based in , is involved:
    Claude VonStroke,
    Justin Martin,
    Tanner Ross,
    Christian Martin,
    The Martin Brothers,
    Julio Bashmore,
    Catz 'n Dogz,
    Sammy D,
    Riva Starr,
    Jesse Rose,
    Tim Green,
    Style of Eye
    & other great up-n-coming artists.
    Dirtybird Records
  • My Favorite albums from the past decade

    31 Dec 2009, 22:47 by RZA07

    1. The Roots - Game Theory (2006)

    I've had this in rotation ever since it came out. To me this album is perfect if every since of the word

    2. Masta Ace - A Long Hot Summer (2004)

    This and Disposable Art are damn near interchangeable but I always had a soft spot for this album.

    3. Q-Tip - The Renaissance (2008)

    Tip was on point here

    4. Deltron 3030 - Self Titled (2000)

    In year 3030 people will still be bumping this shit

    5. Little Brother - The Minstrel Show (2005)

    This shit, This shit riiiight here was what put me on to LB. Blackface never sounded so good.

    6. CunninLynguists - Dirty Acres (2007)

    Ok any album with Big Rube doing spoken word is 9/10 times destined for greatness. This album is just beautiful.

    7. Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele (2000)

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    Tony Starks breakout album. All thing ingredients of a normal Ghost project magnified times 10.

    8. Nas - Stillmatic (2001)

    Most people recognize this album only for Ether, One Mic and Got Yourself A Gun. I recognize it for "Rule", "Rewind" "Poison" "2nd Childhood" and "My Country". As a whole the album flows better than any album he released this decade.

    9. Mos Def - The Ecstatic (2009)

    Finally something that can rival Black on Both Sides.

    10. Canibus - Rip the Jacker (2003)

    Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind provided the best soundscape Canibus has ever rhymed over you couple that with Bis' crazy alter ego's you get a masterpiece.
  • Random bullshit about me and music

    16 Sep 2008, 04:24 by endallk007

    *The first real CD I owned was Twista - Adrenaline Rush

    *The first real CD I purchased was Slim Thug -Already Platinum

    *My most expensive CD is Psychoward -
    ( I payed $50 for it)

    *I used to use this trick on PS1 to listen to Lil Wayne - The Block Is Hot while playing Vigilante 8 all the time

    *I cant listen to music while I play video games other then Tekken because I would concentrate too much on the music

    *I've discovered a lot of artist threw the Madden series

    *A lot non Hip-Hop RnB, and Reggae stuff I listen to I've probably heard it on Tony Hawk or Madden games first

    *My favorite artist is Nasty Nas, not Nas; and yes there is a difference

    *My favorite up and coming rapper is Blu

    *I wouldn't have heard most of the music I do if it wasn't for bootlegging (Blogs actually do help artist more then they think)

    *I've asked my sister to let me borrow Sisco - Unleash The Dragonbefore

    *I started listening to Jadakiss and the rest of The Lox because I used to look like Jadakiss in high school

    *My favorite group is the LOX

    *I hate Twista for getting famous because his skill level dropped considerably after Slow Jams

    *I hate 99.92 percent of baton Rouge rappers with a passion

    *I'll listen to most rappers from Philadelphia or New Orleans no questions asked

    *I really like a lot of the music I've heard from Seattle lately

    *I was a Lil Wayne fan up until Tha Carter series

    *I want to visit every city that has at least 7 artist I really like

    *When I buy real CD's I never actually listen to them I just download them off the internet

    *I feel bad for artist who have concerts in the Louisiana/Texas because every good artist that comes never has a big crowd and if there is no one knows his lyrics so they cant interact with the crowd; yet I always want more rappers I like to come even though I know they will not profit.

    *My favorite album that I actually own is Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens

    *My favorite album is Nas - Illmatic

    *My favorite verse of all time is AZ's verse on Nas - Life's a Bitch