What was your favorite/worst concert you've ever been to?

  • What was your favorite/worst concert you've ever been to?

    My best was The Presidents of USA music was fantastic and they really involved the audience in their performance, great stuff. ;-)

    My worst has to be Within Temptation, oh boy! What a mistake! The singing was terrible.

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  • Ooo, hard question. =S

    Guess the best I'd seen was The Bullet Boys. They really rock everyone fer being an old band.

    Worst was Hank Williams, Jr. He got on a crying drunk and mucked the whole show up. <.< Never did go to see him again. 'Cos we'd tried to get our money back fer his horrid show. So I figure he owes us some free tickets to someone better.

  • I think the worst was Tool. I saw this group on a Rock festival. The music was so boring that I was afraid to fall asleep.

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    • 28 Feb 2008, 20:14
    Bruce Springsteen with his Session Band was great, I really enjoyed it - I was really exhausted after the long journey and standing and dancing all the evening!

    not that enjoyable was.. uhmmm.. I think the worst concert I've been to was Rantanplan, a German ska band. I hardly knew any of their songs and lyrics and the singer was awful. The spirit didn't get me :D

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