How did music save your life?

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    • 6 Nov 2009, 13:45
    all american rejects - 1st personal fav. they sound.. perfect.
    the fray - somehow, they make me :D n they really changed my sight on things.
    ministry of sound - nvr fails 2 make me feel free~
    paramore - spit-fire lyrics. wen i feel pissy n need 2 get it out, it's them.
    owl city - wen i get [too] bored, it's this one.. n i'll go lalala all the way.. ;D
    jason mraz - 'to win some or learn [instead of 'lose'] some.' enuff said.

    my circle of frens changed A LOT in my 5 years in 2ndary skool. i really don't get it.. all these cold wars n all dat. eventually i got way too sick 2 go on n i start looking 4 other ppl n make frens with them - some r juz 14 yrs old. n gud God.. i've nvr been happier. i went emo 4 nearly a year over this frenship stuff. i spent a lot of times brainstorming abt wat's going on, if i did wrong. n in dat 5 years, everything i deal with juz gets worse. i feel like i'm in a game whr the tasks juz gets harder n harder. not my awesome moment. in those years, music understands me. as if they're listening 2 me.

    right. some mp3 file is my anti-depressants, my skool councellor. wow.

    2 me, salvation is juz a song away.

    i know dat 'do gud n u get gud' rule is nvr always useful here on earth. but if music saves a life juz like THIS, then i'm grateful God gave me ears n music 2 live with.

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    • 17 Aug 2010, 15:17
    I've tried to commit suicide when I was 15 and then music saved my life, because I understood, that I have to live for music. But I've tried to kill myself again, about month ago. And I wonder if the music once again will save me from destructive thoughts...

  • I have had a lot of really tough times in life. Times where I have hit rock bottom gone through severe depression and suicidal times. But music was always there for me. There were several hardships that I simply made it through by popping in my headphones and searching for that perfect song. As justr one example I have lost a lot of people in recent years and sitting alone and replaying cancer by MCR and ghost of you by good charlotte and just letting my emotions flow with the song and as well as the tear really helped me coupe. I have found that weather a positive or negative situation is at hand the right song ca really help you coupe or enhance a good situation even. However it is the lows that I have found it most helpful. The lyrics can help me get out and deal with emotions better than I can on my own.

  • Well i can tell you that listening to Sentenced (and all their jolly songs about suicide) was quite a distraction from commiting suicide and overcoming a severe depression...
    Thank god it's been a while.

  • Well.. My girl died 7 years ago and i had depression coming up at that time too.. I was about to kill myself and almost got hit by a truck.

    Then i just started listening some music more and more and more etc.. So one day i just kinda realized that this form of art and few of my closest friends actually kept me here and saved me. I'm not done with depression and probably ever will but as long as i can hear some good music and have my friends i think i'm gonna survive until my time really comes up.

    I don't usually tell this to strangers but this time i thought i'd tell my story.

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