Your five favourite bands.

  • Your five favourite bands.

    Please share, and pick carefully, only five artists.

    Mine are:

    Pink Floyd
    Iced Earth
    Porcupine Tree
    Morbid Angel

    Not exactly fitting with the group, but well, yeah. :P

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    • Argiron said...
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    • 28 Mar 2007, 20:10
    Dead Can Dance
    My Bloody Valentine

    • Avagion said...
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    • 29 Mar 2007, 18:13
    hard to pick 5

    Anathema and Pink Floyd are my two favourites for sure. But the other ones just variate from time to time.

    I've been listening a lot to the deftones these last few weeks and a bit less to opeth for example

  • Gazpacho has just become my new number one band. Mainly because of the album 'Night', which is one long musical orgasm. Sorry, I can't stop listening to, and talking about this band.

    Gazpacho > Pink Floyd³

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  • Napalm Death

    and the fifth place is reserved for all other band i like

    • Tiggrrr said...
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    • 30 Mar 2007, 00:18
    Top 5 bands (not sure if individuals are allowed) by plays:

    Led Zeppelin
    Pink Floyd

    but some of them are just there because of weight of material. Short-term taste can be fickle, so at the moment I'll nominate

    Led Zeppelin
    The Dresden Dolls
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    Jethro Tull

    I think that all five bands fit the mission statement for this group, in different ways.

  • Jimi hendrix
    Alice COoper
    Black Sabbath
    The Clash

    Hendrix is at top, the rest aren't in order

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  • Oh man, how do you expect me to make a list like this?

    2. Nightwish
    3. Sonata Arctica
    4. Iron Maiden
    5. <spot reserved for random other bands>

    • Gezzaia said...
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    • 30 Mar 2007, 08:44
    This is an impossible task, therefore I just write down the top five bands of my profile page (which just reflect my listening habits of the last year and can't be completely representative):

    1- Dead Can Dance
    2- Transglobal Underground
    3- Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    4- Marillion
    5- The Tea Party

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  • I've heard of the Tea Party, what is it like?

    == I'm going to drink heavily and shout at you! ==

    • Gezzaia said...
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    • 30 Mar 2007, 09:25
    Basically prog rock with middle eastern influences.

    Long lost saviour of partial madness. So far out, too far in...
  • Ollemann said:
    I've heard of the Tea Party, what is it like?

    I read somewhere that Jimmy Page worked with the guitarist on a solo project.

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  • This sounds interesting.

    == I'm going to drink heavily and shout at you! ==

  • Changes pretty much daily, but right now:

    Talk Talk
    Kayo Dot
    maudlin of the Well

    If you include solo artists/composers, include these too:

    Dmitri Shostakovich
    Maurice Ravel
    Mark Hollis

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 31 Mar 2007, 21:04
    Porcupine Tree
    Dream Theater
    Explosions in the Sky

  • not in order

    Pink Floyd
    The Beatles
    The Indelicates

    these are my favorites at the moment, they change very often

  • Mine change very often aswell, except Pink Floyd, Iced Earth and Porcupine Tree.

    Not too sure about Porcupine Tree, because it's only been there for a month now, or so.

    == I'm going to drink heavily and shout at you! ==

  • At the moment..

    Devin Townsend
    Yoko Kanno
    The Smalls

    • capiche said...
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    • 2 Apr 2007, 16:07

    Pink Floyd
    Led Zeppelin
    King Crimson
    Gentle Giant

    The list fluctuates regularly, but Led Zepp, Pink Floyd and Mastodon have more or less been mainstays.

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    • gwynfor said...
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    • 19 Apr 2007, 15:31
    Only 5?

    Right now, I would say:
    Sigur Ros
    Chroma Key
    Boards of Canada
    Porcupine Tree

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  • gwynfor said:
    Only 5?

    Yes, only five. To make sure you're only listing absolute top bands. ^^

    == I'm going to drink heavily and shout at you! ==

  • Hmmm...

    The Who
    Pink Floyd
    The Beatles

    • Tr0gd0r said...
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    • 20 Apr 2007, 01:59
    this is tough, but in no order...

    In Flames
    Porcupine Tree
    Celtic Frost

  • Impossible to answer as far as all-time favorites.

    Though, some favorite at the moment include [in no particular order]:
    maudlin of the Well
    Explosions in the Sky

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