• Let the music prophesy you.

    9 Apr 2008, 10:58 by The_Arvy

    Did you know that the music can tell you how your future will be? The music knows a lot of stuff you didn't know about. All you need is a playlist of songs, and the option "shuffle", "mix", "random" etc. This is how to do this:

    1. Open your playlist (it has to be a lot of songs in there, or it will be boring) or your mediaplayer like iTunes or whatever.

    2. Choose the option "Shuffle", "Mix", "Random" or whatever, you get it.

    3. Prepare some questions, like: "Will my life be successful?", "Will I find my soulmate?", "Which is my lucky song?" and so on...

    Press play and then you'll get the answers by the title of the song, or the lyrics.

    1. Playlist: iTunes, all songs.
    2. Shuffle on.
    3. Questions prepared.

    Will my life be successful?
    Take it or leave it - The strokes
    I guess nothing will come to mine, if I don't get of my ass and do something with my life.

    Will I find my soulmate?
    Jenny was a friend of mine - The Killers
    Might an old friend be my soulmate? Or is her name Jenny? We'll see...

    Which is my lucky song?
    Rosa Helikopter - Peaches
    Swedish song, and its title means "Pink Helicopter". Well, OK, I guess I'll listen to this before something important, like a job interview...

    Now it's you turn! Try it! (Sometimes the title makes no sense, but listen to the lyrics then)